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Deko with branches and twigs for spring: With these ideas you welcome Easter and spring

With the arrival of spring, cheerful colors move into the house and apartment and create a good mood. Just at the start of the season, therefore, a decoration update is due for the craft enthusiasts. We show you creative ideas for a spring-like decoration with branches and twigs and explain what you can hang on them. From butterflies and flowers made of paper to fresh spring flowers: there are no limits to your imagination.

Make decorations with branches and twigs yourself: How to ring in the spring!

Branch decorating for spring with bird figurines for hanging

Fancy warm weather and a splendor of flowers in the garden ? Especially in the months of February and March, spring seems only a dream. Therefore, for the transitional period between winter and spring offers a restrained decoration. A branch, on which several bird figurines are hung, heralds spring and at the same time creates a visual link with the winter decoration in black and white.

Decoration with branches for spring

spring decoration ideas with branches 2021 in vase

If the flowers in the garden still do not bloom, then you can decorate the branches with creative and colorful decorations made of paper. Cut butterflies from colored paper and glue them to the branches. To this perfectly fit flowers made of fabric or pompons. Arranged together in a vase tone-on-tone with the decorations, they will look great on the side table or dresser.

Spring decoration ideas with branches

spring decoration ideas with branches 2021 in vase

It does not always have to be an arrangement in a vase: Tree branches can also be staged on the wall with fresh flowers. Let your creativity run wild and set individual flowers effectively in scene. For example, if you glue a pink and a white rose to a wooden plate and then attach two tree branches above the roses. Then hang the plate on a blank wall and you can then marvel at the decorative “deer antlers”. To make the decoration last, you can choose fabric flowers, otherwise you will have to replace the flowers every two weeks and the wooden plate may discolor over time.

Decorative pendants for branches: Welcome spring with colorful pom poms.

Ideas for spring decoration and Easter decoration 2021 with branches

A glass bottle covered with washi tape and tree branches decorated with motley pom-poms make a charming duo. Craft enthusiasts can complement spring decorations with artificial grass in a wine box, self-painted ceramic bird figurines or butterflies made of colored paper. You can display these spring decorations on a long wooden table, windowsill or dresser. The best part is that the individual elements can be supplemented and replaced with new ones. For example, from April you can remove the pom-poms and put fresh flowers in the vase instead.

Beautiful spring decoration ideas with branches: Arrangements in a vase

Spring decoration for floor vase do it yourself ideas

You have collected tree branches, moss and other treasures of nature during a walk in the forest or park and now want to make a beautiful spring decoration with it? First let the natural materials dry for several days in a cool and dry place. Place foam (available in florists) in the bottom of a porcelain teapot and insert the tree branches. Cover the stick foam with a layer of moss. Now you can decorate the tree branches as you wish. If you want your decoration with branches to last longer, you can opt for flowers, butterflies or paper Easter eggs. Alternatively, you can hang fresh flowers on a branch.

Branch decorating for spring

Spring decoration with branches and twigs make yourself

In the US, craft enthusiasts decorate branches and hang them over the dining table or on the wall. You can hang practically anything on the branch that you find suitable. Well suited, for example:

  • small greeting cards with nice wishes to your guests
  • single flowers or even small bouquets of flowers
  • decorative figures like birds
  • origami butterflies and other decorations made of paper

Colored glassware goes well with this original spring decoration. Thus, you are guaranteed to create a good mood at the festive table at Easter.

Decoration for branches in spring: craft idea for Easter eggs from pom-poms.

Decoration with branches for spring tree with pom pom Easter eggs in vase

Are you looking for ideas for a cheerful decoration for twigs? Then the next suggestion is just right for you. Collect tree branches with new leaves and with flowers and display them in a vintage vase with signs of wear and partially chipped paint. Then for Easter you can jazz up the ensemble with homemade Easter eggs made of pom-poms.

Spring decoration for twigs from paper make yourself.

Decoration pendant for branches in spring paper butterflies

In a modern vase with a clear design language and in a soft pastel color, a modern arrangement cuts a fine figure. For this craft idea, you first need to choose colored paper in several colors or with different patterns. Then make a template for feathers and cut it out. Transfer the template to the colored paper and cut out the designs.

Decorate branches in the spring: origami leaves.

