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Easter table decorations craft from eggshells: Creative and easy ideas for a sustainable and colorful Easter decoration!

Easter is just around the corner and we are already looking forward to the holidays and spending time with our family. But Easter would be only half as beautiful without a beautiful and colorful decoration. With gorgeous flower arrangements, floral wreaths in bright colors and Co. we prepare for the most beautiful season and make our homes shine. This year, however, we want to forgo the cheap plastic stuff from the store and make our own Easter decorations instead! Next time you have eggs for breakfast, don’t throw the shells away. Because in today’s article we’ll show you how to make a unique and really cool Easter table decoration out of eggshells. Whether as small candles or vases – with our decoration ideas, the Easter menu will taste much better!

Easter table decoration from eggshells: making small vases

Eggshells plant holder do it yourself Easter table decoration ideas

Beautifully decorated and colorful Easter eggs belong to Easter of course simply. So why not get a little more creative and make a unique table decoration for Easter from eggshells? Especially small vases made of eggshells transform the festively decorated table into a real eye-catcher and fill the room with a wonderful fragrance. And this is how easy it is done:

Materials needed:

  • 6 eggs
  • 6 napkin rings
  • Egg holder or egg carton
  • Decorative moss
  • Water
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Flowers of your choice

Table decoration Easter eggshells Easter decoration itself tinker ideas

Make small vases out of eggshells:

  • First, blow out the eggs. To do this, take a fork and carefully punch a small hole with the end.
  • Slowly open the hole a little larger and empty the eggs. (Do not throw them away, but bake Easter cookies with them later).
  • Rinse the eggs carefully with lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid and dry with a towel.
  • For the Easter nest, fill the napkin rings with some moss and place the eggshells in them.
  • Carefully pour some water into the eggshells and then fill them with flowers of your Wall.
  • And ready – so fast and easy you can make your Easter table decoration from eggshells!

Decorate the Easter decoration from eggshells as you wish

Table decoration Easter eggshells make yourself Easter decoration from natural materials

The table decoration for Easter from eggshells is ideal for a great DIY project with the kids. After you have already finished the small vases, you can paint and decorate them to your heart’s content. This gives the decoration even more character and is just really fun. And no, you do not have to be a professional for this. Sometimes it’s the simplest and smallest details that have the biggest impact. How about taking a pencil and drawing on little faces? So simple and yet super effective!

What flowers are suitable for the vases from eggshells?

Table decoration Easter natural materials eggshells Easter decoration tinker

Vases made from eggshells, are not only great eye-catchers, but also a great way to make a beautiful Easter decoration from natural materials. Have no idea how to spice up your new works of art? Here are some ideas for plants that would be great for your eggshell vases.

Eggshells plant holder DIY tutorial Easter table decorations make your own

  • Small succulents and violets with shallow roots will look perfect in eggshells.
  • Fresh herbs, such as dill, basil, mint and parsley, are also great choices for your Easter eggshell table decorations.

Easter table decoration eggshells sustainable Easter decoration ideas

  • Classic bulbous plants such as hyacinths and tulips will brighten up your festive table during the spring days.
  • As a rule, you can use absolutely all the flowers of the season for the vases from eggshells. Whether daisies, daffodils, etc. – everything is allowed that you like.

Candles from eggshells for the perfect table decoration.

Easter decoration tinker with children table decoration Easter with eggshells

This year, we want to make it as cozy as possible by making our own Easter table decorations out of eggshells. Candles in all imaginable varieties and shapes always make for a cozy and cozy atmosphere. Easy to make and a great eye-catcher – these candles made from eggshells are an unexpected decoration element and such a cool decoration is guaranteed not everyone has – believe us.

Materials needed:

  • Eggs
  • Egg carton
  • bowl
  • small cooking pot
  • candle remnants or candle wax granules
  • wicks
  • tweezers
  • needle
  • Small scissors

Table decoration Easter eggshells Easter wreath from natural materials itself tinker

Make candles from eggshells:

  • First blow out the eggs and clean them with lukewarm water and some dishwashing liquid.
  • Carefully cut the hole of the eggs a little larger with the scissors. Make sure that the edge does not splinter.
  • Place the egg shells in the egg carton.
  • Heat water in a pot over low heat.
  • Place the wax granules or wax scraps in a bowl and heat in a water bath until it becomes liquid. It is important that the temperature does not exceed 50-60 degrees.
  • Now carefully fill about 3/4 of the eggshells with the hot wax and let it dry for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then put a candle wick in the middle of the eggshell and let it dry again for 2-3 hours.
  • And voilà – your candles from eggshells are ready!

Candles from eggshells tinker guidance favorable table decoration to Easter from natural materials

Decorate the Easter table with eggshells

Table decoration Easter egg shells small plant holders tinker yourself

The best thing about Easter table decorations made from eggshells is that you can design and decorate them just the way you want. Whether you spray the candles or vases from eggshells with acrylic paint or decorate them with fun patterns – simply everything is possible.

Eggshells plant holder craft Easter decorations from natural materials

You can also really let off steam creatively when arranging. Leave the eggs in the egg carton or create a beautiful Easter nest out of moss and twigs. Just have fun while crafting and create your own works of art!

Easter decoration do it yourself table decoration Easter eggshells