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Crafting for Easter 2022: Interesting ideas for decorations that you can easily and quickly create at home.

Soon Easter time will come and the family will gather at home to celebrate. Are you looking for cool Easter 2022 craft ideas to bring happiness and joy to your family? We will help you with a few tips for Easter, so you can make Easter decorations at home easily and quickly alone or with the kids. We can do it together, everything will be beautiful and colorful.

Great craft ideas for Easter 2022: Table decoration

Napkin Ears

Easter 2022 napkin ears

These cute bunny napkins can be made in just 10 minutes and will add a lot of charm to your Easter table. Feel free to add an egg to the center of the napkin, so the whole thing can represent a face with little ears.

To craft: Fold a napkin in half, corner to corner, then roll it up from the tip. Fold the rolled napkin into a U shape. Tie a piece of raffia around the napkin. Fringe the raffia to form whiskers.

Easter Egg Bouquet

Bouquet of flowers with ombre eggs for decoration

Dye some ombré Easter eggs (we’ll come back to this later) and place them in a clear glass vase. Then combine the colors of the eggs with a bouquet of fresh flowers to create an explosion of color. Feel free to choose two or three colors. Above all, they should match your other decorations or furniture and bring you joy.

Craft ideas for Easter 2022: Cute Easter basket.

Easter egg basket design yourself

Turn a boring Easter basket into the best Easter decoration with the help of a small cloth. Buy only one cloth, or a small tablecloth. Of course, these should be festive: with colorful eggs, with bunnies, etc. You can do one more thing: Embellish the basket with artificial butterflies and fill it with speckled eggs, which will provide additional good cheer.

Easter egg tree

Easter egg tree at home for Easter 2022

The German tradition of decorating trees goes back centuries. Christmas isn’t the only holiday that deserves a tree. Craft a much smaller version of the Christmas classic for Easter 2022.

You can make the tree just the color green as usual, or do the following: Gather sturdy branches – flowering quince, weeping willow, cherry blossom or magnolia – and place them in a heavy vase. Obtain about a dozen blown-out eggs, artificial eggs or painted wooden eggs. Attach a long piece of thin ribbon to the bottom of each egg with glue. You can use a small plastic piece with a hole to make attaching them go faster. Tie the eggs to the branches after they dry.

Craft beautiful wall decorations

Interesting Easter wreath decoration

Easter wreath DIY at home for Easter 2022

Decorate the door with this seasonal beauty. How to make the Easter wreath: wrap a wreath form of wire with ribbon and tie an extra piece around the top for hanging. Attach small, colorful quail eggs, flowers or light feathers, use glue for this. Combine different colorful items to bring the Easter feeling into your home. Above all, your guests will definitely be happy to see something beautiful at the door and feel welcome.

Eggshell garland

Easter egg garland decoration for Easter 2022

This colorful eggshell garland is a must-have for any Easter party. And it’s so easy to craft for Easter 2022! Tape ribbon to the outside of clean shells. Then hang the empty, brightly colored eggshells on a string in front of a blank wall or window. Alternatively, you can craft a different kind of garland: All you need to do is cut out some paper eggs and then clip them to a string using a clothespin.

Craft ideas for Easter 2022: Decorate eggs

Bunny eggs quick and easy craft

Wood Bunny: Decorate a painted egg with soft, furry ears. Paint on a face. Attach little eyes and nose if you like it that way. Egg cups can be made out of paper. Glue small artificial flowers around the ears.

Unicorn Easter eggs craft

Lovely unicorn: paint a wooden egg or boiled egg white and let it dry. After that, paint a face on it. Cut a mane from faux fur, dye it in an egg dye bath and attach it (after it dries) with fabric glue. Alternatively, instead of fake fur, you can attach very small and colorful artificial flowers as a mane. With the help of stencils, make a horn from gold paper and glue it on the egg.

Design emoji eggs for Easter 2022

Cute and colorful Easter eggs: turn a basket into a cheerful storage place for great colored Easter eggs. Add other Easter eggs: draw a face (and hair, if you like). You can pick out different smileys and emojis to make the eggs as cool as possible.

Ombre Easter eggs for Easter 2022

Ombré Easter eggs: you can create this dramatic look with blue paint you may already have in the kitchen. Provide five jars (350 ml) labeled A through E. Add one cup of boiling water and two teaspoons of white vinegar to each jar and stir. Then mix in the blue paint as follows: A – two drops; B – six drops; C – 10 drops; D – 20 drops; E – 45 drops. Place a hard-boiled egg in each jar and let it sit for five minutes or until you are satisfied with the color, then remove it and place it in an empty egg carton to dry. Repeat the process with more eggs.

Ombre eggs dye easy