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Spring decoration in the window – atmospheric ideas with flowers


When the sun shines in the window and the meteorologists promise spring-like temperatures, there is also a growing desire in us to bring the newly awakened nature into the home and to honor this beautiful season with a special spring decoration in the window. The ideas we have compiled for you today are diverse, easy to make and would awaken beautiful spring feelings in you.

Spring decoration in the window – Beautifully blooming bulb flowers.


Before you decorate the windows spring, they should be thoroughly cleaned. In this white, the sun’s rays will find their way into the apartment undisturbed. The simplest decoration idea is to place spring flowers on the windowsill. Whether hyacinths, crocuses or daffodils, on in a pot or in a vase, the effect is always enormous. Branches of cherry, peach and forsythia also fit perfectly.

Arrange spring decorations in the window


For spring decoration with flowers, you can use various vessels made of glass – glass vases, preserving jars, drinking glasses and bonbonnières. All of them can be filled with water and individual cut flowers and arranged on the windowsill. It’s especially pretty if the vases and bottles are of different heights.

Pink ranunculus in preserving jar.


If you have baby jars or many, small and light vases, you can hang them from the window frame. Just wrap a tight string or wire around the neck of the vase and knot it.

Spring decoration in the window – small white tulips and other fresh spring flowers.


You can also make a successful spring decoration for the window yourself. Again, spring motifs such as the sun, butterflies, ladybugs and chicks are well suited. Cut out the motifs from paper and then sew them together, close together. Leave about 20 inches of yarn at the beginning and end for hanging later. The muffin tins are also great for craft projects like this, because in no time you can turn them into beautiful paper flowers. Check out the ideas below and let your imagination run wild.

Paint glass bottles and fill them with individual cut flowers

Spring decoration in the window ideas-glass-bottles-colors-single-flowers-putting

small vases hanging from the window frame


beautiful white roses


make garland from paper butterflies

Spring decoration in the window -garland-butterflies-paper-crafting

cut out butterflies from paper

Spring decoration in the window paper-butterflies-garland

create 3D effect






Spring decoration in the window -ideas-glass-vase-decorate-white-chrysanthemums


Spring decoration in the window -small-glass-pink-tulips





Spring decoration in the window -ideas-flowers-cyclamen-heather-kalanchoe


Spring decoration in the window ideas-metal-bucket-yellow-daffodil

Spring decorations in the window ideas-white-ranquil canning jar

spring decoration in the window small-white-tulips-glass-felt-wrapped