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Make the Easter tree decoration a real eye-catcher in your own four walls: Tips for crafting

Easter is soon around the corner. Therefore, it is time to start already this weekend with the Easter tree decoration by diligently collecting branches as well as Easter tree decorations.

Decorated Easter tree – a long tradition

decorated easter tree with pink flowers

At the sight of an Easter tree seizes a real joy of life. The usually colorful decorations give a feeling of spring awakening. The Easter tree is home to a long tradition. From time immemorial, poultry eggs were considered a symbol of fertility and life. An analogy is offered in this context to spring, in that the plant world awakens in a new blaze of color and everything comes alive in full warmth after the dark, cold winter months.

In the context of the Christian faith, the Easter tree not only stands for the beginning of spring. It signifies the moment of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The decoration of the Easter tree or bouquet brightens the spirit and one participates in a custom that is handed down from generation to generation.

Making an Easter tree also helps to create a pleasant spring-like, original atmosphere in your own four walls. How exactly the Easter tree decoration can look like, will now be explained below.

Do-it-yourself instructions

Pastel colored eggs and fresh twigs for Easter decoration

Easter tree decoration is designed in several steps. First, you should be clear about whether you want to acquire a natural or artificial Easter tree. The decorative eggs can also be of natural origin or made of wood or other materials.

Easter tree decoration DIY with blown out chicken eggs

Easter eggs decorated with flowers

If you decide to use decorative eggs of natural origin, chicken eggs are the most suitable. These are first of all thoroughly washed with detergent, and then blown out. Here, a small hole is drilled in the lower, blunt and upper, pointed area of the egg with the help of a large needle. In the lower, roundish area, the hole should be slightly larger. Then hold the egg over a bowl and blow it out in the upper area, at best with a thin straw, until it is deflated. Make sure that it is completely emptied, as even the smallest remnants can lead to unpleasant odors. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to clean the egg from the inside. For this purpose, it is immersed in a container with lukewarm water and a little detergent. Wait until the egg is full. Both openings are then closed and the egg is carefully shaken. Then the water is blown out again. The egg is then laid on kitchen paper to dry. Next, you can let your imagination run wild and decorate the empty eggs with different colors and small decorative attributes.

Find the right branches


To make the Easter tree, fresh willow branches are traditionally used.

The first step is to cut them a few days before decorating and put them in a vase filled with water. This, as well as the surrounding room temperature, then also leads to the first bud break.

the flowering apple tree branch is super suitable for the easter tree

Branches of fruit trees, which need to be cut at this time anyway, can also be used. Their large flowers promise a comprehensive decoration of domestic interiors. Alternatively, hazelnut branches are also suitable.

Decorate Easter tree with yellow flowers and thereby fill up with life energy

If rather an Easter bouquet is to be designed, birch twigs are well suited due to their bright green leaves. Thus, spring is brought into the house with full momentum. A classic for Easter decorations are also forsythia . Their bright yellow color quickly makes your own four walls shine with spring-like warmth and the heart is filled with vital energy.

Decorate Easter bouquet at home with colorful eggs

At this point it is worth mentioning what branches you definitely should not use. In this category fall trees or shrubs that have branches covered with thorns, such as rose bushes, because there is a certain risk of injury when children and pets are in the household. Likewise, thorns complicate the entire decorating process.

In turn, some plants, such as yew, are poisonous. Therefore, you should not bring unknown branches. If you choose to buy your Easter branches from a flower store, then care should be taken to avoid possible chemical residues. These types of chemical substances can make even non-toxic plants toxic.

Choose the container

Small Easter tree with decoration in ceramic container

After you have made the appropriate choice for the Easter branches, it is also important to inquire about the appropriate container. Namely, if you are aiming for a largely natural appearance of the Easter tree, it is possible to put it in a decorative bucket or pot filled with floral foam. Likewise, you can use more noble containers, for example, made of ceramic. In this choice, too, there are no limits to imagination and your own taste.

Always customize the Easter bouquet

In any case, one thing is certain, and that is that the Easter tree can become a real eye-catcher in your own four walls. For this purpose, the accent can be placed on bright colors. Pastel colors are a good choice if you are aiming for a subtle, calmer look. Either way, it is always advisable to make Easter decorations that match the interior design.

Easter tree decoration craft with children

Kids can super help decorating the easter tree

Apart from the already mentioned eggs for decoration, you can also decorate your Easter tree with Easter hanging figures such as origami paper figures, fabric flowers, colorful ribbons, stripes or even beaded style elements. For this, children are welcome to help and thus find a creative occupation. The blown out chicken eggs could also be replaced with 3D paper eggs, which you can then make together using the origami folding technique. The children can also be involved in choosing the colors, as this will further encourage their creative thinking.

Craft Easter eggs in paper form

The fun of hanging the decorative ornaments on the Easter tree is guaranteed with the offspring anyway, so that the beautiful Easter becomes a truly wonderful family celebration.