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Spring decoration trends 2022: With our colorful ideas you can decorate your home in springtime

Fill your home with the freshest decorating trends for spring and enjoy a vibrant interior all season long. Open the windows so you can feel the higher temperatures. Get inspired by our fresh spring ideas: the beautiful pastel colors, the floral patterns and many more are fashionable this spring. Below we explain what are the spring decoration trends 2022, so you can prepare your home for spring.

Spring decoration trends 2022: popular plants.

Plants are one of the popular spring decoration trends in spring 2022

To the extent that you take the luxury of interior decoration outside , you also welcome the greenery and the hottest indoor plant trends 2022, so you can breathe new life into every room of your home. This is no surprise – the human love of plants is endless. Especially in spring, when it’s still too cold to venture outside in some areas, a little greenery can provide the coziness you crave.

Spring decoration trends 2022 - dried flowers.

Choosing plants with colorful accents will add vibrancy to any space. Try to choose plants that are easy to care for, or opt for an artificial plant or dried flowers that require no maintenance and don’t need to be replaced regularly.

Boho style with plants - getting ready for spring

While outside plants and flowers bloom , at this time of year you also see more and more greenery indoors, which lifts the mood after the long winter months. For example, if you prefer and love the eclectic boho interiors, you can go a step further and beautify your home. All you need are a few basic elements of the boho style: Berber rugs, vintage furniture, brass accessories and, of course, lots of plants.

Boho interior with lots of plants a must-have trend in spring

You can follow one of the other spring 2022 decorating trends and create a living plant wall in your apartment. This pretty wall of greenery will literally brighten up any room and will be a gorgeous highlight in your home.

Soothing pastel colors: one of the must-have spring decor trends 2022

Choose light and soft pastel shades for your home this spring

Bold colors are out and cool and calm ones are in. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the usual beige, white and gray tones. You can still add splashes of color and be right in line with the spring decorating trend. This season, go for bright, soft and hopeful shades like butter or sunny yellow, pistachio green, baby pink or open sky blue to convey warmth and freshness. Your home should not be seen as a result of a particular trend, but as a storehouse of personal energy. Think soothing colors, and you’ll find the color palette trends for spring 2022.

Spring decoration trends 2022 - pastel colors are fashionable

Just in time for spring, sunny tones exude a positive mood indoors. From soft lemon yellow to spicy turmeric, there’s a delicious honey yellow decor that will brighten up any space. Plus, with its bright hue, yellow brings a cheerful feel to a room, which is exactly what you want for spring. If you want to add a bold accent, use a yellow comforter or quilt. If you’re looking for something subtle, a yellow pillow or sheet is a great choice. Whatever yellow you use, it will definitely brighten up your room this spring.

Yellow color - a spring decoration trend 2022

The blue color trend in spring 2022 reminds people of the most beautiful destinations, that’s why different shades of blue can positively influence your well-being. Immersing yourself in the great blue ensures that all our senses can have a therapeutic effect. Use this calming color palette of soothing pastel tones to bring yourself back into balance.

Pastel colors in spring are modern and popular

Decorative accessories with soft curves in spring.

Accessories and furniture with soft curves in cocoon style - spring decoration trends.

Architecture, furniture, decorative accessories and curved cocoon-style light fixtures inspired by the female form add a flowing, soft aesthetic to all modern spaces. A key 2022 spring decor trend, shapely silhouettes evoke a sculptural style that has a convivial feel. Soft curves will be big in all furniture and decor this spring. You should look for things like rounded beds and sofas to make a statement that isn’t too rough.

Round table - a must in spring 2022

But if you just want to bring a touch of the spring decorating trends into your home without completely redecorating it, something as simple as rounded pillows on your sofas and beds will be enough to keep up with the trends. Buying a globe for your office, for example, may not seem like much, but it can liven up your stressful home office nicely.

Round pillows are one of the spring decoration trends

Combining natural materials as one of the spring decorating trends.

Rattan and wooden furniture in the living room as a spring decoration 2022

Wood, raffia, jute, limestone and rattan are going to be big in spring 2022 because naturalness and calmness are important this year. There’s something very relaxing about returning to simple textures and materials and getting rid of complexity.

Spring decoration trends 2022: rattan and wooden furniture, plants and round cushions

Even if you just buy a new rattan chair for the living room or replace an old dining area with hand-woven chairs and a wooden table, you can make your home feel spring-like . You don’t have to go big with your natural textures, but a few in your rooms will provide a calming environment for you, your family and your guests. You can also combine wooden elements in your home beautifully with flowers and candles to make your home well prepared for spring.

Do not forget floral patterns as a spring decoration trend

Vase with floral motifs - spring trend

Floral patterns are also very popular this spring. Buy decorative pillows, vases and flower pots with classic motifs of flowers, leaves or grasses.