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DIY window decoration spring: Wonderful ideas for more spring mood at home.

With the arrival of spring, we also want to decorate our home accordingly. You can decorate the door, the walls and the table, inviting the spring mood into your own four walls. At the same time, the decoration of the windows should not be neglected. Of course, the easiest way would be to arrange a few beautiful vases of flowers with early bloomers on the window and ready. But if you want to make an original window decoration spring itself, you will find exactly the right idea with us.

DIY window decoration spring to hang

hanging flower vases from canning jars as spring decoration window

A beautiful idea, which is similar to the classic “cut flowers in vase”, we have here ready for you. In this case, the flower vases are not placed directly on the windowsill, but hung above it. For hanging, you can consider different methods. For example, the vases can be hung on simple hooks with the help of fixed strings. Or you can make a kind of garland from vases.

Hanging flower vases

DIY window decoration spring glass bottles vases garland

You can use hanging flower vases to effectively display some beautiful cut flowers at the window. For this you need some clear glass bottles without caps, some wire and two hooks. If the bottles have any labels, they can be quickly and easily removed with some warm soapy water .

Wrap glass bottle tightly with wire

First make a loop at the end of the wire, which will later be used to attach it to the hook. Then leave 10-15 cm free and wrap the wire 3-4 times around the neck of each bottle, leaving a few centimeters of space between them. Ideally, the distance between each vase should be the same.

* The exact number of glass bottles depends on the dimensions of the window and the distance you leave between them.

garland from bottles as hanging decoration for the window

The whole garland should be slightly longer than the length of the window, so that the bottles can hang a bit. In the last step, glue the hooks on both sides of the window frame and hang the garland. To finish the window decoration spring, fill the bottles with some water and arrange some beautiful spring flowers.

Hanging mini wreaths

DIY window decoration spring to hang mini wreaths

Wreaths are a wonderful decoration for the front door . They look beautiful and invite guests into the house. However, door wreaths also look great indoors. They can be decorated with flowers and other spring motifs and give the room an atmospheric touch. You can also make one or more wreaths for the window, and arrange them as hanging decorations. Here are the necessary materials for these hanging mini wreaths with green branches.

  • small thin metal rings
  • artificial green branches and moss
  • white feathers
  • floral wire
  • thread

Decorate metal rings with artificial branches and moss

First, cut the wire into smaller pieces. Then, with the help of the wire, attach artificial branches to the lower part of each ring. To conceal the wire, simply wrap some moss around it and stick a feather in between. Finally, tie a string to the metal ring to hang the hanging decoration. Whether on a hook or directly on the curtain rod you decide yourself.

DIY window decoration for Easter and spring – hanging egg vases.

hanging pots for spring flowers from plastic eggs tinker

With these hanging mini vases, the good mood in the house is guaranteed. They are wonderful for Easter and spring and are not at all difficult to recreate. For this you can use either plastic eggs, as in the picture above, or blown out eggshells. If you want to make the decoration more durable, use artificial flowers and leaves instead of real ones. Step-by-step instructions on how to make these egg vases from real eggshells can be found in this article . The finished vases can be hung at different heights and look beautiful both inside and out.

Make your own spring decorations for windows

how to make a colorful window decoration spring itself

You like it colorful in the spring? This colorful decoration idea will spice up any plain window and immediately lift the mood inside. You first make a mobile that serves as a translucent curtain in front of the window. Pair the hanging decoration with some colorful flower pots with succulents that will decorate the windowsill below. It is important to match the colors of the flower pots with the colors used for the mobile. Below you will find simple instructions on how to make this beautiful spring decoration on the window itself.

Tip: You can paint simple clay pots in any colors with acrylic paint and use them for this decoration idea.

Instructions felt balls garland for hanging window decoration

These materials are necessary for the colorful spring mobile:

  • Yarn in white, blue and yellow
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Felt balls
  • decorative thread or fishing line
  • Needle
  • Tension rod that fits the window

The first thing you need to decide is how many chains of felt balls are needed for the width of your window. Calculate with a distance of about 20 cm between the chains, if you want to make a mobile similar to the example. Then measure the height of the window and cut enough decorative threads.

Tie a knot or two at one end of the string and thread the other end through the needle. Then thread the felt balls on the string, leaving a few inches of space between the balls (you can do this after you hang them). Knot a loop at the other end of the string and slide the tension rod through. Repeat with the rest of the felt balls chains.

