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Spring decorations for outdoors: How to conjure up spring mood outdoors!

Spring is just around the corner and it’s high time to prepare your house and garden for it. Today we would like to show you some beautiful ideas for spring decoration for outside, which you will surely fall in love with. After all, even in the outdoor area, a suitable decoration for the season should not be missing. Whether colorful flowers and plants or a homemade decoration , with these ideas you provide more spring atmosphere at the entrance or on the balcony. Let yourself be inspired and welcome the spring!

Spring decoration for outside: Decorate the entrance to the house

House entrance decorate for spring outside

The house entrance is the business card of the house. To welcome your guests in spring, you can decorate this area appropriately. For example, decorate the door with a beautiful wreath , replace the boring doormat with one with an atmospheric design and arrange a few beautiful spring flowers in different containers. Such a decoration does not require much effort, but looks very effective.

Flower decoration for spring outside

Planting planter with spring flowers

Spring flowers are a beautiful option for decorating the outdoor area. While in the garden they tend to be planted in flower beds, they can also be planted in large tubs or other containers and used to beautify the entrance to the house. For example, the planters in the picture above are designed with a mix of tulips, daffodils, pansies, hyacinths and primroses, which conjure up a colorful palette and smell beautifully of spring.

Flower arrangements for the entrance to the house

House entrance decoration for spring and Easter planted watering can Easter nest

Another variant for decoration with flowers are beautifully arranged flower arrangements . You can make them yourself from real, as well as artificial or dry flowers and combine them with other decorative elements.

Idea for spring decoration outside with vintage flair

Vintage spring outdoor decoration metal bucket with tulips on old chair

If you want to give your outdoor area a vintage touch, then you can, for example, put an old piece of furniture such as a chair or a table next to the door and arrange the spring flowers on it. A few beautiful tulips in different colors combined with some branches of willow catkins will instantly add more spring atmosphere to your porch.

DIY carrot spring wreath from tulips for front door

DIY spring decoration for outside carrot wreath as door decoration

Wreaths are a classic decoration for the front door. This original carrot door wreath, for example, will put you in a good mood and is also super for Easter. A cute snack to welcome the Easter bunny. And the best part is that the wreath is ready in less than 1 hour! Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • artificial tulips in orange
  • more artificial flowers in orange
  • artificial green
  • floral wire
  • stirring stick for colors (or suitable wooden bar)
  • bow

Tie artificial tulip bundles with floral wire

Before you start making the wreath, you should determine how big you want the finished project and get enough bundles of tulips to make the carrot shape. For the wreath in the example, 7 bundles were used.

Then place three tulip bundles in front of you in a triangle shape with the stems facing away from you. Use floral wire to tie all three bundles together.

Tie and glue tulip bundles to wooden strip

Place the bundles on the flat side of a stir stick and secure them with the hot glue. Be sure to attach them to the bottom half of the wooden stick, as you will keep adding more bundles and greenery. Continue wiring and gluing the bundles until you are satisfied with the shape of the carrot.

craft more artificial flowers add carrot greenery

To make the wreath more visually interesting and hide any gaps that have appeared in the tulip bundles, add additional artificial flowers. Using wire cutters, cut out individual flowers so that each flower has a stem about 10 inches long. Then, use floral wire or hot glue again to attach the extra flowers to the main part of your DIY carrot wreath.

Once the bottom part of the carrot is done, it’s time to add the carrot greenery. To do this, use artificial greenery of your choice and make it into a large bundle. Then, insert the stem ends of the bundle into the tulip arrangement and attach it to the stir stick using floral wire or hot glue.

Carrots wreath finish tying bow

To finish the door decoration, make a hanger out of floral wire. Wrap the wire around the stir stick several times, then form a sturdy loop that you can use to hang the wreath from a hook. For the final touch, make a bow out of decorative ribbon and use it to decorate the wreath.

More ideas for door decorations outside

Spring decoration for the front door umbrella decorated with tulips and Easter eggs

Spring is the season when downpours are a common occurrence. And then what is more suitable for spring decoration than an umbrella? You can hang an umbrella full of flowers on the door, as well as arrange them in the umbrella stand at the entrance of the house.

DIY door decoration spring umbrella with artificial flowers

To fix the flowers in the umbrella, you can use either styrofoam or stick foam. However, we advise against using real flowers because they only last for a short time and need to be replaced every few days.

Flower decoration for spring home entrance tulip wreath wooden bucket

Artificial flowers, on the other hand, are great for decorating the outdoor area. Moreover, they are inexpensive and can be easily used in the following years. For example, you can make a door wreath out of them. Or you can fill various vessels with them, such as vases, lanterns, buckets and wooden boxes. Just let your creativity run wild!

