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Crafting with natural materials: these ideas for kids are perfect for springtime

Although the weather does not show any signs yet, spring is getting closer and closer. And there is nothing better in spring than a walk in nature . When the weather gets a little warmer, take the kids with you and head outdoors. Whether in the park or in the forest, an outing is good for body and soul. In the great outdoors, you can also collect beautiful things and get creative with them. For inspiration, we’ve collected lots of ideas for crafting with natural materials for the coming spring that your kids are sure to love.

What can children do with natural materials?

Making faces with natural materials in spring

Crafting with natural materials is one of the most popular activities for kids. Nature has something to offer in every season – from colorful leaves in autumn to pretty shells in summer. But in spring, the variety is perhaps greatest. Green leaves and moss, early bloomers, colorful flowers and twigs are just a small part of the treasures that can be found outdoors. From them, children can make beautiful decorations, make creative pictures themselves and have a lot of fun. Read on to discover some great ideas.

Colorfully paint a branch and make atmospheric spring decorations yourself

DIY decoration from branch with children in the spring

Our first idea is wonderfully suitable for children of kindergarten age. All you need for this is a branch, paint colors (finger paints are also fine, especially for toddlers) and maybe some colorful decorations like pom poms or little stones to glue. The process is super simple. Line the table with paper or oilcloth to protect it, place the branch on top and get the paints and brushes ready. The children should now paint the branch in any colors and decorate it with other decorative elements as desired. When ready, let the paint and glue dry and then decorate any place in the home.

Decorate paper crown with flowers and leaves

Making a crown from paper and decorating it with spring flowers

Children love to play princes and princesses. And what can not be missing from such a game is the crown. You can make one yourself with the kids if you use some paper (a kraft paper bag is perfect), wide tape and pretty flowers and leaves.

First, measure the circumference of the child’s head and use that measurement (plus a few extra inches for the seam) to cut out a five-inch wide strip of paper. Cut a second strip of paper the same length, but this time cut one side straight and the other jagged. Measure out a piece of tape of the same length and place it on a flat surface with the sticky side facing up. Now attach the first strip to the bottom edge and the second to the top. The largest part of the adhesive tape area should remain free. The children attach the trinkets from nature to this sticky strip to create a gorgeous crown.

Craft a habitat for animals

Habitat for animals crafting in cardboard box from natural materials

Crafting with natural materials can not only keep kids busy for hours, but also teach them to appreciate nature. Plus, these craft ideas cost next to nothing. Do your kids have small animal figures like turtles or predators in their play box? Use some sticks, rocks and foliage and build them a habitat or hiding place in an old cardboard box. First, let the child choose the appropriate places for the natural materials and then use the glue gun (not suitable for children under 8) to secure everything in place.

Crafting pictures with natural materials in spring

making pictures with natural materials in spring with child

On paper, you can create beautiful pictures not only with pens or paint. The art of decorating a template with various elements is now more popular than ever. For example, you can use sharpening scraps and create original images . It also works quite well with natural materials. We will show you a few interesting ideas below.

Crafting little men and faces

Making and decorating manikin with natural materials in springtime

Have you seen such pictures, where the model in a fashion drawing is dressed in everyday objects? Using natural materials, your children can make similar pictures themselves. Draw or print out a suitable template, provide various materials from nature, for example, flowers, berries, leaves, blades of grass, etc., and let the child unleash his creativity.

Design animals on print templates

Bunny crafting with natural materials in spring

Printables are a great alternative if you’re not good at drawing. Animals like bunnies, chicks, and sheep are perfect for spring crafts. If the kids want to attach the natural materials to the paper, you will also need an adhesive. In this way, the resulting pictures can also be attached to the wall or, for example, the refrigerator.

Decorating nature motifs

tree template with double-sided tape

But the liquid glue is not the only way to make great pictures from natural materials. It works much cleaner with double-sided tape. Stick a few strips on the places you want to decorate and remove the protective foil. Then you’re ready to go.

create beautiful pictures with natural materials in spring

Here are two examples of great images inspired by nature. A flowering tree, for example, is easy to craft with some green leaves and a few flowers. For the butterfly, on the other hand, you need two (almost) equal-sized leaves each to create the wings. Flowers and petals can also be used to create beautiful patterns on the wings.

