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Table decoration in delicate pastel shades heralds the spring

Ring in the coming spring with a table decoration in delicate pastel shades. With the trendy powder shades , delicate pink and sky blue you will create a cheerful mood at the table. We will show you several ideas on how to craft a beautiful table decoration. Paint the tablecloth, fold flowers from paper or decorate the napkins with beautiful floral motifs. These suggestions are guaranteed to earn you compliments at the Easter table.

Make table decorations in delicate pastel shades yourself: Flowers from paper

Table decoration in pastel colors do it yourself ideas

Pink, pink and orange not only put you in a good mood, but also awaken your appetite. To make the color trio stand out even better, keep the rest of the decoration simple . A white tablecloth and plain napkins in shades of powder make the perfect background for the paper decorations. Modern plates tone-on-tone with the spring decorations and silver or bronze cutlery add the finishing touches and ensure that the arrangement is not too cutesy.

Table decoration in delicate pastel shades: paint the tablecloth

Tablecloth painting ideas for spring

Spice up a plain tablecloth with fabric paints to add accents. The colorful tablecloth will automatically attract attention and distract from the boring plain tableware. Try different color combinations on a sheet of paper before deciding on one. A rainbow color palette for the children’s table or still a restrained combination of lavender, pink and white for the birthday buffet: the choice is yours.

Spring decoration with pink napkins and homemade napkin rings

Napkins with check patterns in pink and napkin rings with flowers

No table decoration is complete without the napkins. Napkins with pink check pattern are the perfect mix of classic patterns and modern colors. For the napkin rings you will need white clay cardboard and yellow buttons. Cut the petals out of the white clay cardstock and glue them together. Then in the center of each flower, glue a yellow button. On the back of the flower, attach a 5 cm piece of string. The napkin rings are ready.

Beautiful table decoration with peonies

Table decoration in pastel ideas for vases in small format

The perfect last-minute table decoration: peonies in upcycled vases made from wooden spools. You will need several wooden spools in different sizes and heights. Wrap each wooden spool with sewing thread in a pastel shade of your choice. Lavender, pink and rose make a particularly charming ensemble, but you can also experiment with a blue or mint green color palette. Next, shorten the stems of the peonies. Fill water into a water reservoir and insert the flower stem first into the reservoir and then the reservoir into the hole of a wooden spool. The vases in small format are ready and you can arrange them as you like on the dining or coffee table.

Spring decoration with tulips from fabric

Tulips from fabric do it yourself ideas for spring table decoration

A charming spring decoration for the Easter table with tulips made of fabric in a vintage teapot. For the tulips you will need the following materials: absorbent cotton as a filling, checkered fabrics and fabrics with floral prints in lavender and white, and green felt fabric. First, make a template for the tulips out of clay cardstock. For each tulip, you will need two details of lavender fabric and a bit of batting. You will also need a template for the petals and for the stem. Transfer this template to the felt fabric and cut out the petals and stem. Then glue all the tulip pieces together. Arrange several flowers in a ceramic vase and display them on the dining table.

Table decoration in delicate pastel shades: paint glass vases.

Painting vases in pastel shades ideas for table decoration

Painted glass vases and preserving jars add distinctive charm to table decor. Use acrylic paints and paper tape to conjure up different designs. First, tape a piece of paper tape to the bottle and open a can of acrylic paint. Carefully dip the bottle halfway into the chosen paint and then place it on kitchen paper or newspaper. Wait for an hour and then you can carefully remove the tape. To be safe, check first if the paint has dried completely.

Table decoration in delicate pastel shades: Ombre lanterns.

Table decoration in spring Tea lights in ombre colors

Lanterns create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere and are therefore perfect as mood lighting for Easter brunch or the first barbecue in the garden. To create the ombré effect, choose several tone-on-tone shades and apply them one by one.

Set the stage for napkins in delicate pastel colors to great effect

Spring decoration in pastel on the table do it yourself

Napkins play an important role in setting the festive table. Similar to the tablecloth, they can be painted, stamped or embellished with a beautiful homemade napkin ring as you like. The napkin is usually artfully folded and placed on a plate. You can combine it with a place card, depending on your preference and the occasion. For the festive table at Easter, fold the cloth napkin in half, cut a circle out of pink clay cardboard and write the guest’s name on it. Glue a small pom pom under the name. Arrange the place card along with two willow kittens on the napkin. Optionally, you can embellish a pink napkin with a stamp with a floral motif. It will look especially stylish if you find a matching napkin ring with the same floral motifs.

Our tip: Match the color of the napkin to the tablecloth. So, for example, pink tablecloth and matching pink/peach napkin on a white plate. As for the cutlery, several variations are possible. Gold cutlery as well as bronze and copper shades match the white tableware.

Spring table decoration in a planter

Table decoration with roses made of fabric and pink tablecloth

Grass and spring flowers in a plain white planter will play the main role in the next table decoration. Place the planter in the center of the table and decorate the real flowers with leaves made of colorful clay cardboard. By the way, from the same clay cardboard you can also make place cards and put them on the napkins. This creates a stylish table decoration. Our tip: Instead of grass, you can plant various herbs of your choice in the planter. This way, if necessary, you can quickly season the salad or dish. By the way, there are also herbs whose scents also keep away insects such as mosquitoes or flies.

Table decoration in delicate pastel shades: group vases.

Vases in pastel blue and pink on the spring table

Neutral beige, soft pink, sky blue: muted pastel shades invite you to the table. To integrate the colors into the festive table, you can resort to the classic decorative element, the ceramic vase. Each small vase can hold a maximum of three flowers and fresh seasonal greenery. For the best effect, place large hydrangea flowers in the vases and spread them around the table.

Table decoration in pastel do it yourself with fresh peonies

Alternatively, reach for the classics of spring flowers: peonies. White and pink peonies create a harmonious ensemble, orange peonies give a well-dosed contrast.

Spring flowers on the table

Table decoration in pastel colors with fresh flowers in frosted glass

Seasonal flowers are the perfect messengers of spring. If you have several spring flowers, but they do not get along and cannot be placed together in a vase, place each flower in an empty glass bottle (juice bottles, for example, work well) and tie the bottles together with string. With this simple trick, you will also create an optical illusion and you can create a floral display with just a few flowers.

Make your own table decoration from crepe paper in pastel pink

Welcome your guests with sweets. Fill M&M’s in a small paper bowl, make a flower out of crepe paper and place the bowl in the center of the flower.

Table decoration in delicate pastel shades ideas for colorful arrangements for Easter table