DIY spring decorations for outdoors – decorate ladder

Build your own ladder from branches and decorate with forsythia

In the outdoor area, a beautifully decorated ladder cuts an especially good figure. For spring, you can embellish the ladder with early bloomers in small pots or make a durable decoration like in the picture above with artificial forsythia itself. You don’t have a ladder that fits such a decoration? Then you can build one yourself from branches and twigs. Then the decoration will look even more original.

Spring decoration for outside with forsythia

beautiful spring decoration outside planter with pansies and forsythia

Forsythia are classic messengers of spring and enchant with their beautiful star-shaped flowers in bright yellow. Whether real or artificial, you can make wonderful outdoor decorations with the forsythia branches. For example, you can put the branches in a tub with pansies or use them to make a pretty door wreath. Even arranged in a simple flower arrangement, the yellow forsythia will look great and fill the outdoor space with springtime cheer.

Spring decoration with forsythia for outside

Planting rubber boots

Planting rubber boots and decorating house entrance in springtime

How beautiful these blooming rubber boots look! And they’re super easy to recreate. For example, you can use your old garden boots or scour thrift stores for a pair. The boots can also be painted any way you like if their color somehow doesn’t quite match your outdoor spring decor. Yellow like in the picture above would be a great idea, for example.

If you want a decoration without a lot of maintenance, we recommend using artificial flowers and branches. These are easy to put in the boots and arrange. However, if you want to plant the boots with real flowers, you should get suitable soil and possibly think about drainage.

Turn the front entrance into a flower market

Create flower market at the entrance of the house as a decoration for spring

Celebrate the arrival of this glorious season by beautifying your entryway with lovely country-style spring motifs. Decorated with a mix of flowers, wooden vessels and other elements from nature, your home entrance will look very inviting. Here are a few ideas on how to create country style spring decorations for outside.

Spring decoration for outside in country style flower market design

Build a stand for flowers from wooden boards (or from a pallet) and attach some pots to it. Decorate them with artificial flowers “for sale”. Then place a wooden cart on the porch and arrange pots, potting soil and garden tools on it. You can also make a beautiful flower garland from artificial flowers and hang it down the wall of the house. Add a nice sign to give the decoration the finishing touch.

Country style spring decoration for outside old door bicycle with planted basket

Other wooden items such as stools, boxes, boxes and small tables are also suitable for spring decorations for outside in country style. You can use these to display flowers, plants and other decorations. Things like old doors and shutters also look very nice, which you can simply position loosely next to the door and possibly decorate with a wreath. An old bicycle with a planted basket would also look great in such a decoration.

Spring decoration for garden and balcony

Spring decoration outside on balcony clothesline with vases made of glasses

Our last few ideas are super for decorating the garden and balcony. The first one involves turning some jars into vases and hanging them on the clothesline. For this, hangers for each glass can be made from wire and hung directly on the line. The clothespins have a more decorative function in this decoration idea, because they alone can not hold the glasses with water. However, they still serve to hold the individual jars in place so that they do not slip.

Colorful flower pots for outside from old cans tinker

Dosen bunt dekoireren with napkin technology and plant as spring decoration for outside

In spring it may be colorful and so is this idea for outdoor decoration. It is also perfect for all upcycling fans, as it involves turning old cans into colorful pots. These are the materials needed for this project:

  • empty tin cans of any size
  • napkins with colorful patterns
  • rotary cutter (scissors also work) and mat
  • napkin glue, e.g. Mod Podge
  • foam brush
  • white spray paint
  • clear lacquer spray
  • drill with steel bit
  • small stones
  • earth
  • plants

Spice up metal can with napkin technique

Before you put the napkins on the tin cans, paint them white with the spray paint. The paper napkins are very thin and the planters will look better with a white background.

Next, cut each napkin to the size of the can you will be pasting. For larger cans, you may need to use more than one serivette. Then remove the top layer of the cut napkin.

Now cover the entire can with the decoupage glue. Carefully place the paper napkin on top of the tin and press it down with the foam brush. Wrap the napkin around the can until it is completely covered.

DIY spring decorations outside jazz up old cans and plant them

Once the glue has dried, paint the decorated tin cans with at least 2 coats of acrylic paint. This will protect the outdoor planters from the elements.

To plant the tin cans, first drill holes in the bottom of the cans for drainage. Then place a layer of rocks on the bottom, fill the tin with potting soil and insert the plants.

With the colorful pots you can create a flower staircase or decorate the balcony railing.