Making trees with natural materials in spring

Sticks and branches are just as super suitable for these pictures. Just keep in mind that heavy items, such as a thicker stick, will need a stronger glue to attach to the leaf.

Create a whole picture

Crafting with natural materials with children spring picture

Pictures can also be created completely without pens or templates. Instead of a sheet of paper, for example, the lid of a shoebox is used for this picture. Empty toilet paper rolls were used for the outlines of the individual elements. With the combination of flowers and weeds, the end result is a beautiful work of art. A good alternative for the rain, for example, would be to use blue dyed rice instead of sequins.

Painting with natural materials

Alternative painting brushes from natural materials for children

Nature offers plenty of inspiration – and unique tools. Let your kids collect grasses, leaves, stems and flowers in the park and use them as original painting brushes. For this, you can use simple clothespins as handles, for example. In this way, create uniquely structured brushes with which the little ones can paint beautiful patterns.

painting with children with natural materials in spring

Whole flowers or branches with stems are just as suitable for painting. This can also be used to stamp pretty shapes on the leaf.

Crafting insects with natural materials in spring

Insects craft from walnut shells idea for children for spring

The coming spring can be recognized by the continuous buzzing of insects. So this is the best time to make little bugs with the kids. Here are a few ideas that you can copy with natural materials.

Make colorful beetles with kids from walnuts

How to make insects with children in spring

Whole walnuts are needed for these pretty beetles. These are first perfectly cut in half, which requires some practice, but is not so complicated. And in the process, you and the kids can snack on delicious walnuts, which are also very healthy.

Once the walnut shells are cut in half, a third of the shell is painted in any color and decorated with a few white dots. Then the mouth is painted on and wiggle eyes are glued on. The wings can be made either from felt or you can use maple propellers. Glue selected wings in place and you’re done.

DIY idea for a colorful butterfly

Butterfly craft with children from natural materials

There is perhaps hardly a child who does not find butterflies fascinating. From the green leaves of trees and a thin twig, you can easily make these beautiful insects. You will need two leaves of the same size for the upper wings and two smaller leaves for the lower ones (also the same size). Then have your child start by adding beautiful patterns to the leaves. Chalk markers are perfect for this. Then choose a matching branch and glue the painted leaves in place with the glue gun.

Craft insects with natural materials on cardboard

making insects with natural materials for children

On a piece of painted cardboard, the insects made from natural materials come out well. They can also be glued to it quite well with a mod podge glue.

DIY dragonflies from maple propellers

Dragonfly crafting with natural materials in spring

Maple fruit, or still known as nose pinchers or propellers, are especially popular among children. With them, for example, you can make these dragonflies in the spring. For this you still need thin twigs for the bodies and antennae. This craft will be even more beautiful if the children paint the nose pinchers in colors of their choice.

Craft collage from natural materials outdoors

Making things with natural materials in spring rainbow on tree

With some contact paper you can make a pretty collage of natural materials. You can cut out the paper in any shape or glue it around a tree with the sticky side out, as in the example above. Now the kids should glue natural materials to the contact paper to create the collage.

DIY Fairy House

Fairy house crafting with natural materials idea for kids

Older children can also make a fairy house with natural materials. No instructions are needed at all for this. Just gather the materials, assemble any shape and decorate as you like.

Craft cones with birdseed with children in the spring.

Making birdseed with children in spring

Spring is also the perfect time to craft bird feeders. Instead of a classic house, you can try this alternative with cones. The project is super suitable for children from 2 years old and can be made during the outing in nature.

Birdseed cone crafting with children in springtime

Try to find cones as big as possible so that your bird feeders will be big enough. To get the birdseed to stick to the cone, have the kids spread some peanut butter on the cone first using a plastic knife or popsicle stick. The messier the better. Once the pine cones are covered with peanut butter, roll them in a bowl of birdseed. This will help the birdseed stick to the peanut butter. Finally, a piece of twine can be tied to the top of the cone to hang the bird feeder from a branch.