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Spring mobile craft: Beautiful DIY ideas for hanging decoration

In spring, a colorful decoration should not be missing in any home. It creates a good mood and with it we can feel good even on a gloomy day. A mobilé, for example, is wonderfully soothing to look at as it gently floats in the air. This hanging decoration is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can be decorated in any way . In today’s post we have collected the best ideas for a spring mobile, which you can also recreate together with the kids.

Beautiful mobile in the spring craft with natural materials

Mobile spring with natural materials as wall decoration

In spring, nature has a lot to offer. Even during a walk in the park, you can collect many wonderful natural materials with the children and use them in various craft projects . For example, how about a spring mobile as a hanging decoration? This idea also makes a wonderful craft project for Earth Day, which is celebrated every year on April 22.

Materials needed:

  • Oven-hardening modeling clay
  • Natural materials, such as small leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, etc.
  • Rolling pin
  • string
  • a long branch

Decorate elements from modeling clay for the mobile with natural materials

Here’s how it works:

1.With your hands, roll the modeling clay into balls (about 2.5 cm in diameter). Then roll out the balls with the rolling pin to create small circles. Make sure that the circles are not too thin.

2. press the natural pieces (flowers, leaves, sticks) firmly into the modeling clay and remove them carefully to make nice impressions. If desired, leave some of them in the clay. This creates a colorful mobile.

3 Make holes in the top of each circle with a thin twig.

4. harden the finished circles in a preheated oven according to the instructions on the modeling clay package.

5. Remove the elements from the oven and let them cool completely. Then tie strings of different lengths and tie each string to the branch.

6. hang the branch anywhere in the house (or outside) and the mobile made of natural materials is ready.

hanging decoration made of clay and natural materials

Spring mobile with butterflies craft with children.

Mobile butterflies crafting spring

This mobile with butterflies is a beautiful decoration for spring. The project is great for kids and provides the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon in spring. Colorful tissue paper is used to make the butterflies. From it, pretty butterflies are made and arranged into an atmospheric mobile. Here are the necessary materials and the instructions for this great craft project with children.

What’s needed:

  • Tissue paper in contrasting colors
  • Pipe cleaners (preferably in black)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • glue stick
  • 2 paper drinking straws

Making butterflies from tissue paper instructions

1. cut squares and ovals from tissue paper (see picture). For a butterfly, you will need 2 ovals and 2 rectangles in contrasting colors.

2. stack two rectangular pieces of tissue paper and two oval pieces on top of each other.

Place the rectangle diagonally on the table and fold the paper like an accordion.

Crumple the paper in the middle and fix the folds together with the glue stick. The diamond-shaped wings are at the top and the circular wings are at the bottom. 5.

Spring mobile with butterflies instructions

5. now tie the two parts of the butterfly together with a pipe cleaner, wrap the pipe cleaner and bend the ends to create the butterfly’s antennae. Then unfold the paper to better shape the colorful wings.

6. Four butterflies are needed for the spring mobile. These can either be the same size, or different in size and color.

7. then pull a piece of yarn through each of the drinking straws and tie the loose ends of the yarn to the butterfly’s antennae. Place the paper straws on top of each other to create a cross.

8. Wrap the point of the cross with a pipe cleaner so that both drinking straws are secured in the center. The loose ends of the pipe cleaners can be used to attach to the ceiling.

This spring mobile is perfect as an atmospheric window decoration for the nursery!

Hanging decoration with flowers do it yourself

beautiful spring mobile with real flowers

Yes, you guessed it right – this fantastic mobile is made of real flowers! The fresh spring decoration is just perfect as a decoration for the most popular spring celebrations like Easter and Mother’s Day. It can be hung over the table and will add freshness to the house all day long. Of course, you can make a similar mobile from artificial flowers and enjoy the beauty of flowers every day.


  • long flower stems, such as these snapdragons and Irish bells
  • the inner ring of an embroidery hoop about 25 cm in diameter
  • washi tape
  • white thread
  • needle
  • small metal ring
  • scissors

Instructions spring mobile from real flowers

First, completely wrap the embroidery hoop with washi tape in any color. The color should definitely match the flowers, so a neutral tone works best here.

Next, remove the leaves from the stems of the flowers. Then cut each stem at about 10 cm below the flower.

Thread the needle and pass the needle through the end of the first stem. 4.

Tie the thread around the hoop so that the flower hangs slightly below the hoop. Secure with a double knot and cut the ends of the thread. Continue in this manner until you are satisfied with the number of stems attached to the hoop.

