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Craft napkin rings for Easter: These simple craft ideas are the perfect table decorations for the holiday

So slowly it is time to plan and prepare the table decoration for Easter. The Easter eggs will be an important element on the table anyway and maybe you still have one or the other figure and decoration from last year or already bought new ones. How about making something to decorate yourself for a change? For example, you could fold pretty cloth napkins yourself and then decorate them with Easter or spring napkin rings. Do you feel like it? We’ll show you a few simple instructions that you can use to make pretty napkin rings for Easter.

Crafting napkin rings for Easter – Cute Easter bunnies as an upcycling project

Napkin rings for Easter tinker from wooden rings and felt - Easter bunny make yourself

Simple wooden curtain rings are just perfect to be turned into napkin holders. And the project is so simple that even the biggest beginners can do it . Look how cute these bunnies are! Here’s what you need to make these napkin rings for Easter:

  • Wooden curtain rings
  • white acrylic paint (or any other paint you like)
  • Felt
  • scissors
  • brush
  • black sharpie

Paint wooden ring with acrylic paint and let dry

If the curtain rings have hooks and clips, remove them. Paint the rings with acrylic paint and let them dry on a surface (such as newspaper). If you are using dark rings, you will need several coats of paint to get an opaque color. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Craft instructions for bunny knots for children and adults

In the meantime, you can cut the felt to size. For this purpose, measure out a length of about 24 cm and a width of 2.5 cm and cut out this strip. Round off the two ends of the strip – like the tips of rabbit ears. Then wrap the strip around the well-dried ring by tying the so-called anchor stitch knot. The two protruding ends turn into the ears. Now just draw eyes and nose with sharpie and the first bunny napkin ring is ready.

Make your own bunny napkin holder with ring on wood

Cute craft idea for kids

Cut strips from felt and knot around ring

Fold and decorate napkins

Easter napkin rings craft with curtain rings - Make bunnies from felt

Funny carrot napkin holders made from beads

Napkin rings for Easter craft with wooden beads - Beautiful table decoration

Carrots are one of the most important Easter motifs, which of course is thanks to the Easter bunny. Accordingly, they are perfectly suitable for decorating the Easter table . So why not make such original napkin rings for Easter yourself? You need only a few materials, namely the following:

  • Wooden beads in three sizes (orange is best).
  • orange acrylic paint, if you have not found colored beads, and brushes
  • string/yarn
  • wooden ring
  • green crepe paper or other paper
  • liquid glue

Paint wooden beads orange and thread them on yarn

If you have not found colored beads and rings, first paint them with acrylic paint. This works especially well if you thread the beads onto shish kebabs. Several coats will be necessary for opaque color. Let the paint dry. Tie a knot at one end of the string, then thread the beads on in order of size – from small to large – and tie a knot on the other side as well. You can cut off any excess string.

Then tie a small piece of string around the ring and then tie it to the string of beads with its help. Cut the crepe paper into thin strips and tape them to the side of the carrot with the large beads to create the carrot greenery.

Craft daisies as napkin rings for Easter

Ribbon and yellow buttons for daisies

Of course, not only typical Easter motifs are suitable for the Easter table, but everything that we associate with spring – so also flowers. Therefore, these daisies are also a wonderful idea if you want to make napkin holders yourself. Like the other two ideas, this one is simple enough to get creative with the little ones. So, if you want to craft napkin rings with kids, you can also opt for the following.

  • Ribbon
  • green yarn
  • yellow buttons
  • glue, scissors

Cut strips from the ribbon with a length of about 7.5 cm and a width of about 1 cm. You will need 5 such strips per flower. Then place them on top of each other and glue them together at the intersections so that you get a flower shape. Then glue a yellow button to the front and a piece of green yarn to the back. You can then conveniently tie this yarn around the rolled up Easter napkins.

With decorative wire

Decorative wire to tie wreaths or make your own rings

In stores for craft supplies you can find decorative wire suitable for any occasion. So also such with colorful buds or mini Easter eggs, for example. Go browsing and if you find something suitable, you can use it to make napkin rings yourself. Here you can see two variants – in one you still use mini wreaths, which you then simply wrap around, in the other idea you form the rings yourself from the wire .

Beautiful napkin holders to match spring with buds

You can also add other decorations at the end. The finished rings look best on plain and light fabric, because then the bright colors come out better. You can also apply the variant with the wreath by using wooden rings again instead of wreaths. So you can let your imagination run wild when you craft napkin rings with wire for Easter.

Simple idea with pipe cleaners

Quick and easy to make napkin rings for Easter with pipe cleaners

Shape bunnies as shown in the instructions and add a mini pom pom each for the nose and tail and wiggle eyes. This craft idea is so simple that even children can copy you after you have explained the steps to them with an example.