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Spring decorations for house entrance: the most beautiful ideas to make the outdoor area spring and colorful!

Soon it will finally be time again: winter is almost over and slowly we can look forward to the first rays of sunshine and colorful flowers! We don’t know about you, but we are really tired of cold, rain and short days. And what is the best remedy for winter fatigue? A fresh and colorful decoration, of course! With fresh flowers, bright colors or a spring decoration made of natural materials, we prepare for the arrival of the most beautiful season. You have already spruced up the kitchen and living room? Great! But have you forgotten something? Although the entrance to the house is the flagship and the calling card of our homes, it is often neglected. But that’s over now! Our ideas for spring decoration in the house entrance will turn your outdoor area into a real eye-catcher and provide a lot of good mood! So read on and wake up your home from hibernation!

Spring decoration for house entrance: Fresh flowers as a great eye-catcher

Decoration house entrance spring decoration ideas with tulips simple

You want to leave a cheerful impression on your guests and are looking for suitable ideas for spring decoration in the front entrance? Whether daffodils, tulips, ranunculus or hyacinths – the most beautiful thing about spring is the huge selection of gorgeous and beautiful flowers. With a little skill and creativity, you can create charming and unique decorations with them. To create your own work of art, it is best to combine different types of flowers in all kinds of colors. A door wreath is always a safe choice, but why not try something new for a change? Spring decorations are ideal for bringing old items back to life. For example, how about filling an old watering can with flowers and hanging it on the door?

Flower decoration for outside pictures spring decoration in front of house entrance do it yourself

A homemade flower wreath will beautify the exit area in no time. And if you have a little more space in front of the front door, you can make the outdoor area spring-like with several planters. Here, too, you can really let off steam and paint and jazz up the plant holders just as you like. Whether you design the spring decoration in the house entrance modern or rather funny and playful, is purely a matter of taste. Allowed is pretty much everything you like. Flowers as a home entrance spring decorations are real mood lifters and a great way to bring nature into our home.

Wreath of flowers from egg cartons as a door decoration in spring

Door wreath from egg carton tinker decoration spring home entrance DIY

You want to make your own spring decoration for house entrance? Then we have the perfect idea for you! How about a door wreath made of egg cartons as an alternative to the classic flower wreath? Super fun and easy – it’s a really great DIY project and you and your kids will have tons of fun doing it, we promise!

Materials needed:

  • Egg cartons
  • Large piece of sturdy cardboard
  • Plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Various colors of your choice
  • Paintbrush

Spring decorations home entrance do it yourself DIY door wreath from egg carton crafting

Make your own door wreath from egg carton:

  • First paint the cardboard green and let it dry completely.
  • Use the plate as a template to cut out a large circle.
  • Next, cut out several flowers from the egg cartons. Small, large, fringed or round – let your creativity run wild and just have fun with it.

Door wreath from egg carton tinker decoration spring home entrance

  • Then paint the flowers in different colors and decorate as you like. Allow to dry completely.
  • Finally, glue the flowers to the wreath and let dry again.
  • Hang on the door and you’re done – it’s so easy to make your own unique spring decorations for home entrances!

Door wreath from Easter eggs as a front door decoration for the house entrance

Easter eggs door wreath craft spring decoration home entrance modern

Celebrate the most beautiful season of the year by brightening up your door with a colorful door wreath made of Easter eggs! Such a spring decoration for the entrance is guaranteed to bring a lot of joy and your home will surely be the first stop for the Easter Bunny! This is also a super fun and creative way to make something pretty with the kids and spend more time together.

Materials needed:

  • A classic door wreath made from moss or twigs and branches
  • Natural eggs in colors of your choice
  • Smaller plastic eggs in colors and patterns of choice
  • Hot glue gun

Make your own door wreath from eggs:

  • First glue the large eggs to the wreath with the hot glue gun as desired and let dry.
  • Cover the resulting gaps with the small plastic eggs and let them dry again.
  • Tie a colorful stripe around the wreath, depending on your fancy, and hang it on the door. And your cool spring decoration for house entrance is ready!

Small herb garden as a spring decoration for home entrance

Herb garden in basket do it yourself spring decoration home entrance images

Do you love to cook and experiment in the kitchen? Then this herb garden as a spring decoration for house entrance is just right for you! It is not only a great eye-catcher, but also ensures that you always have your favorite herbs at hand. Whether basil, mint, parsley, thyme or rosemary – you can use all imaginable herb seeds for your herb garden.

Use the old flower chair as a flower pot

DIY upcycling ideas decoration spring decoration in front of home entrance make yourself

Do you also have an unnecessary number of chairs standing around in your basement? Instead of simply throwing them away, you can turn them into a really great vintage pot holder as a spring decoration for the house entrance yourself! Here’s how easy it is:

  • The best way to do this is to take an old chair with a removable seat cushion.
  • Paint the chair as desired in any color and let it dry.
  • Then put a zinc or plastic tub in the chair and drill small holes in the bottom.
  • Finally, plant the tub with flowers of your choice and your spring decoration for the entrance to the house is ready.

Spring decorations for entrance: great decoration ideas for the outdoor area

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Spring decoration in front of house spring decoration for outside

Brighten up straw hat with flowers for a colorful springtime doorway decoration

Front door spring decoration home entrance door wreath alternatives spring

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Spring decoration in front of house quick decoration ideas spring home entrance

With tulips as decoration we let the spring move into our four walls

Easter decorations for the door spring decorations home entrance do it yourself

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Door wreath alternatives for spring home entrance spring decoration tinker

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