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Easter decoration tinker – Instructions for Easter eggs with moss & ideas for decorating

Easter time is one of those periods when all fans of crafting can get really busy. Whether it’s decorations for the indoors, for the outdoors, gifts or greeting cards, there are endless possibilities for DIY projects and a lot of areas for which they can be used. The selection of materials is truly vast as well. Whether you choose paper, fabric, elements of plastic or but an Easter decoration tinker yourself with natural materials , the homemade decoration is always the most beautiful. And if you also want to tinker a beautiful Easter decoration this year, a few ideas and suggestions are certainly welcome. And then we may even have just the thing for you.

original Easter egg from moss in pot flowers branches and checkered bow

Namely, a particularly beautiful, original and, above all, simple idea that you can choose if you want to craft an Easter decoration are such Easter eggs with moss. While the first examples are made of styrofoam eggs, we have below also some variants made of other materials such as twigs or wire. Thus, you can also like to try different variants and decorate several areas of your home with them at once. Whether as a hanging Easter decoration, as an accent on a side table or in the form of a flower arrangement on the Easter table, the moss eggs are versatile and immediately turn into a real eye-catcher. Let yourself be inspired by the following ideas and instructions and start crafting soon, so that everything will be ready by Easter! But do not start too early, so that the moss does not dry out before the holiday.

Easter decoration tinkering – instruction for an Easter arrangement from moss

Easter decoration craft pretty table decoration in a wooden box with Easter nest

This attractive Easter arrangement may seem complicated at first glance, but it is not at all difficult to make. So beginners can dare to do it. If you want to make an Easter decoration from natural materials, then this project is just as super. You can use the flower arrangement to decorate the Easter table, where it will be the perfect centerpiece. If you also craft Easter nests, you can combine the Easter egg made of moss with it, either by placing it inside or separately next to the Easter nest with bird eggs. Let’s get started on the craft project first, though. Get the following materials if you want to craft this egg for Easter:

  • A large styrofoam egg that can be opened.
  • Stick foam
  • wooden sticks (e.g. shish kebab skewers)
  • green wire
  • Lisianthus
  • freesia
  • chrysanthemums
  • carnations
  • shrub roses
  • Moss
  • Willow branches with willow catkins (alternatively forsythia branches)
  • Glue for flower arrangements
  • hot glue
  • pliers
  • Knife

Easter decoration craft with natural materials flowers and styrofoam egg

You are welcome to choose other types of flowers. If you, for example, have chosen a certain color theme for the festive table, you can also match the flowers to it when you make this Easter decoration. Just check with the florist to see what they currently have on sale. Both the flowers, as well as the moss can be chosen with pleasure also artificially, so that you can reuse the self-made Easter decoration all years. In this case, you also do not need a plug foam. Have you got everything you need, you can also immediately craft the Easter decoration:

Easter decoration craft instructions for Easter eggs from moss willow catkins

  1. Take the styrofoam egg and glue the outside of both halves completely with moss. For this you can use the glue for flower arrangements. Make sure the white Styrofoam is not visible from the outside when you are done.
  2. You then hollow out one of the egg halves a little. The idea here is to make enough room for the plug-in foam. When you fill the egg with the foam and put the second half on, the egg should not be completely closed. The foam should remain visible on the side. If this is not the case, add more sticking foam.
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, you still need to fix the two halves of the egg to each other, so that the egg does not constantly fall apart. This is what the shish kebabs are for. Simply stick them through the entire egg and use tongs to remove the excess ends.
  4. Now you can start decorating the beautiful Easter egg. Glue the willow twigs in place and then place the egg in a sturdy container to use as a prop. For example, a small bowl or box works well. Now you can add the rest of the flowers. These are meant for the open column of plug-in foam. Use the different flowers and fill the entire open space until there is no foam left.
  5. Do not forget to moisten the stick foam, so that the flowers stay fresh longer.

Instructions for DIY decoration for Easter with natural materials spring flowers

If you would like to craft and copy the entire arrangement as an Easter decoration, you will still need an elongated wooden box, an Easter nest, foil to lay out in the box and decorative milk star. Put the foil in the box. Place the finished Easter egg in one end of the wooden box and the Easter nest in the other. Between them, plant the milk star. All the spaces that have been created between these elements, then just fill them with the remaining moss and you’re done.

Crafting for Easter – ideas for eggs from different materials

With plastic form eggs tinker for the Easter decoration

By the way, you can also make a moss egg entirely from moss. For this you only need a mold as shown in the picture above. This is to help you get the shape of the eggs easier. However, if you like, you can also try it freehand. You can then fix the moss of the finished egg with some green wire for flower arrangements, so that it does not fall apart again. So when you craft this Easter decoration, you only need two things: moss and wire. In this variant, even the smaller members of the family can help. So if you want to do Easter crafts with children, this is a wonderful idea. Further down we have some more ideas for decorating the moss ice cream, which you can equally use for the craft afternoon with children.

minimalist and natural egg decoration design

There is also another variation that you can use to craft such an egg as an Easter decoration. It can also be instead of a Styrofoam ice an egg made of twigs covered with moss. Surely you have seen such models in stores before. Whether you buy the Easter egg from twigs ready or make it yourself, it does not matter. It is then, as well as the variant from Styrofoam with moss glued (which again can be artificial or real at will). If here the branches shine through is not only no problem, but even looks very sympathetic.

