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Craft with egg carton: DIY Easter wreath for Easter and spring

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Buying Easter decorations is not very creative and can be expensive. On the other hand, Easter is a nice opportunity to spend more time with the children and why not create something beautiful in the process. Playful Easter decorations can be made from various materials and usually at affordable prices. A particularly thrifty option is to create something beautiful from packaging. For example, you can make an original Easter decoration with egg carton. The fans of the unsightly cardboard are wonderfully suitable for making a creative Easter wreath with it yourself.

Tinker with egg carton: Great decoration for Easter and spring from packaging material

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Eggs are part of Easter and they usually come in an egg carton. So you finally have a good supply of egg cartons at home, which do not necessarily have to end up in the trash. The word is upcycling. Although the egg cartons don’t look nice at all, they can be painted, glued on and thus transformed into something more beautiful. Plus, they come for free. Children can also craft with egg cartons and create flowers, Easter baskets, Easter wreaths and nests from them for Easter.

Craft with egg carton: Paint egg carton

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Egg carton is a popular packaging material for transporting and storing eggs. It is usually made of cardboard and it comes in different sizes, for example, for six or ten eggs. The special shape of the egg carton guarantees high strength, so that several egg packages can be stacked on top of each other. Egg cartons in good condition can be colorfully painted to create beautiful Easter and spring decorations. Since the material absorbs moisture, it is recommended to use only thick paints, preferably acrylic paints for painting. They are water soluble, however once they dry they become waterproof, which additionally makes the material or egg carton more durable.

Craft with egg carton: DIY flowers from egg carton for Easter and spring.

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Spring flowers are part of any Easter decoration. While they are beautiful, they are also ephemeral. A great and extremely creative idea is to craft flowers with egg carton, which will definitely last longer. Crafting with egg carton works quite easily and starts with picking out well preserved egg wrappers. You also need colors for coloring, for example, sunny yellow, pink, white, green and so on. In addition, a pair of pointed scissors is needed.

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First, you should remove the lid of the egg carton and take apart the individual egg compartments. Now, using the scissors, shape each egg compartment like a flower with four petals. The petals can be pointed, oval or with an imaginative shape. Then color them as you like and once the paint is dry, you can create a beautiful Easter or spring decoration with the homemade flowers .

Easter decoration from egg carton: Easter wreath ideas with instructions

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After all, an Easter wreath is part of the atmospheric decoration for Easter and spring. One can be tinkered with egg cartons. You can create it exclusively from cardboard or also use different materials as a base for the round shape in addition. We present here four great DIY projects for an Easter wreath with egg cartons.

Make an Easter wreath with egg carton

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If you’re more into natural materials and the natural look of the egg carton, you can use no colors and craft a minimalist Easter wreath. Otherwise, you can color the egg fans according to your own taste or leave the color design to the children. It is recommended to use acrylic paints or to glue beautiful motifs on the egg carton. Of course, you should first cut out the individual egg fans and form them into beautiful flowers.

egg carton craft easter simple minimalist instruction

To make the Easter wreath from egg carton round, there are several options. One is to fix the egg carton compartments into each other with hot glue gun and shape them round until you get a complete circle or wreath. Another option is to use a backing for the round shape of the Easter wreath. For this purpose, a wooden embroidery frame is suitable or you make a round base from sturdy cardboard or cardboard. On it you arrange the flowers from egg carton and glue them with a hot glue. If you use a round base, it is recommended to match it harmoniously with the color of the Easter wreath.

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In addition, you should provide for how the wreath will be hung. For this purpose, a loop can be made between the individual flowers, or finally, you tie the wreath with a beautiful ribbon and hang it on the front door or other imposing place.

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If you do not want to use a base for the Easter wreath, you can use a metal ring or a round bent wire. This will provide additional stability and at the same time remain invisible. At the same time, you should pierce a hole in each paper flower, so that later you can pull the wire through it. In this way, other additional elements can be incorporated.

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As we have already mentioned, an Easter wreath made of egg carton can be varied. The egg carton flowers can be shaped in different ways and cut out pointed, oval or round. If you want all the egg fans to be the same, it is recommended to first mark the desired shape with a pencil and then cut accordingly with pointed scissors.

Make roses with egg carton: Instructions

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As a great upcycling project not only at Easter or spring time, you can make some really beautiful flowers from egg carton. Hard to believe that these artistic roses are actually produced from the not really beautiful packaging material. If you also use some color in the process, the roses from egg carton become really beautiful. Saturated with color, the flowers can be pasted with pretty motifs according to the napkin technique principle. The roses can be used like the other flowers from egg carton for an original Easter wreath.

What can you craft for Easter with egg carton?

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On the one hand, egg cartons belong to the eggs and on the other hand, eggs are an inseparable part of Easter. So there is an indirect connection between egg cartons and Easter and you can use the affordable craft material for creative DIY projects with upcycling background for Easter. From a conventional egg carton you can craft not only an original Easter wreath, but also imaginative decorations such as Easter baskets, Easter nests and other original decorating elements.

Craft with egg carton: A nest for Easter

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To make a nest from egg carton, you do not need much and it goes quite easily. You only need a few small decorative eggs, such as quail eggs or egg candies, and a soft material with which to line the “nest”. Straw, decorative grass, moss or colored absorbent cotton are wonderful for this purpose. On the beautifully laid out egg fans you arrange the decorative eggs and ready is the original Easter decoration. If desired, you can cover the delicate decoration with a glass bell, thus protecting it and presenting it as a real piece of jewelry. If there are labels or writings on the egg packaging that cannot be removed, you can stick a beautiful Easter motif on it. Just give free rein to creativity and imagination and experiment! After all, this is what makes the original Easter decoration.