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Spring wreath make yourself: Ideas for colorful door decoration

Winter is almost over and soon we can enjoy the warm spring weather again. Get in the mood for the colorful spring with a colorful door wreath! We will show you several ideas on how to make a spring wreath yourself. Whether it’s made of fabric, colored paper or maybe wood, the possibilities are simply endless. So let your creativity run wild and conjure up a vintage spring wreath, a door decoration with paper flowers or an upcycled wreath from old rims. All craft ideas are very simple and good even for beginners. And since the spring wreaths are made of long-lasting materials, they won’t wilt and will decorate your front door all spring long.

Make your own spring wreath: DIY ideas

Make your own spring wreath from fabric on the door spring decoration in boho style

The materials for the first decorative spring wreath come from the sewing cabinet. A wooden ring, fabric flowers and several decorative ribbons of lace and cotton is all you need for the door wreath. First, cut an 80 cm piece from each decorative ribbon and then tie them to the ring. Then you can attach the fabric flowers. For this purpose, use a hot glue to stick the fabric flowers. Ready is the durable door wreath that will welcome your guests.

Do it yourself door wreath for spring

Spring wreaths decorating ideas with fabric instructions

The next door wreath presents itself in soft pastel colors. The wreath is made of paper, 7 cm wide organza ribbon and dried and fresh flowers. You will also need a flat Styrofoam ring, hot glue and a template for an Easter bunny silhouette, twine, colored paper and clay cardboard. Follow these steps: First, wrap the styrofoam ring with the light blue decorative ribbon. Then download a template for the Easter bunny silhouette, cut it out and transfer it to the clay cardboard and colored paper. Glue the colored paper to the clay cardstock. Then cut out several triangles of colored paper and hang them on the wreath. Tie a bouquet of fresh or dry flowers. The spring wreath will look especially effective if you use fresh meadow flowers. A bow made of fabric adds the final touch to the spring decoration.

Willow wreath decorate for spring

Tie door wreath and decorate with paper flowers ideas

Willow wreath is one of the absolute classics in the spring. You can find it in any garden center, nursery and flower store. But if you have time, you can also tie a willow wreath yourself. To do this, you’ll still need a helper to hold the branches together while you fold them into the wreath and tie it with floral wire. It can be decorated as you like with fresh flowers and other natural materials. However, as soon as the flowers wither, they are a pain to remove. It is much easier if the flowers are made of clay paper. You could make good use of a punch for this, as it allows you to cut out several designs at once. Cut out the little flowers from clay paper in pastel colors (yellow, pink, blue) and glue them to the wreath.

Spring decoration with door wreath from muffin tins

Easter door decorations craft from muffin tins

For the next craft idea, you will need a pack of paper muffin tins. It is best to choose molds in pastel colors. You will also need a styrofoam ring, a pom pom garland and a bow made of organza fabric. Cut out the bottom of each ramekin and cut them in one side. Then wrap the cupcake liners overlapping around the styrofoam wreath and tape them together. Hang the pom pom garland and add the finishing touches to the wreath with the organza bow.

Make your own door decorations: Spring wreath from colored paper

Spring wreath from paper make yourself with pictures

The next door decoration is perfect for the transitional period between winter and spring. You will need the following materials: colored paper in mint, peach and gold, tree leaf template and a ring made of clay cardboard or Styrofoam. For the template, place a plate on a sheet of paper and trace the contours. On the sheet should be a circle. Divide it into four equal parts and cut out the inside. Transfer the template to colored paper and cut out about 30 leaves in mint color, 20 leaves in peach and 10 golden leaves. Then attach them to the wreath. You can also make a garland from paper scraps.

Create your own spring wreath: Idea with moss and fabric flowers

Wreath decoration for spring with artificial moss and felt garland

Say goodbye to the gray winter and welcome spring with a colorful door decoration. To make the next spring wreath yourself, you will need artificial moss, a blank of Styrofoam, a decorative bow, felt in white, grass green, pink and orange and pins with heads. First, cover the blank with moss. Then cut out the following details from the felt fabric:

  • Little flowers in pink and orange
  • the letters for “Spring” (you can use a template with the alphabet for this purpose)
  • one triangle in white for each letter
  • about 30 pink circles with a diameter of 4 cm

First, attach the little flowers to the garland by inserting a pin in the center of each flower. Then assemble the garland. First sew all the pink circles together. Center a letter on each triangle and glue the two details together. Now it only remains to glue the triangles to the garland.

