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Easter grass sow with children in potting soil or without soil on absorbent cotton: So easy it works!

Like many others, you certainly want to make Easter grass yourself this year. This is also a really nice craft idea, especially for children, because in principle you need nothing more than paper. However, we have a more interesting suggestion for you this year, which will surely excite you as well: How about sowing real grass as Easter grass this time? Not only will you get real plants that you can use to teach your kids about plant care. Real grass will also look incredibly pretty. Just imagine the beautiful sight of brightly colored Easter eggs and Easter figurines on the bright green, fresh grass! We explain which seeds are best for Easter grass and how to go about it.

Sowing Easter grass correctly

When to sow Easter grass?

Easter grass sowing with children for Easter - when and with which seeds.

If you want to plant Easter grass, you should, of course, choose the right time. After all, the grass takes time to grow nice and thick. But when should you sow Easter grass? It’s best to start sowing in March or at least a month before Easter. Then the seeds will have plenty of time to germinate and grow dense and long enough.

Sowing Easter grass – what seeds are suitable?

Sowing grass in a pot with wheat, barley, spelt and other cereals.

Contrary to what you may think, do not take ornamental grass when planting Easter grass. Instead, cereals are very suitable. We recommend that you sow wheat, or spelt. If you want particularly fast germination, again, it’s best to go for oats. Barley or spring barley and timothy are also ideally suited if you prefer the classic look of grass blades.

Easter grass sowing as a decoration for the table for Easter

However, if the appearance may also vary, gladly choose cress . It is also very popular if you want to sow and plant Easter grass. With both cress and leeks, you also get edible Easter grass. So you can snack on it and conveniently use it to top your breakfast roll. All these plants are characterized by a beautiful, lush green and quite fast growth.

Sowing Easter grass – How long does it take to germinate?

Sowing Easter grass in kindergarten or elementary school with absorbent cotton

Germination is faster than you might think. Already after 2 days the first plantlets should appear, but at the latest after 2 weeks. After that, you just need to water them regularly. You can even trim blades of grass from time to time. If, in the course of time, you find that the blades of grass do not grow as densely as you would like, you can still sow cress between the blades a few days before Easter. This germinates and grows very quickly and compacts in this way wonderfully to perfect your Easter grass decoration yet at the last moment.

Instructions – How to plant the seeds in soil or on absorbent cotton.

Easter table decorate with real grass as a fresh splash of color

Whether you are sowing Easter grass with children or not, you have two options: Either you use absorbent cotton or the classic potting soil. However, if you are sowing Easter grass in kindergarten or elementary school, the option with absorbent cotton is recommended. With potting soil you could pollute the environment and would make more work than necessary. Otherwise, you proceed similarly with both variants:

In potting soil

Easter grass sowing - instructions for potting soil

If you want to grow your grass in potting soil, it is best to pre-sprout them in kitchen paper first. This is especially advantageous if you are using older seeds and want to be on the safe side. You then transfer the seedlings directly to the potting soil. Alternatively, you can start directly with the potting soil.

Idea for decoration in the egg cup - plant grass as an Easter decoration.

Sowing Easter grass – instructions for potting soil:

  • Optionally, soak the seeds in water overnight (this will allow them to soak up moisture).
  • Place paper towels or absorbent cotton in a container.
  • Moisten the paper/wadding and sprinkle the seeds on top.
  • Keep them moist until the seeds germinate, but do not drown them.
  • Transfer the seedlings to a flower pot, bowl, or any other container with potting soil that you also moisten.


  • Fill a container with potting soil and moisten it well.
  • Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the soil and keep them moist (spray them with water, for example) until they germinate.

Place the container in a warm, bright place (out of direct sunlight).

Sowing Easter grass without soil with absorbent cotton.

Sow Easter grass without soil on absorbent cotton - eggshells make great containers

Whether you are sowing Easter grass in elementary school, daycare center or at home – absorbent cotton is usually quickly at hand, it does not make a mess and proves to be very convenient for germinating any seeds. If you want to germinate the selected Easter grass seeds on absorbent cotton, proceed as follows:

Display Easter eggs or other Easter decorations in the grass

Sowing Easter grass on absorbent cotton – instructions:

  • Optionally, soak the seeds in water overnight (this will allow them to soak up moisture).
  • Spread absorbent cotton in any container and moisten it well.
  • You can then sow the Easter grass over it. Be sure to distribute the seeds evenly.
  • Press the seeds lightly.
  • To moisten, use a spray bottle until germination to avoid washing away the seeds.
  • Place the container in a warm, bright location (out of direct sunlight).

Cress as an alternative to the classic grass or to fill it up

Tip: You don’t have to dispose of the grass right after Easter. Especially if you have cats, hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs as pets, you can give them a real treat with it.

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