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Crafting for Easter with kids ages 3 and up: We offer some colorful and fresh ideas!

Easter is just around the corner. Grab craft supplies for your kids, as they will be fascinated to create colorful and exciting projects. There are a variety of ideas for crafting for Easter with kids ages 3 and up and a variety of techniques, including painting, gluing, cutting, folding, stamping and more. There’s nothing like an afternoon of crafting with the whole family to cement memories with your little ones and create meaningful Easter traditions. This spring, in addition to your morning Easter egg hunt and delicious Easter brunch, start with some of our crafts that are fun for kids and adults alike. The finished products will make pretty spring decorations that will brighten up any room in your home! Here we would like to show you some interesting Easter crafts with coffee filters that will surely bring color and mood to your celebration.

Craft for Easter with kids ages 3 and up: Coffee Filter Eggs

Simple Easter ideas for children with DIY

These simple eggs are the perfect Easter craft project to make with kids at home or at school.
Requiring only a few simple materials, they are quick to make and can be used for a variety of fun Easter decorations. You can decorate the eggs with a variety of designs and patterns.
It’s important to protect your work surface by placing the coffee filters on a craft mat, parchment paper, plastic bag or even a paper plate before spraying.
Once dry, you can glue the coffee filter Easter eggs to construction paper for a pretty art project. Use blue construction paper for the sky and green construction paper for the “grass”. You can also attach the crafts to your windows and doors or use them to make garlands for the walls and stairs!

Tinkering at Easter with children from 3 years brings much fun

What you need:

Round white coffee filters
Washable markers
Pencil (for tracing)
Water spray bottle (for mixing the colors)
Paper plate, parchment paper, plastic bag or craft mat


Download and print Easter eggs template for coffee filter eggs

  • First you need to download and print out the Easter egg craft template (medium size).
  • Smooth out the round coffee filters, then use a pencil to draw the egg shape on the coffee filters.
  • Cut out the coffee filter eggs.
  • Draw different patterns on them with washable pens or just lightly color the entire surface.
  • Place the colored coffee filters on a paper plate, a sheet of parchment paper, a craft mat or a large plastic bag and spray them with water.
  • Have fun watching the magical color gradients and blends!
  • Set aside to dry.

Coffee filter Easter eggs can be made with children at home

Welcome spring with this coffee filter butterfly craft.

Magic butterflies are easy to make

These pretty butterflies are made from coffee filters, so the water colors blend beautifully and make each butterfly unique and individual. Add a little more glamour to your butterfly with glitter and it’s ready to fly!

Crafting for Easter with children from 3 years old is exciting

What you need:
Coffee filter
Popsicle sticks
Liquid glue
Glitter (assorted)
Hot glue gun + glue sticks
Pipe cleaners (assorted)
Craft scissors
Watercolor paints
Paper plates (optional, but keeps the mess in check)


Coffee filter butterflies are pretty and add to the freshness of the celebration

  • First, place the coffee filter on the paper plate and paint the coffee filter with the watercolors/with the brush. Let dry (they dry very quickly).
  • While the coffee filter is drying, decorate the popsicle stick.
  • Spread the liquid glue on the stick with a clean brush and sprinkle it with glitter. Working on a paper plate makes clean up easier!

Crafting for Easter with children from 3 years - Colorful butterflies

  • Once the coffee filter is dry, fold it in half and use craft scissors to cut it into butterfly wing shapes.
  • Take a pipe cleaner and cut it to form the antennae.
  • Use the glue gun (STEP FOR ADULTS) to glue the wings to the bottom of the stick.

Simple coffee filter flowers craft for Easter with children ages 3 and up.

Craft coffee filter flowers for Easter with children

What you’ll need:

Coffee filters
Washable markers
Zipper bag or metal baking sheet pan
Water spray bottle
Pipe cleaner


Colorful Easter crafts with children bring fun for the whole family

  • Smooth out the round coffee filters and paint colors in circles, patterns, or even doodles!
  • Make a rainbow with all the colors or stick with complementary colors!
  • Place the colored coffee filters on a large zipper lock bag or metal baking sheet and spray with a water spray bottle. Set aside to dry.

Coffee filter flowers sine an original craft for children

  • Once dry, fold them back up and round the corners if desired.
  • Pull the center together a bit and tape them together with clear tape to form a flower.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the tape, leaving the remaining pipe cleaner as a stem.

Find some more of our ideas for Easter crafts with kids ages 3 and up here. Have fun!