Spring decoration for twigs make your own from paper

The next DIY idea is inspired by the Japanese bonsai trees. Although the final result surprisingly resembles a small-scale tree, the spring decoration is actually composed of several tree branches and tree leaves made of paper glued together. And it looks deceptively real. It is best staged in a clay pot or in glass vases made of colored glass.

Decorating with twigs: Willow catkins and origami Easter eggs

beautiful spring decoration with twigs and paper easter eggs

The next craft idea is perfect for purists and for fans of Scandinavian style of living. Display willow catkins in a tall vase with a wide neck and hang homemade ornaments on the theme of Easter. Easter eggs in pastel colors (pink, sky blue, nude) are especially suitable. You can cut out the decorative elements from clay cardboard and fold them.

Decoration with twigs for spring: cotton swab dyeing

Spring decoration for indoors with twigs and ear sticks

Another cool decoration idea with twigs is to decorate the twigs with colored cotton swabs. For this purpose, simply buy a pack of cotton swabs, dissolve watercolors in water and then dip the cotton swabs into it. Let the cotton swabs dry and then carefully remove the absorbent cotton. Stick the absorbent cotton to the tree branches. Our tip: Color the absorbent cotton in bright colors to make it stand out.

Branch spring decoration with paper flowers and colorful candles

Branch decoration for spring with candles and paper flowers

Candles, flowers and branches make a super charming ensemble that will create a cheerful mood at home as early as February. You can make the roses yourself from paper or buy them in a craft store. You can attach the candles to the branches with hot glue. But be careful: do not light the candles, because there is a risk of fire.

Decorate a branch for spring: idea for a motley wall decoration.

Branch decorating for spring ideas

If space is tight at home, then you can hang several branches on the wall. Decorate them with plastic eggs, which you dress in papier-mâché and feathers made of paper. You can additionally stick golden foil on the Easter eggs to add shiny accents.

Spring decoration with magnolia branches in a crystal vase

Decoration with magnolia branches from paper

When the sun’s rays fall on the magnolia blossoms, the desire for the coming spring and warm weather is quickly awakened. If the beautiful flowers are not available in the flower store, then you can fold artificial flowers from paper yourself or buy them and glue them to tree branches. This beautiful decoration is guaranteed to bring good cheer to the festive Easter buffet.

Spring Decoration Ideas: Decorate branches with paper butterflies

Branch spring decoration with paper butterflies

The colorful butterflies have become a symbol of the coming spring. That is why it is no wonder that they have become an inseparable part of spring decorations. We have already told you how to cut out the beautiful butterflies from colored paper with the help of a template. If that’s too complicated for you, you can find a butterfly-shaped motif punch in craft supplies and punch out the butterflies.

Paper spring decoration for branches do it yourself ideas

Then glue each butterfly to the branches with a piece of double-sided tape. This way, if you need to, the paper butterflies can be quickly and easily removed and replaced with other decorations. But if you like the final result, then you can store the “tree” in a dry place and display it again next year for the beginning of spring.

Wall decoration with branches and fabric flowers.

spring decoration with branches and twigs and paper butterflies bastlen

If you have an empty picture frame, then you can go for the next craft idea. Glue several branches to the picture frame and decorate them with small fabric flowers. This decoration idea is guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye and is super easy at the same time. Even complete beginners can master the task.

Decoration with colored branches for spring

Spring decoration ideas with natural materials and twigs

It’s not enough for you to decorate the branches with motley pom-poms and fabric flowers? Then you can paint them any way you like. Apply a layer of paint or spray the branches with glitter spray. Acrylic paints are not suitable, but in craft stores you can find paints for wood. They score high in opacity and can be applied with a flat brush.

Spring decoration for branch with fresh flowers

beautiful flowers and branch as spring decoration on the wall

The absolute eye-catcher in any room is a branch on which hangs a garland of flowers. The fresh flowers and plants give off a pleasant scent in the room and automatically attract the eye. The only drawback that this beautiful garland has is that it is not durable. But fortunately, you can easily replace withered flowers with new ones.

Decoration with branches and twigs DIY ideas

Decoration with twigs and branches is also becoming more and more popular in the USA. There, branches are used to hang various long-lasting decorations, such as macramé wall hangings. Particularly popular are also the “chandeliers” made of tree branches, on which LED lanterns are hung. Wind chimes are also made with branches and twigs. The possibilities are simply endless and once you find the perfect branch, you can use it for more decorations throughout the year.