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Easter 2022 window decorations: creative and cool ideas on how to decorate your windows for the holidays

Easter is almost here! It’s time to get in the mood for the holidays by decorating your windows. The decoration has a double benefit, because it can be seen from inside and outside. It is a fun and original way to prepare your home for Easter. It’s also an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your windows. If you’re ready to do it, check out these great ideas to get a head start. We’ll show you the modern window decorations for Easter 2022 so you can beautify your home.

Cute hanging bunny garland as window decorations for Easter 2022

Bunny garland as window decoration for Easter 2022

This Easter garland is a very elegant and simple Easter decoration and will add a touch of color to any window. You can make your own Easter garland at home with paper and ribbon, which is actually an inexpensive option if you’re on a budget. You probably have everything you need and it’s already lying around at home.

Bunny garland as window decorations for Easter 2022 you can make alone at home

An alternative to the bunny garland is a garland with geometric shapes. Just pick a shape that you like the most.

Design garland with geometric shapes as window decoration for Easter 2022

Yellow Easter chickens or chicks.

Yellow Easter chicken on the window as Easter decoration

These Easter chicks are the perfect alternative to a wreath and also very easy to make. You can quickly make your own Easter nest for your birdies that will look perfect on the window. You need some eggs, some flowers and a cup, and you have the first part of this craft. You can buy the chicks in craft stores or supermarkets. Here you can be creative and design the whole thing as you like. Mainly you get in the end a colorful and beautiful window decoration for Easter 2022, exactly where the sun always shines.

Easter nest as decoration at the window tinker

Basket with colorful eggs as decoration

Window decoration for Easter 2022 - colorful eggs in basket and bunny

Decorate your windows with this beautiful and easy to make basket! All you need are painted eggs , a small Easter blanket and a great bunny, and then you’re done. Your colorful basket can stand by the window. This will make your home so beautiful that even the Easter bunny will enjoy it.

Spring flowers on the windowsill

Spring flowers on the windowsill as Easter decoration

Combine, for example, vases or small flower pots of different heights or colors. They can be quietly grouped next to each other. Fresh, colorful flowers, for example, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, are the classics on the windowsill. And as mentioned earlier, give your Easter basket or Easter nest the ultimate kick with spring flowers.

Easter decoration 2022 - various flowers

Hanging window decoration

Hanging Easter decoration 2022 - an eye-catcher

Weightless Easter egg accessories are sure to be eye-catchers. They are original and make you cheerful on the holidays. Besides hanging Easter eggs, animal window decorations are in trend for Easter 2022 celebration, whether butterfly, chick or sheep. The decorations can be left hanging even after Easter is over.

Easter egg accessories craft - window decorations for Easter 2022

Easter tree on the windowsill

Easter tree with decorative eggs on the windowsill

Place your Easter tree on the windowsill because it can be the highlight on any window. You can, if you wish, create the Easter tree yourself at home. On your next walk in the woods, look for a larger branch to start your Easter tree design. After that, all you need to do is hang decorative eggs and your eye-catcher is ready.

Natural materials for decorating

Natural materials for window decorations for Easter 2022

On the windowsill, you can also arrange other combinations that are natural and beautiful. Take twigs, feathers, flowers and eggs and arrange them creatively so that they look spring-like and modern.

Paint colorful window pictures

Colorful window pictures as Easter decoration

You can make your window decorations fresh and cheerful for Easter 2022 celebration. After the long winter, nature wakes up and everything becomes colorful – flowers and trees. That’s why colors play a big role in Easter celebration. Bring spring into your home by creating colorful window decals. They will go perfectly with your Easter tree, Easter eggs and spring flowers.

Your window can be your canvas, that’s why you add fresh accents to glass surfaces with window paint. Window paint is easy to use, dries quickly, and is easy to remove later. You can find it at any craft store. If you don’t want to paint yourself, don’t worry, there are also ready-made stencils in stores that can be used. Place them on the window and then paint along the given contours. There is another option in the store, which is the self-adhesive films with ready-made window pictures that you can buy.

Window decoration for Easter 2022 – the curtains.

Curtains decorate for Easter

Here you will find the next great idea for varied window decorations for Easter. In addition to window pictures, which are placed directly on the window pane, you can also find motifs for hanging in stores. For example, attach them to the curtain rod or curtains. There are many alternatives that you can choose, but as a window decoration for Easter 2022, a wooden Easter bunny is ideal. Your flower pots will go perfectly with it as a complement. Combine different elements to make your windowsill look extra vibrant and varied.

Candles fit perfectly with your Easter celebration

For Easter celebration candles on the window fit perfectly

Candles are quick and easy to customize. Play with colors and heights to create the perfect candle tray and leave it by the window. Of course, you can arrange your candles so that they simply don’t need a tray and stand right on the windowsill. Decorate candles with Easter motifs like butterflies, flowers, bunnies and eggs. Flowers and candles always go well together. Place one or more pillar candles on the windowsill and put flowers, leaves or green moss around them . This arrangement will become the bright center of the spring celebration.