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Easter Decoration Trends 2022 – How can you give your home a festive and colorful look?

Soon Easter knocks on our doors and everyone is excited about the holidays. The whole family gathers to celebrate together. The children are delighted with the colorful Easter decorations and the festive mood floats in the air. You want to decorate your home, kitchen, dining table or garden cozy and pretty? Easter decorations will make your home elegant and bring a festive atmosphere for everyone. Of course, we can buy many interesting decorations in the store. But making Easter decorations by yourself can be eventful – for children as well as for adults. Here we will give you Easter decoration craft ideas, how to create lively and original decorations for Easter and we will be happy to introduce you some Easter decoration trends 2022.

Easter decoration trends 2022 for your home

Easter decoration trends 2022 - elegant look in the house with green branches and Easter eggs

Use your creativity to decorate your home for the holidays and delight family and friends with colorful Easter decor ideas.

Easter wreaths make the front door cozy and fresh

House door wreaths - Easter decoration trends 2022

Your front door is the first thing friends and family see when they visit for Easter. So this year, why not give them an extra warm and cheerful welcome with a cute, colorful Easter wreath? If you have limited time and creativity, you can make quite beautiful Easter decorations for front door by yourself. You can use branches such as willow catkins or dried flowers, which you decorate with Easter eggs. Your front door wreath will look fresher if you add some greenery.

The Easter wreath can also hang above the buffet in the dining room or over the fireplace. Whether you choose a cute bunny wreath, a candy-filled wreath (which also makes a perfect Easter gift for kids!) or a sophisticated floral wreath to welcome friends to a spring dinner, you really have a lot of options.

The classic Easter decoration trends 2022 with Easter eggs.

Easter decoration trends 2022 - painting eggs

The Easter eggs are the most known and popular Easter decoration . Even if you know the classic dyed eggs from your childhood, you can take your dyeing and crafting skills to the next level with Easter decor 2022.

Easter decoration trends 2022 - ideas for Easter eggs

Say goodbye to the traditional dyed or marbled eggs and try new ideas such as gold fold accents, pressed flowers or interesting painted designs. Have the kids glue a selection of rhinestones onto their eggs. Easter eggs with sprinkles or stamped Easter eggs are also a great idea, especially for kids.

What flowers are suitable for Easter?

Spring flowers create freshness and joy in your home

With the advent of spring, housewives want to give their homes a spring-fresh look through flowers. Especially suitable for Easter are the peach blossoms, tulips and other spring flowers that are available at this time of year. Decorating the house for Easter, even with a modern style and minimal design, will be an excellent choice for receiving friends and relatives in a harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.

Easter decoration 2022 – elegance and joy for all with table decorations.

Easter decoration with colorful eggs and plants

A typical Easter breakfast or Easter lunch are the occasions to present many beautiful homemade decorations, centerpieces with flowers and candles and cheerful place cards that will entertain children and adults alike. Cute bunny napkins can be created in just 10 minutes and will add lots of charm to your Easter table.

Easter bunny napkins are a popular Easter decoration

The German tradition of decorating trees goes back centuries. To create an Easter bouquet, fill a tea tin with floral foam and stick flowering Easter branches inside. Hang dyed, blown-out or painted wooden or papier-mâché Easter eggs with a ribbon looped around the egg and secured with a wooden bead.

Easter decoration trends 2022 - Easter bouquet design

Modern Easter: Shabby Chic Easter

Easter table decorations must be elegant and stylish

Easter decor has always been associated with nature and the blooming of colors and scents that evoke joy and excitement – hence the pastel colors, delicate animals and floral arrangements. The style that best sums up all this is Shabby Chic , a combination of romance and elegance. Many ideas for table decorations follow the line of simplicity and spontaneity: peach branches in the center of the table, wildflowers gently placed in watering cans or antique jugs. An Easter tree with eggs to hang, decorated in shabby chic style, table decorations in soft colors, candelabras and fresh flowers.

Easter garlands bring fun for young and old!

Easter garlands bring fun for young and old

If you want to make Easter decorations with children, everyone will surely enjoy cutting out various figures from paper and making garlands , for example, bunnies, carrots, eggs, flowers, butterflies and anything else that creativity gives. This will allow you to give an attractive look to windows, doors and stairs. When to start decorating for Easter, you can find out here .

Easter decoration trends 2022 for your garden

Decorations for Easter for a garden party

If the weather is nice, Easter can be celebrated in the garden. Have you planned a garden party for Easter? Then the theme of garden decoration comes into play! Easter decorations for outside is also an exciting idea. Moreover, not only the house but also the garden must look cozy and festive. A well-organized outdoor Easter decoration will create a pleasant place where you can enjoy celebrating Easter with friends and family. Place a few large branches in vases and hang elegant wooden eggs from them. You can paint Easter bunny figurines with fresh and bright colors and place them in the garden.

Decorate trees in the garden with Easter eggs

If you want to make Easter decorations from natural materials, here are some tips from us.

Easter decoration table - elegance through the use of natural materials