5. To hang the mobile, cut three long pieces of thread and tie them equally spaced around the hoop so that the hoop is held at three points. Bring the three threads together at the top and tie them to the metal ring. When doing this, make sure that the frame remains level. This will ensure that the mobile hangs straight.

Making spring mobile from paper flowers

Making spring mobile by yourself with Kusudama paper flowers

What’s not to like about paper flowers? They are long lasting, look beautiful and you can make them yourself with pretty paper of your choice. With the so-called Kusudama flowers, which consist of five folded petals, you can recreate this colorful mobile. It would add a whole special touch to your spring decorations and fill the room with cheerful mood.

What you need:

  • 12 Kusudama flowers – you can find instructions for them in this article about origami flowers.
  • metal ring, 30 cm in diameter
  • green paper yarn or green jute yarn
  • natural jute yarn
  • hot glue gun and scissors

Mobile spring crafting with paper flowers instruction

1. first wrap the hoop with jute twine. This is easier to do in sections and goes faster if you wrap two strands at a time.

2. Cut the green yarn in 2 meter long pieces, fold them in half and glue one end to the base of a kusudama flower. Repeat until twine is attached to all 12 flowers. For a playful effect, tie a few knots on each string.

3. For the central knot: cut 4 strands of jute, each 60 cm long, and fold each in half. Knot at the folded end, leaving a small loop. Divide the strands into 4 sections and tie evenly around the ring (there should be four sections that are about the same size). This will leave a loop in the center around which to thread another piece of string to hang from a ceiling hook.

4. now tie the strands of flowers evenly distributed on the ring. If you wish, you can shorten some of them before tying them to give the mobile different heights.

DIY colorful mobile for spring decoration.

Craft idea spring decoration mobile with butterflies

With this colorful mobile, you will surely invite the spring mood into your home. It combines two of the most popular spring motifs – flowers and butterflies. For the project, only artificial flowers and garlands of leaves are used, so you can use the mobile as a spring decoration in the years to come.

These materials are needed:

  • Wire wreath frame
  • artificial ivy garlands
  • artificial boxwood garlands
  • Hot glue
  • Feather butterflies in bright colors
  • nylon thread or floral wire
  • artificial flowers
  • Scissors

Wrap wire wreath with artificial leaf garlands Glue artificial flowers

1. wrap the boxwood garland twice around the wreath frame. Secure with nylon thread or floral wire.

2. Wrap the ivy garland around the wreath frame, filling in all the gaps. Secure with thread or floral wire.

Cut stems off artificial flowers and attach flowers to wreath frame with hot glue. Fill in any gaps created and layer the flowers in bouquets of three, for example, to create texture.

Cut six long strands of nylon thread and tie them tightly around the wreath frame, about 5 inches apart.

5. Tie five to six feather butterflies to each strand, alternating colors.

Spring mobile from plastic bottles

Spring mobile from PET bottles colorful

PET bottles, which are not allowed in the deposit machine, are wonderfully suitable as craft material. Do you also like the idea of recycling tinkering ? Then the following project is just for you. For this mobile, flowers are made from plastic bottles and hung on a branch. We will now explain how to do it.

Necessary materials:

  • recycled plastic bottles
  • white glue
  • colored tissue paper
  • aluminum adhesive tape
  • large plastic beads
  • a piece of thick yarn or cotton rope
  • a branch or embroidery hoop as a base for hanging

Make flowers from PET plastic bottles and tissue paper

1. cut out a closed flower shape with five petals from the top of each plastic bottle (without the cap). Glue strips of tissue paper in any color to the “flowers” using thinned glue. When doing this, allow the strips to extend beyond the edges and cut them off when completely dry. Cover the necks of the bottles and the tips of some petals with aluminum tape.

2. now make the flower chains. To do this, tie a knot in the yarn, string a large plastic bead and thread the yarn through the neck of the bottle from the bottom up. Choose the position of the next flower, tie a knot in the yarn again and thread another bead and then a flower. The plastic beads will hold the flower in place. For a flower necklace, 3 to 5 flowers will suffice, depending on how long you want it. When you are satisfied with the length, measure out 20-30 inches from the yarn to the attachment and then cut it off. Repeat this process for all flower necklaces.

Tip: If you don’t want to use beads, you can pierce the caps of the plastic bottles to allow the flowers to sit at the knot.

3. To finish the mobile, hang the flower chains on a branch or a round embroidery hoop. Done!