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Crafting with clothespins for Easter: 7 DIY ideas with instructions

Crafting with clothespins easter one pin bunny deco

Easter is a family celebration that children excitedly await. There is hiding, searching, finding and also crafting. While looking for creative and simple craft projects, we came across an interesting craft material – wooden clothespins. Clothespins are mainly used for hanging the wet laundry. However, they are perfect for DIY fun Easter decorations and especially for crafting with kids . Below we present seven cool ideas for crafts with clothespins for Easter.

Crafting with clothespins for Easter: Easter bunny craft from wooden clothespins.

Crafting with clothespins for Easter hasen einstecker cupcakes

Once the starting material is procured, the crafting with clothespins for Easter succeeds quite simply. Everything you need for the craft projects that we present here, can be found in every household. The biggest advantage of wooden clothespins is that they are wonderful for crafting with children.

Easter bunnies made of wooden clothespins as funny pins

Crafting with clothespins for Easter bunny wood pin

To make the wooden clothespins bright and colorful, opaque paints are needed. Watercolors or crayons are also suitable for this, but the best way to color is with acrylic paints. Felt-tip pens can also be used for the details. In addition, you can glue the clothespins and decorate creatively with Washi Tape.

Crafting with clothespins easter wood hares paint

Due to their shape, the clothespins are perfect for crafting fun Easter bunnies . You can make these playful or completely abstract, depending on what you want to decorate with them. With the help of a few popsicle sticks can be cute Einstecker with Easter bunnies to tinker atmospheric decoration for desserts and Easter cookies.

Crafting with clothespins for Easter: Easter bunnies

craft clothespins easter wood bunny white paint

The Easter bunnies made of wooden clothespins will be especially beautiful and cute if you first color them in white on all sides. For this, it is best to use an opaque acrylic paint. This is also wonderful for crafting with children. When the paint is completely dry, you can add other decorative elements and additional details such as eyes, bunny nose, whiskers, etc., or paint on them, respectively.

craft clothespins easter instruction wood materials

If the wooden clothespins are not used to hold, you can remove their feathers, glue the two parts with wood glue and create cute bunnies. In this way, you can also easily attach them to a popsicle stick, for example.

craft clothespins easter instruction bunny paint

The cute details of the bunny can be drawn on the colored wooden clothespin with felt pens or playfully depicted from other materials. You should approach this with a lot of attention to detail.

Crafting with clothespins for Easter: DIY bracelet with funny Easter bunnies.

craft clothespins easter bracelet children

A really great craft idea is to make an original bracelet with Easter bunnies for a child. First, make a lot of cute Easter bunnies out of clothespins and then tie them with a rubber band to make a pretty and fun bracelet.

Easter bunny craft with clothespins for Easter

craft clothespins easter hares pompom hare tail

The wooden clothespins can be beautifully decorated Easter and also used for holding. With little effort, a lot of creativity and materials that are sure to be found in every household, small accents with Easter motifs are created, which immediately conjure up a good mood. In the blink of an eye, a conventional wooden clothespin is transformed into a playful decorative element for Easter that perfectly complements the rest of the decor.

craft clothespins easter decorate bunny tail

You can create an Easter bunny clothespin in a variety of ways. On the one hand, the two bunny ears are created from the two parts of a wooden clothespin without any effort. On the other hand, you can simply cut out a simple bunny motif from cardboard in any Easter color and glue it directly onto the clothespin.

craft clothespins easter decorate hare

Creative crafts with clothespins for Easter: Clothespins chicks

craft clothespins easter easter eggs funny instruction

A really playful idea is to make an Easter egg from which a chick hatches. For an egg you need a clothespin and some colorful paper, preferably paper scraps. First you make an egg and a chick out of paper. Now cut up the egg with a jagged pattern and glue the chick behind the bottom half of the egg so it looks like the chick is peeking out.

craft clothespins easter easter eggs funny instruction

Next, glue the bottom egg half to the clothespin at the bottom and the top egg half to the top so that the two fit together. Finally, when the clothespin is closed, you only see one Easter egg and when you open it, the chick peeks out.

Easter wreath craft with clothespins for Easter

craft clothespins easter easter wreath washitape colorful decoration

You can easily make a cool wreath from colorfully decorated clothespins. For this you need a lot of clothespins and a disc, which serves as a base for the wreath. This can be made of cardboard, wire or any other solid material. Decorate the clothespins for a few minutes with the help of colorful patterned washi tape. Then it remains only to arrange the decorated clothespins together on the disc. Finally, other decorating elements and motifs can be attached to the wreath.

craft clothespins easter easter wreath washitape