DIY window decoration spring colorful and cheerful felt balls pots

Adjust the tension rod and insert it into the window. Distribute the chains across the width of the window. Now push the balls to the desired position (if not already done). For the hanging strands, first cut three pieces of yarn twice as long as the window. Fold them in half and tie them to the tension rod as shown in the picture above. Then braid the strands and tie a knot at the end. You can tie the braids of yarn between the ball chains. For the final touch, you can tie some decorative ribbons here and there on the tension rod.

Although the colorful mobile also looks great on its own at the window, it looks even more beautiful in combination with the flower pots. Simply arrange them on the windowsill with some space between them and the colorful window decoration spring is ready.

Hanging window decoration from flowers and butterflies tinker

Window decoration spring to hang from flowers and butterflies

The following idea is suitable both for the window and as a decoration above the table. For this you need a branch on which you hang various spring motifs. There are no limits to your creativity. You can use real or artificial flowers, butterflies or even Easter eggs. You also decide on the size and length of the hanging decoration yourself. For a mobile like in the example above you need the following:

  • Woolen twine, yarn and cord in different colors.
  • scissors
  • a branch
  • Decoration, e.g. flowers, butterflies, etc.
  • Craft wire

Spring decoration window do it yourself branch instructions

Just cut as many pieces of thread as you like, attach them to the branch with knots and tie all decorations to the thread with some wire. Tie another piece of thread to both ends of the branch and hang the mobile on the window, for example, on a hook.

Flower decoration for the windowsill

Window decoration spring with hyacinths in water

Early bloomers are real harbingers of spring and are wonderful for home decoration in the spring. You can also arrange a few spring flowers at the window and create more spring atmosphere at home. For example, how about a few hyacinths in jars on the windowsill ? These flowers not only look beautiful, but also smell fantastic. You can find them in almost any color, so you can create spring window decorations to your liking. For this decoration idea are also suitable other bulb flowers, such as crocuses, tulips and daffodils.

Arrange spring flowers and flowering branches in watering can

idea for beautiful spring decoration in watering can

In addition to flowers, flowering branches are also excellent spring decorations for indoor use. You can arrange them in a suitable container and use them to beautify the windowsill. Bay windows are best suited for this purpose. However, if the windowsill is too small for the decoration, place a side table by the window and arrange the decoration on it. For example, how do you like this galvanized watering can decorated with white and pink flowers? It is perfect as a decoration for brightly decorated rooms with pastel shades as an accent.

Craft window decorations spring for the window frame inside.

Window decoration spring craft inside garland of artificial flowers

If you want to decorate the windows, you should first consider whether the decoration should be visible only inside or also from the outside. If your window decoration spring is designed only to admire inside, then you can, for example, beautify the window frame with a pretty DIY garland. A flower garland is incredibly easy to craft and will fill your home with spring atmosphere. For this you only need:

  • Artificial flowers with stems
  • Hot glue gun
  • self-adhesive hooks (for fastening to the window frame)
  • wire pliers

Window decoration spring garland do it yourself from artificial flowers

The procedure is very simple. You glue the stems together with the hot glue, trying to leave a roughly equal distance between each flower. Use some of the leaves to cover up any unsightly spots. Don’t worry though, no one will notice them once the garland is hanging. To hang, tape a few hooks around the window and hang your flower garland from them.

Craft simple suncatchers as window decorations spring.

window decoration spring craft suncatcher spring motifs

Now we will show you how to make beautiful suncatchers yourself from small embroidery hoops and washi tape. The suncatcher (or still known as suncatcher) is a kind of window picture that lets colorful light through when the sun shines. This creates beautiful light shows on the window. Although suncatchers are usually glued directly to the window, in this craft project they are hung. Here are the materials you will need:

  • small embroidery hoops
  • decorative ribbon for hanging
  • Washi tape with spring motifs
  • Baking paper
  • Scissors

DIY suncatcher from embroidery hoop and washi tape instructions

First, cut a circle out of baking paper with a diameter about 2-3 inches larger than your embroidery hoop. Then stick washi tape all over the baking paper circle, creating any pattern you like.

Separate the two rings of the embroidery hoop. Place the decorated baking paper on the inner ring so that the design is centered. Then place the outer ring on top and slowly press it down. Twist the screws to close the hoop. Then turn the embroidery hoop over and cut off the excess paper around the hoop with scissors.

Finally, tie a matching ribbon to the top of the embroidery hoop and hang the suncatcher on the window.