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Easter wreath crafting: From natural materials make a great Easter decoration for the house or apartment door itself

A spring-like door decoration creates a cheerful mood at the entrance to the house. Whether rustic from willow branches, playful with spring flowers or vintage with dried flowers and blown out eggs: There are no limits to your own creativity. We explain how you can craft eleven different Easter wreaths. Made from natural materials, with little effort: the next ideas are the perfect activity for the whole family.

Easter wreath crafting: Springtime decoration with bulb flowers

Easter decoration for front door with bulb flowers hyacinths and daffodils

Ring in spring in an especially creative way with a planted Easter wreath. You’ll need a vine wreath or, even better, a wicker wreath with a natural look, several bulb flowers like hyacinths and daffodils, and moss. Tie the flowers to the wreath with baling wire. Fill in the gaps with moss.

Tie Easter wreath and embellish with straw, felt balls and Easter egg.

Tie Easter wreath from willow branches decorate with leafy greenery and felt balls

The basis for the next Easter wreath is a willow ring. Such wreaths can be found in most craft stores. However, you can also tie one yourself. Wrap willow branches around a wooden ring and secure the ends with floral wire. Then you can start decorating. An Easter bunny made of socks , several different sized balls made of felt, a blown out Easter egg in pastel color, a small bird’s nest and green tree branches make an effective arrangement.

Elegant Easter wreath: create decorative ring with blown-out eggs and cypress branches

Easter wreath with dried grasses and Easter eggs tie yourself

The next Easter wreath exudes sophistication and elegance. Replicating the purist look is actually not difficult at all. All you need are several cypress branches, which you can color with paint spray in nude shades. Five blown out eggs and a satin bow will effectively complete the design.

Easter wreath made of straw, wood, bird feathers and blown out quail eggs.

Easter wreath nature from straw and blown out eggs and fresh leafy greens

If the next straw Easter wreath, the one with fresh twigs, bird feathers, bird nests and blown out quail eggs is quite to your taste, then you can make it yourself. First, tie the straw around a Styrofoam ring. Then attach the decorations with floral stitching. Then you can glue the quail eggs to the wreath. Decorate the wreath additionally with a bow made of lace or jute ribbon. Done!

Craft door wreath from moss, fresh horned violet flowers and Easter eggs.

Easter wreath craft from natural materials and thread

For the next DIY idea, you will need a metal wreath holder and chicken wire. Place moss on the wreath holder. Paint blown out chicken eggs white and glue them evenly to the wreath holder. Wrap chicken wire around the wreath holder. Stick violet flowers between the eggs and the moss. Then attach a silk bow in pink.

Embellish Easter bunny silhouette with fresh flowers.

Easter bunny silhouette decorate with fresh wild flowers

The next decoration gives itself romantic and playful at the same time. You will need a metal Easter bunny silhouette (craft or flower supplies) and fresh flowers from the garden. Wrap the flowers around the metal frame and fix them with floral wire. Perfect for the front door or a blank wall in the living room.

Tie Easter wreaths with materials from nature.

Easter wreath making with willow branches and Easter nest and moss and ivy

Flowers, plants and twigs: You don’t have to spend money on this. Look around your own garden and you are guaranteed to find flowers, moss and green leaves. Or organize a trip with the family and collect natural treasures. At home, you can remove soil and dirt from the natural materials and let them dry overnight in an unheated room. The next day, you’re ready to start crafting.

Make an upcycled Easter wreath with old baking cups, quail eggs and moss

Easter wreath from succulents tinker guidance for natural Easter decoration

Upcycled items offer an eco-friendly alternative to ready-made decorations. Let your creativity run wild and craft an Easter wreath using quail eggs, old baking cups and moss. Glue them directly to a wooden ring. Fill in the gaps with fresh moss and dry grasses from your own garden.

Craft Easter wreaths: Scandinavian style decoration

Easter wreath craft from natural materials and thread

Need a last-minute Easter decoration or just want to try a different design this year? Paint wooden eggs and wrap yarn around a wicker wreath . You’re all set with your new door decoration. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the design: the materials are very durable and you do not have to replace individual flowers.

Puristic Easter wreath with willow branches

Tie Easter wreath with willow branches and coniferous wood

An idea for purist table decoration: paint willow branches in sky blue and decorate this base with fresh needle branches and scented plants. Place the Easter wreath on the garden table and place three blown-out (or even better, white-painted wooden) eggs in the center.

Easter wreath crafting: A creative decoration with dried flowers and eggshells.

Easter wreaths itself bind with natural materials eggshells and grasses and dried flowers

If you have a Styrofoam blank at home, then you can decorate it creatively. For example, with dried flowers and eggshells. With a little skill, you can stylishly arrange the natural materials and create a stylish Easter decoration for the front door. Let your creativity run wild! We wish you a lot of fun while tinkering!