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Decorate the entrance to the house for Easter modern and natural: These are the most beautiful decoration ideas for outside!

When big holidays like Easter are coming, a beautiful decoration on the doorstep always goes down well. Are you just looking for ideas on how to decorate your house and garden for Easter, then you’ve come to the right place! Today we will show you, with the help of some pictures and tips, how you can decorate your front door for Easter and give the outdoor area a modern and at the same time natural touch. Let us inspire you!

What Easter decorations are suitable for the entrance to the house?

Decorate the entrance to the house for Easter with flowers and vintage decorations

As for Easter decorations, you have many options to choose from. In addition to the most popular Easter motifs such as Easter bunnies, chicks, lambs and eggs in every possible color, nature also offers a wide range of decorative items. The beautiful spring flowers are an excellent choice for decorations in the garden and outside the front door, and different species can be easily combined with each other.

Area in front of the front door decorate for Easter

The classic Easter tree , decorated with colorful Easter eggs, can also cut a good figure in the entrance area. For this, for example, you can arrange some flowering branches in a suitable container and decorate them with Easter egg pendants. Not to forget about the Easter wreath that hangs on the door and welcomes guests. Below we take a closer look at some of the most beautiful ideas.

Decorate the entrance to the house with flowers for Easter.

Plant a basket with spring flowers and decorate the entrance of the house for Easter

The beautiful bulb flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths and tulips should not be missing from any Easter decoration. Whether indoors or outdoors, their enchanting flowers in bright colors are a real eye-catcher. If you want to make the decoration for the house entrance a little more interesting, you can replace the simple pot with a woven basket and plant the bulbs in it. However, make sure that the flowers require a certain amount of care to always look beautiful and fresh.

Concrete figurine bunny decorated with bouquet of fresh flowers

Concrete figurines are also perfect for Easter decoration at the front door. The cute Easter bunny can decorate your front yard even after Easter and will surely add a fun touch to the outdoor space. If the concrete figurine can be decorated with flowers, arrangements of bright tulips and greenery would be an excellent choice. When choosing flowers, try to create a contrast. This will make the decoration more eye-catching.

Arrange outdoor Easter decorations in large egg shells

If you want to make the floral decoration for the entrance to the house a little more interesting, you can also try this idea. Here hyacinths and succulents are presented in decorative eggs, which look like pretty Easter nests. To make such eggs in large size yourself, you can use balloons and papier-mâché technique.

Easter decoration for the entrance to the house arranged in a bucket

You can also use empty flower pots for your outdoor decorations. Instead of planting them, you can arrange fresh branches and flowering shrubs in them and further decorate them with decorative arikles like birdcages and Easter nests. There are no limits to your imagination!

Make a cute wall decoration yourself

DIY Easter decoration for the house entrance modern bunny silhouette with eggs and twigs

Not only the floor, but also the walls in the entrance area can be decorated with beautiful Easter decorations. Decorate the wall of the house next to the door with a homemade bunny decoration to welcome your guests still at the entrance. You can buy the bunny silhouette in a cheap store for decorative items and decorate it with a homemade flower arrangement made of bows and artificial eggs. Then simply hang the decoration on the house wall and the festive house entrance for Easter is ready.

Decorate a basket for the entrance to the house for Easter

Easter decoration for house entrance arranged in wire basket

Baskets lend themselves as the perfect vessels to show off a natural Easter decoration. Whether the basket is made of wicker or wire, it can be filled with soil or grass and decorated with Easter eggs, bird figurines, bunnies and more to match the holiday.

Large Easter basket made of natural materials decorate with flowers ceramic bunny and quail eggs

Also great and original we find this woven basket made of natural materials, decorated not only with spring flowers, but also with a small Easter nest, Easter grass and a cute bunny figurine. Such an eye-catching decoration would look wonderful next to the front door and cause amazement.

A flat basket filled with colorful eggs as a decoration for the entrance to the house

And how to decorate a flat basket for Easter? If plants or flowers are not a possible choice, you can resort to colorful Easter eggs. This basket was decorated with dyed eggs in different colors in a certain pattern and offers a colorful splash of color for the entrance to the house at Easter.

Decorate the front door with an Easter wreath

A natural Easter wreath with daffodils as a door decoration

Last but not least, we present the queen of decorations for the entrance to the house – the door wreath! Not only at Christmas, but also for Easter, you can decorate your front door with a beautiful, inviting wreath. Whether you choose a modern or a natural variant is up to you.

Make hanging door wreath by yourself from jute and artificial flowers

You can either make a beautiful Easter wreath yourself or buy it ready-made. Wreaths made of real flowers look beautiful, but usually do not last long and are also much more expensive than artificial versions.

Modern decoration for the entrance to the house for Easter wreath made of rope

If you are handy, you can of course try to make an Easter wreath for the front door yourself. For example, what do you think of this modern version with braided rope, paper leaves and eggs made of felt? Use this idea as inspiration and create your own work of art for the front door at Easter.

A beautiful Easter wreath with wooden eggs ribbons and a bird