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Make decorations with Easter grass yourself: Last minute DIY ideas for Easter baskets, take-home gifts and the festive table!

Easter is coming soon and in many households the celebration is a nice occasion to spice up the interior. Whether you have invited guests for dinner or just want to spice up the interior: We offer you several ideas for a spring decoration with Easter grass, which can be effectively staged on the table and will certainly create a cheerful mood.

DIY decoration with Easter grass: fill Easter baskets

Easter basket matching fill with artificial Easter grass and Easter eggs

Easter grass symbolizes spring, the beginning of nine and the “rebirth” of plants in nature, which again diligently sprout from April. The custom of sowing wheat seeds just before Easter actually comes from Poland. But even in this country, Easter grass is sown in trays and can be staged at will for the feast. If you missed the right time, then you can buy wheatgrass from the garden center. Another option is to buy artificial Easter grass. There are numerous offerings for this in craft stores. Some are made of plastic, others – made of paper. In the pastry shops and supermarkets you can also buy edible Easter grass. The variants allow a great freedom in crafting and decorating.

Craft decorations with Easter grass for the festive table.

Easter decoration with Easter grass do it yourself instructions and ideas

With Easter eggs, sweets or fresh flowers: the possibilities for a beautiful festive table decoration are simply endless. For example, you can arrange Easter grass in fruit bowls and ceramic vessels and decorate with edible animals. A lamb with marshmallow fur and head made of cookies, a green tablecloth and porcelain tableware with floral patterns are guaranteed to create a cheerful mood on the table.

Purist nature decor with fresh flowers and quail eggs.

Easter decoration with wheat grass and hyacinths and quail eggs

Alternatively, you can stage an imaginative spring decoration in small egg cups, porcelain vases or clay pots. Fresh spring flowers, Easter grass and blown out quail eggs make a charming arrangement. Of course, you can also use other natural materials of your choice. A wooden Easter bunny, gnarled twigs or bird feathers will effectively complete the concept.

Make your own creative place cards from eggshells and Easter grass

Easter decoration with Easter grass make yourself different ideas

You can also plant Easter grass in empty eggshells, color the eggshells any color you like and wrap them with twine (to make them stable on the table). Homemade flags made of colored paper and toothpicks also serve as place cards and name tags.

Easter basket filling and decorating

Easter decoration with Easter grass craft in Easter basket ideas

You are invited to a lunch and now you want to surprise the host, but you have not bought a gift? Then the next last minute idea for an Easter basket is just for you. You will need an Easter basket , wheat grass and Easter eggs (you can use blown out Easter eggs or buy wooden Easter eggs). Decorate the basket with a nice bow and already the souvenir is ready.

Decoration with Easter grass in vases, ceramic pots and bowls with Easter motifs.

Easter decoration DIY idea with Easter grass set the scene tips

The special thing about Easter grass is that it can be staged as you like. You can display the wheatgrass in bowls, in narrow vases or other vessels of your choice. Together with white roses or peonies, the decoration looks super stylish and sophisticated.

Easter basket with wheatgrass, chicks made of felt and daisies

Easter decorations with wheatgrass do it yourself ideas and instructions.

Cute chicks, daisies and wheatgrass play the main role in the next arrangement in the Easter basket. A bow in yellow and white adds color accents and decorates the handle of the basket. By the way, if you can’t find daisies, you can pick seasonal meadow flowers.

Use artificial Easter grass for spring decoration.

Easter nest made of artificial Easter grass for the festive table

You can also find dried or artificial Easter grass in craft stores. This can be easily shaped into an Easter nest. Arrange colorful chocolate eggs inside and decorate additionally with a butterfly made of fabric.

Spring decoration with colorful Easter eggs

Easter grass in Easter basket planting tips and ideas.

You bought a big Easter basket and don’t know exactly how to arrange the delicious sweets and other small surprises? First, put a bowl of wheat grass in the basket and arrange the lollipops, chocolate eggs and co. between the blades of grass. Simple and super effective.

Easter basket self make with sweets and Easter grass filling

The Easter basket not only looks very nice, but is also a cool table decoration. Guests can take various sweets as small giveaways after the meal and you can then arrange the basket again.

Last minute: festive Easter table in nature look

Table decoration with fresh flowers and Easter grasses

A festive Easter table in nature look always goes down well and is guaranteed to earn you compliments. Arrange carrots and fresh spring flowers in tall glass vases. A tray of wheatgrass and Easter eggs adds the finishing touches. The last-minute Easter table is ready.

Etagere with Easter grass and Easter eggs arrange ideas

A festive decoration with Easter grass looks natural and is super easy to craft. But the best part is that you can decorate the wheatgrass any way you want even after the holiday. Spring flowers or wooden animal figures can be perfectly staged with Easter grass.

Easter table decoration with homemade lollipops and Easter grass

Homegrown wheatgrass from organic seeds is edible for people in small quantities.