Make your own door decorations: Spring wreath from old rim

Door wreath for spring diy from rim

Turn an old rim into a creative spring wreath. For this spring decoration you will need an old rim, a flat blank of styrofoam, a decorative small wooden house, moss, several fairy and mushroom figurines made of ceramic and fabric flowers. Clean the rim thoroughly, remove rust and stains, and let it dry. Then divide the blank into three equal parts and place two of them in the rim. Optionally, you can also use plug sponge from the flower store. Cover the blank or plug-in sponge with moss and arrange small decorative figures such as mushrooms made of ceramic, elf figures made of bronze, a small wooden house and of course flowers made of modeling clay on the moss. Hang the rim on the garden fence, garden gate or front door.

Craft door wreath: Spring flowers from paper

Door wreath homemade tutorial with fabric flowers

If you want to make a spring wreath for the front door, then the next idea is just for you. From crepe paper you can make beautiful flowers in different colors and then attach them to a metal ring with glue. The door wreath is ready very quickly and can stay on the front door even in spring.

Wreaths decorating for spring ideas with fabric flowers

A door wreath with flowers made of crepe paper is only suitable for apartments, because weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow can damage the crepe paper. However, you can also decorate the window, a blank wall in the hallway or the mantel with your spring wreath. Best of all, you can buy the crepe paper flowers ready-made in a craft store or make them yourself.

Vintage wreath tie and decorate

Door wreath from pallet wood for spring do it yourself ideas

A bicycle figurine, a decorative small-scale wooden fence, sisal rope and fresh flowers are the materials you need to make a vintage door wreath. Use a metal ring around which you can wrap boxwood branches. Then, glue the vintage bicycle to the wooden fence in small size and decorate the wreath with fresh flowers and decorative bows. Our tip: Instead of gluing the wooden fence and the bicycle to the wreath, you can simply fix them with floral wire. This has the advantage that you can replace old boxwood branches with new ones if necessary.

Ideas for door wreath for spring

Door wreath DIY ideas and instructions

You recently bought flower seeds at the garden center and now you want to grow seedlings from the seeds? Do not throw away the packages when you plant the spring flowers in the garden or in planters. Because you can also use the colorful packages with beautiful flower pictures as decoration. Glue them to a metal ring to make a creative spring wreath.

DIY door wreath for spring with laser cut motifs

Wreath decorating for spring with laser cut wooden figurines

The next DIY spring wreath gives itself puristic and restrained. For this craft idea you need white flowering tree branches or fresh tree branches and white spring flowers such as lily of the valley or roses. For the wreath, you’ll also need a wooden ring and a laser-cut wooden bird figurine.

Make a sugary spring wreath yourself

Easter door wreath homemade from paper and candy

To make a sugary Easter wreath, all you need are paper cupcake shapes in different sizes and colors, as well as marzipan cake decorations (flowers, birds, Easter bunnies) and a Styrofoam blank. Fix the muffin tins on the styrofoam wreath so that they cover it completely. Place sweets in the larger muffin tins (you can glue them down for safety) and the spring wreath is ready.

Decorate wreath: Craft spring flowers from paper

Flower wreath for door DIY ideas from paper

The Styrofoam wreath offers numerous design possibilities. There are no limits to your imagination. You can decorate the styrofoam door wreath in any way you like. The fastest and easiest way is with paper flowers. For the paper flowers you need a template in two scales (one small and one large flower). For each flower, cut out one large and one small flower design and glue them on top of each other. Then glue a glitter bead in the center of each flower.

Door wreath for spring homemade ideas

Optionally, you can jazz up a willow wreath with butterflies and tree leaves made of paper. For this purpose, first paint the wreath with white paint and let it dry overnight. Then you can cut out the decorations from colored paper and attach them with double-sided tape. To make the door decoration look more exciting, you can also stick 3-4 butterflies, tree leaves or flowers around the wreath on the door.

Door wreath for spring craft ideas with colored paper

Ring in the spring with a beautiful decoration and welcome the warm weather with cheerful colors and cute spring motifs. A beautiful spring wreath will earn you compliments and is guaranteed to catch the eye. Let your creativity run wild and conjure up a beautiful decoration for the door of the house or apartment!

Spring wreath do it yourself tutorial