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Spring decorations make your own paper: 5 beautiful origami ideas

Spring is slowly approaching and with it comes with many of us also the desire to decorate their own four walls accordingly. A colorful spring decoration will put you in a good mood and create a cheerful atmosphere despite the bad weather. Instead of buying expensive decorative objects, you can make the decorations yourself from simple materials. Today we will show you how to create a wonderful spring decoration using the paper folding technique.

Decorating with origami

Decorating with origami wall decoration cranes

Turn a simple square sheet of paper into a beautiful decoration – this is the Japanese art of folding origami. Whether animals, flowers or boxes, with a little patience and a little skill you can make wonderful creations that will arouse admiration. The folded figures can be arranged in groups to create a beautiful hanging decoration, as well as used individually, for example, as a table decoration.

The main attraction of origami is the fact that you do not need any materials other than paper. No scissors, no glue – just fold, fold and fold. Although most origami figures seem incredibly complicated at first glance, even beginners can master the art of folding. All it takes is a little patience and good folding instructions. With the detailed origami instructions in this collection, you can make equally great folding figures yourself. The instructions are easy to follow and explain step by step the way to the finished figure. If you get the kids involved, family fun is guaranteed. How the homemade origami works of art can be integrated into spring decorations, we show below.

Beautiful ideas for spring decoration with origami figures

Origami butterflies and flowers as spring decoration

Would you like to decorate your own home in spring with colorful origami figures? At this time of year, motifs such as flowers, some animals and butterflies are just perfect. Here are some great ideas as inspiration, how to turn the simple folded figures into a wonderful spring decoration.


The butterfly is a classic origami figure that is easy to fold, making it wonderful for beginners. A single square sheet of paper is needed for a butterfly, and if you master the technique, you can conjure up several butterflies in a short time. These can be glued to the wall, threaded into a decorative chain or hung individually from the ceiling, for example. In this way, the delicate grace of butterflies is brought into your own home.


Spring decoration with origami cranes and flowering branches

The crane, still known as the bird of happiness, is considered the symbol of origami art and is learned by every beginner in the technique of paper folding. Cranes are also the messengers of spring in the sky, so they are perfect for home decoration in this season. To fold a crane, again, all you need is a sheet of origami paper in any color. Several cranes can then be used to depict the spring migration of birds on the wall, for example. Or you can attach a hanger to each crane, and with it decorate a few real or artificial flower branches in a beautiful vase.


Spring decoration do it yourself origami flowers folding

Nothing is better for spring decor than early bloomers. Snowdrops, tulips and daffodils look incredibly decorative and add a fresh touch to the apartment. Since the decorations made of real flowers do not last so long, we recommend you to fold these pretty spring flowers out of paper. This way they will last for years and can be used as spring decorations in the years to come. For example, you can create a whole flower basket or a beautiful bouquet from the folded flowers and decorate the table with them.

Easter bunnies

DIY Easter decoration idea with origami bunny

Easter is one of the biggest spring festivals and offers plenty of inspiration for crafting. Easter decorations can be colorful and cheerful, just like spring itself. The origami folding art also has something to offer for Easter . From simple egg cups to cute chicks and hens. But the time-honored classic is the Easter bunny, which is wonderful for both the table and Easter baskets.

Colorful hanging decoration

colorful origami cubes craft as a hanging decoration in spring

If you like the decoration a little more abstract, you can make a hanging decoration from geometric figures. For example, how about some colorful cubes? Since these are folded from several square papers, this case is called modular origami or tangrami. The combination of different papers creates colorful folded figures, which are wonderful for spring decorations. For this you can hang the cubes on a hoop with twine to make a colorful floating mobile itself.