Moss Easter eggs as table decoration make yourself

Place the finished Easter egg or make it into a hanging decoration by just adding twine or ribbon. This should preferably be done before sticking moss on it.
And if you do not have the opportunity to get a large egg made of Styrofoam or twigs, or but a mold, then just take ordinary chicken eggs, which you blow out beforehand. These can also be wonderfully designed in this way and are no less likeable.

Easter eggs from moss as an Easter decoration tinker yourself in different sizes

Easter decoration craft table decoration with eggs and branches quail eggs

Not only in large format, these Easter eggs look great. Small models are also pretty to look at. How about simply combining several eggs in different sizes on the Easter table? Above you can see a creative idea how to design the center of the table by crafting these Easter decorations and then distributing them with twigs and some real eggs. And even the real eggs come in different sizes. Besides the classic Easter egg, you can also use a large ostrich egg or else small quail eggs. Moreover, the latter are already naturally beautiful to look at with their spots. As you can see, not only willow branches are good for Easter decoration. Gladly, other tree flowers can be chosen. There are also many artificial models that you can choose between.

Easter decoration craft – decorate eggs in different ways.

Yarn decorate feathers for Easter decoration lace Easter eggs make yourself

If you would like to have the eggs rather simple and minimalist, you do not have to decorate with flowers and branches, as was done in the tutorial above. It all depends on how you envision your decoration as a whole. If you have, for example, already set up a colorful Easter bouquet or have a beautiful flower arrangement on the table, then a floral design of the moss eggs would probably rather visually go down. Then you can also just use moss when you craft the eggs as Easter decorations.

Easter decoration craft arrangement for the table with Easter nest daffodils and primroses

However, a wide variety of materials are suitable for decorating the moss eggs, which you can use when making this kind of Easter decorations. Instead of flowers can be used, for example, yarn, linen fabrics or lace. Thus, you get especially romantic Easter decorations in vintage style. Add a few buttons, glitter stones or similar elements as you like. The possible combinations are numerous. How about moss covering only half of the egg and you wrap the rest with yarn? Feathers are also beautiful elements that you can use for decoration when you craft moss eggs as Easter decorations.

Easter decoration craft moss Easter eggs with yarnand pansies

If you still decide to use flowers, then in principle all kinds of flowers are suitable. However, typical spring flowers are to be preferred, because after all, Easter falls in this season. A small selection are pansies, daffodils, snowdrops, lily of the valley and crocuses. The more delicate varieties are probably the better choice, as the flowers should be an accent and not cover half of the egg.

We also really like the beautiful variation from the cover photo, which uses an attractive checkerboard flower and adds a nice pattern to the decoration. The flower was simply tied to the Easter egg to stand upright. For this you can use wire, but also yarn or a beautiful ribbon or a strip of fabric. You can also choose this idea for a modern more minimalist Easter decoration. And in this case, an elegant orchid as a flower accent also fits very well.

Easter decoration craft for outdoors

hanging Easter decoration with branches and moss make yourself

If you like to decorate the interior for Easter, you will not stop at the outdoor area, including the front door, terrace and garden. And that’s a good thing too. Why not put the neighbors in the right mood? But also you yourself can then enjoy the atmosphere that you yourself have created, if the weather permits and you spend your free time in the garden. If you make a moss Easter egg as an Easter decoration, you can use it wonderfully for this purpose. How about hanging several smaller eggs on a tree? In the form of a hanging decoration can also super highlight the front door. Then you also no longer need a door wreath. If you still insist on an Easter wreath, just combine it with a moss egg. Take a plainer wreath made of twigs and attach your egg in the middle.

Decoration for the garden at Easter Easter nest in the bucket craft with buttons

Also by placing it in an artificial nest, you can create a pretty eye-catcher in your garden after you craft the Easter decoration. This Easter nest can decorate the steps in front of the front door or patio, or can be placed more centrally in a bucket. However, the idea with tubs is equally suitable for steps and the entrance area. So as you can see, the design with the moss Easter egg is versatile implementable. Only a little imagination is required.

Tip: If you plan to make at least part of the Easter gifts yourself this year, the idea to make Easter decorations yourself with instructions is also super suitable. Hardly anyone would not be happy about such a gift. Depending on for whom you tinker the Easter gifts, they can be individually tailored to taste and interior style of the recipient. If you, for example, know that the recipient has furnishings that are mostly yellow in color, simply add a yellow accent to the Easter egg and so on. Make others happy by making moss Easter eggs as Easter decorations.