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Spring decorations from natural materials make yourself: Bring nature into your home with our colorful decorating ideas!

The first flowers are sprouting, the days are getting longer and it’s finally starting to get warmer outside. And what does that mean? Spring is coming! After the long and cold winter we are looking forward to the colorful flowers and the first rays of sunshine and can hardly wait to decorate our homes. Whether for the window, as small accents in the living room and bedroom or as table decorations – in the warmer season our home shines in a fresh and lively splendor. Do you already feel like a change of scenery? Then prepare yourself for the arrival of the most beautiful season and learn here how to easily make your own beautiful spring decorations from natural materials! Whether gorgeous bouquets, decorations with tulips or eggshells as flower vases – our decoration ideas immediately put you in a good mood!

Make your own spring decorations from natural materials: Splendid floral decorations for a good mood

Flower decoration ideas DIY spring decoration from natural materials

When it begins to bloom and green outside, it is finally time for colorful and magnificent decorations in your own four walls. The best possible way to conjure up a touch of nature in our rooms? With beautiful spring flowers, of course! Whether tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or ranunculus – the choice is huge and spring enchants us with a great variety of flowers. The bright colors always put us in a good mood and also fill the apartment with wonderful fragrance and life for several days.

Spring flowers bouquet arrange ideas spring decoration from natural materials

Even a classic and nicely arranged bouquet of flowers never goes out of fashion and is a great way to decorate our home in a spring-like way. Even though it’s still a bit colder outside, spring is moving into our homes with colorful flower arrangements. So unleash your creativity and don’t be afraid to combine bright shades like red, pink, orange, blue and money to create your own work of art.

Artischoken table decoration ideas make spring decorations with natural materials yourself

Fresh flowers are worth a thousand words and will liven up any room in an instant. Classic spring flowers look beautiful, but why not spice things up a bit this year? If you’re making your own spring decorations from natural materials, add some willow catkins, oats or eucalyptus to the bouquet. Or how about a vase full of meadow flowers? Or a fancy bouquet of artichokes ? To make your floral spring decor really pop, combine the delicate blooms with stylish accessories. Trays, vases and bowls in all imaginable designs skillfully complete the look and provide that little extra. It looks particularly harmonious if you pick up one of the main colors of the bouquet.

Splendid spring decoration with tulips

Spring decoration from natural materials do it yourself tulips flower decoration ideas

Now it becomes quite colorful and splendid! With more than 150 different varieties and an infinite number of crosses, tulips represent spring like hardly any other flower. Whether pink, white, purple, red, yellow or orange – no matter what color, tulips as spring decorations are a great eye-catcher and an excellent way to bring a piece of nature into our home. Whether you decide on a single color or go all out and use a colorful sea of flowers – tulips simply always go and immediately create a good mood.

Tulips bouquet decoration ideas spring decoration from natural materials make yourself

Even in a simple vase or a preserving jar, the splendor of the flowers comes into its own wonderfully and lets the living spaces shine in a completely new splendor. Whether on the windowsill, the dining table or in the bathroom – a vase full of tulips feels wonderfully alive and makes a great visual impact. Or why not jazz up a lantern or an old pitcher with tulips? This will instantly make your spring decor look much more unique and provide an exciting and interesting accent.

Springtime door wreath made of tulips

Spring flowers door wreath make spring decorations from natural materials yourself

Do you want to welcome your guests in a stylish way and for that you would prefer to make your own spring decorations from natural materials? For example, how about a beautiful and gorgeous door wreath with tulips? For this, simply take a moss wreath at hand and equip it with colorful flowers in all imaginable colors. It’s even easier if you spruce up a classic door wreath made of twigs and branches with a few tulip stems. And no, it doesn’t have to be real flowers for that. In order to have something from your spring decoration for a longer time, you could also use artificial flowers. These are not only more vibrant, but also easier to care for.

Spring decoration with flowers do it yourself DIY upcycling ideas

A homemade spring decoration made from natural materials is a great and fun way to bring old items back to life. For example, how about turning that old funnel from the basement into a hanging vintage vase? Hang it on the door and fill it with your favorite flowers and voila – you have the perfect colorful spring decoration that will catch your eye immediately.

Make your own chandelier from flowers

Chandelier from flowers tinker spring decoration from natural materials themselves make

And here’s a really great idea for spring decorations from natural materials with a difference! Make your home shine by crafting your own beautiful chandelier out of flowers. Here’s how easy it is to do:

Materials needed:

  • Spring flowers of your choice
  • Ring shape
  • Thread and needle
  • Adhesive tape

Spring decoration from natural materials do it yourself chandelier from flowers craft simply

Make your own chandelier from flowers:

  • The ring mold serves as the centerpiece of the chandelier and you can decorate or paint it to your heart’s content.
  • Next, thread the thread through the flower buds. When doing this, do not be afraid to use different types of flowers or experiment with the lengths of the flowers.
  • Finally, tie the thread around the ring at equal intervals.
  • Hang the chandelier of flowers and voila – your homemade spring decoration from natural materials is ready.

Use eggshells as flower vases

Eggshells as a plant holder use spring decorations from natural materials do it yourself

Eggshells are perfect for making a unique spring decoration from natural materials yourself! Whether as planters or small flower vases – the shells can be used in many ways and are a great eye-catcher. Of course, you should empty them first for this. Make a small hole in the narrow end of the egg and break it open carefully. Then wash thoroughly with water and dish soap and put the egg carton back in. Pour in some fresh water, put in small flowers of your choice and your eggshell vases are ready!

Make your own spring decorations from natural materials: More great ideas at a glance

Spring decoration with tulips do it yourself Easter table decoration ideas

Use the old umbrella as a flower vase and hang it on the door

Spring decoration from natural materials do it yourself DIY upcycling ideas flower decoration

Or why not use the eggshells as candles and conjure up a great table decoration from them

Eggshells candles craft spring decoration from natural materials make yourself

A spring decoration made of natural materials makes any room shine

Flowers table decoration Easter spring decoration make yourself

Sometimes it’s the small details that have the biggest impact

Table decoration with spring flowers DIY spring decoration from natural materials

Spring flowers enliven any room and enchant us with a wonderful scent

how to reuse eggshells make spring decorations from natural materials yourself