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Easter basket craft: DIY ideas with felt with and without sewing for the great egg hunt on April 17.

Easter is getting closer. Are you prepared for the big egg hunt? Especially children are eagerly waiting for it. To increase the anticipation, you can make cute Easter baskets together. In today’s post, we’ll give you several DIY ideas with felt that even beginners will have no trouble making.

Easter basket crafting: DIY ideas for Easter bunny made of felt without sewing.

Easter basket craft from felt Easter bunny DIY idea

You can make a felt basket for Easter without sewing. For this purpose, you will need the following materials: felt fabric in gray and pink, black buttons for the eyes, white twine, scissors and hot glue. This creative craft idea is great for kids of kindergarten or elementary school age. They just need to practice using hot glue safely.

Make your own Easter basket from felt without sewing

First cut out a large circle with a diameter of about 30 – 40 cm from the gray felt fabric. Then cut the details for the ears and put them together. Cut a small circle with diameter 10 cm from cardboard and glue it in the middle of the felt circle. Then cut the felt circle and fold the basket together . Then glue the bunny ears and attach the eyes and nose.

Fill chocolate eggs into the basket, because it will not withstand the weight 5-6 Easter eggs.

Glue felt basket: DIY idea for kids of kindergarten age

Easter basket from felt craft DIY ideas without sewing

A colorful Easter basket creates a cheerful mood. Especially children of kindergarten age love to tinker. We offer you a very simple DIY idea made of felt, which is super suitable for five-year-olds. Make a template for the basket (in the shape of a cross), transfer it to felt fabric and cut it out. From white, pink and pink felt you can cut out different details and put together colorful Easter eggs and glue them to the front of the basket.

Sew Easter bag from felt

Easter basket sew yourself from felt simple introduction

You’re planning a family visit for Easter and want to bring the kids something homemade. Sew an Easter bag and fill it with candy. Decorate it with matching decorative ribbon. Finally, it remains only to sew on the handles.

Easter basket for the egg hunt craft instructions and ideas

If you want to personalize the gift, then you can print on the felt fabric or write the child’s name with a felt-tip pen. In order for the cotton fabric to absorb the colors well, you should first smooth it out a bit. In this case, proceed as follows: Run a lint razor over the fabric. Only then take a felt marker in hand so that you can write the child’s name with its wide edge.

Easter basket in small size make from felt

Alternatively, you can stamp the felt bag. In the craft stores you can find mini stamps with letters. You will still need an ink pad with felt ink.

Easter basket decorate with felt flower ideas

In addition to this, you can use felt scraps to spice up the Easter bag a bit.  If desired, the Easter bag can be decorated with different motifs. For example, you can make a flower out of felt and a button and glue it on the bag. In the craft stores you can also find numerous prefabricated decorations made of felt, which can be quickly and easily attached with the help of a hot glue.

Make and fill Easter bag or Easter basket

Easter basket sew yourself simple from felt

Fill the Easter bag with colorful chocolate or surprise eggs – they will keep for a long time. Alternatively, you can also pack various small presents in the Easter bag, such as coloring books, children’s plasticine, crayons or small toys.

Adults will also appreciate a lovingly crafted Easter bag. Homemade Easter cards , refrigerator magnets or coasters made of salt dough, homemade cookies, tea mixes and chocolates are guaranteed to be well received by the recipient.

Sew Easter nest: DIY ideas with felt for children and adults.

DIY Easter basket ideas

Easter eggs look even more amazing in an Easter nest. We offer you an idea how to sew the nest yourself from felt. It is not only a nice gift for friends and family, but also a successful decoration for the Easter table.

Easter nest nöhen from felt instructions simple

First, cut out the details from felt fabric. You will need a 20 cm diameter circle for the bottom, two 6 cm wide and 32 cm long strips for the struts and a 3 cm wide and another 3 cm wide and 30 cm long detail for the handle. Assemble the basket by sewing the details together.

Easter nest sewing instructions for children in elementary school

You can additionally fix the ends with hot glue or glue for felt. Then attach the handle. Now it remains only to decorate the Easter basket with a Langetten stitch. To this end, simply first pierce the needle from the left side of the fabric to the top, always working at a distance of 3 mm. This stitch should look decorative, so it is very important that it looks as uniform as possible.

Sewing for Easter with the children ideas

Pass the needle through the loop created and stitch again from the left side of the fabric upwards.  Continue until you have decorated the entire top edge of the basket with the decorative stitch.

Felt basket sewing Easter tutorial

The last step is to cut out thin fringe from the felt fabric. You can use a cutter knife. Fill the Easter nest with absorbent cotton and felt fringe and place the brightly painted (or the purist) Easter eggs on it.

Easter nest sewing with the kids instructions