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Simple last-minute ideas for table decoration for Easter: how to decorate the festive table without much effort

Easter is a time of gathering, sharing and abundance – we celebrate the awakening of spring and sunshine in all areas of life. And there’s no denying that Easter Sunday lunch is the highlight of the celebration. With this in mind, serving up the most stylish Easter decorating ideas to welcome guests is a must. But what if there is not enough time for elaborate decorations? Here we have chosen some simple ideas for Easter table decorations that you can put together in no time. Take a look at our suggestions and get inspired for your last-minute decorations!

How to set the table for Easter brunch simple ideas

To decorate your table festively and turn the dining area into a stunning seasonal backdrop, you don’t necessarily have to buy new tableware and decorations. With cheerful pastel shades, fresh or dried flowers and other personalized details, you can make DIY Easter decor without much effort . We recommend that you use, among other things, what you have available. This way, the table decoration will not only be easier and faster, but also cheaper.

Choose a pastel palette

Table decoration for Easter in pastel colors with flowers and colored eggs

For a modern and fresh Easter decoration, pastel shades are a beautiful choice. Start with a freshly set white table as a base, then color coordinate the decor with pastel tableware and fresh bouquets of flowers.

Golden accents, such as cutlery or glasses, create a modern look in this color scheme and add a sophisticated touch to Easter table decorations. Nothing to forget are also the textiles, which come out most easily in the form of beautiful cloth napkins. In fact, no special knowledge is needed when folding napkins – just put a tulip on the napkin and tie a loose knot around it. It’s really quick and easy that way.

Minimalist table decorations for Easter in harmony with nature

Minimalist simple table decorations for Easter 2022 flower branches

Homemade Easter decorations give the room a very special look. If you’ve already tried our craft idea for large papier-mâché eggs made from balloons, then you can use the same technique to make decorative egg shells for table decorations. You can then dress each of them up with a small flowering sprig from the garden, and the decorations for the festive table are ready.

Go for a simple, rustic table decoration for Easter

Daffodils and eggs for a simple table decoration for Easter

A rustic wooden table lends itself as the perfect backdrop for a country-style Easter decoration. You don’t even need tablecloths or runners for this, as the table itself is the centerpiece. Combine with your favorite spring flowers in small pots or other containers and place some fresh or naturally colored eggs in bowls in between. Go for simple white cloth napkins decorated with a single flower – that’s all it takes.

Invite the Easter bunny to the table

Napkins idea for Easter egg with bunny ears tie

You can also make the Easter bunny a guest of honor on your table if you try this simple Easter table decoration idea. All you need for this is some eggs (whether boiled or artificial, dyed or natural), ribbon and cloth napkins.

Last minute idea for the place cards for Easter

Alternative to place cards egg with monogram in paper strips nest

Place cards are always a great choice for special occasion table decorations. For Easter, you can again incorporate the Easter eggs into your last minute decorations and decorate them with the letter of the respective guest. The whole thing will be even more beautiful if you put a simple nest of paper strips under the egg.

An opulent table decoration for Easter on a budget

Mix and match tablecloths and single flowers in jars as last minute table decorations

For a festive table decoration, you do not necessarily have to buy new decorative items and tablecloths. First look around your kitchen cupboard and see what you already have on hand. A variety of blankets and coasters can be used to create a great mix and match decoration.

Cut flowers in a vase – the best option when you are short on time.

Flowers as last minute table decoration for Easter table

You decided at the last moment to celebrate Easter at your home and are just looking for a quick idea for the table decoration? Then cut flowers are a great and easy last-minute option. For this, all you need are a few vases (depending on how big the table is) and flowers in colors that match your existing tableware set.

However, the vases aren’t a must either. You can even use plain glasses and decorate them with flowers cut to fit.

Simple decoration for the Easter table do it yourself