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Craft Easter nest in a jar: Create the perfect decoration for Easter 2022 with these 2 easy tutorials.

Creative decoration ideas in glass are extremely popular and for any occasion and celebration. So it is only logical that glass decorations are also used for the beautiful Easter. Whether Easter gifts in glass, jars filled with hanging eggs or painted with Easter motifs – the elegant, transparent material immediately turns into a real eye-catcher and makes any table, windowsill or mantelpiece. How about combining the glass with a classic? We are talking about a cute Easter nest in a jar that you will surely fall in love with right away. So, for Easter 2022, how about trying out this pretty decoration idea?

Easter nest in a glass – What is meant?

Easter nest in the glass craft - instructions and ideas for Easter decorations

The idea is to present the classic Easter nests in a different way. So you can reuse your nests from the last Easter. However, this time you do not just put them on the table, but arrange them in a pretty glass. Whether this is a jar, a jam jar, a wine glass or a more fancy decorative glass, it does not matter. Then you can fill the Easter nest as you like – with eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks, real or artificial spring twigs or whatever else you can think of and like.

Fill a cookie jar with lid with eggs and moss for a fancy nest

Alternatively, of course, you can craft the Easter nest for the jar. This is an option especially if the chosen jar has a narrow neck where a purchased nest will not fit through. For this purpose, you can also craft the Easter grass instead of buying it, which makes the project very practical for children as well. Or how about baking Easter nests, fill them with glasses and serve the whole thing as a dessert for Easter, or prepare the Easter nest in a jar as an Easter gift for someone? Very original, colorful and beautiful to look at would also be an Easter nest made of felt as content.

Easter nest in a jar craft with mini clay pots

Easter nest in a jar with mini flower pot and decorative Easter eggs

Our first tutorial for an Easter nest in a jar consists of cute clay pots on a bed of moss and filled with small eggs. These jars are then fitted with handles made of fabric to be transformed into fancy Easter baskets. But you can also omit the handles if you just want to present the nests as decorations for Easter in a jar. You will need:

  • Empty jam jar or other glass jar
  • Clay pots that fit into the jar
  • Styrofoam or stick foam (as filling material)
  • Spanish moss
  • mini easter eggs
  • Decorative moss
  • decorative figures (e.g. rabbits, lambs or chicks)
  • hot glue, scissors
  • Optional: sponge brush and paints to paint the pots; decorative ribbons, yarn and package twine.

Easter nest for adults with Irish and decorative moss

You can paint the pots however you like. If you want to, start with this step so the paints can dry while you craft the rest.

Put a glass on the moss to estimate how large the piece must be for the bottom. Then cut out the necessary piece and place it in the jar. Make it a little larger and downsize if necessary rather than making it too small.

Fill pots with Irish Moss and styrofoam for nests

Then cut cutting foam or styrofoam to fill the pots about two-thirds full and save Spanish moss. Then shape nests out of the moss and place them on top of the pots. If you like, you can also fix them with a little glue. Do the same for the eggs, which you then arrange on the nest. Place the pot in the jar and next to it possibly a figurine.

Now you can still make the handle from a wide ribbon by cutting it and gluing it to the sides of the jar. In the middle, i.e. the tip of the handle, you still tie yarn. You can also wrap the rim of the glass with parcel string. The perfect variation for an Easter nest in a jar if you are looking for DIY Easter gifts.

Instructions for cool eggs made of moss can be found here.

Nest with hay in a decorative jar

Quick craft idea for Easter with jar and natural materials

The second idea is even faster and easier to make and ideal if you want to arrange ordinary chicken eggs pretty. For this purpose, you will need a larger jar. If need be, however, mini Easter eggs are again ideally suited for the Easter nest and as content. This is what you need if you want to make the Easter nest in a jar.

  • any glass for filling
  • hay or other material for the nest
  • eggs
  • additional decoration such as a twig, yarn and feathers.

You will need a canning jar, hay, eggs and any decorations you like

All they need to do is to arrange the hay in a nest shape in the jar. Then add as many eggs as you want, which you can also paint or decorate beforehand. Add the finishing touch to the arrangement with a green or flowering branch and a feather. You can also decorate the rim of the glass with yarn, for example, or a pretty ribbon. Then you’re ready to set up your Easter nest in a jar.

Simple Easter nest in a jar with hay, feathers and twigs

Alternatives to the jar or jam jar

Square jar with homemade Easter grass and egg with decoupage

Very pretty make the Easter nests also under a glass bell or but under wine glasses, which you can still provide with tea lights or pillar candles. In principle, you can come up with something interesting with any kind of glass container. In stores there are many types of decorative jars and terrariums. Even the glass bowls from your kitchen display case make ideal containers. Use what you have at home, or get what you have in mind. Check out more jar Easter nest ideas:

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Idea with glass bell

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Easter nest in the glass - wine glass upside down put as a candle holder

In this article you will get ideas for the perfect dekonachOstern.