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Dried hydrangea decoration for late summer and autumn: beautiful ideas with dried flowers DIY

If you enjoy the slow transition into autumn with lots of natural decorations, then dried hydrangeas are just the right decoration for your home. Get inspired by our beautiful ideas and make a beautiful late summer or fall decoration with dried flowers.

Dry hydrangeas and use them as decoration in late summer and autumn

Beautiful vase with dried hydrangea flowers on the patio table

Late summer is the perfect time to start drying hydrangeas. Have you ever tried it? It’s so easy, but usually takes a few weeks. In our article ” How to dry hydrangeas ” you will find instructions and a few useful tips and methods on how to preserve the color of the flowers.

If you have already dried the paper-like flowers, you may be wondering what you can do with them. Below we show some simple ideas for decorations with dried hydrangeas, perfect for fall decorations or transition from summer to fall.

Arrange dried hydrangeas in vases.

Arrange dried hydrangeas in glass vase

It doesn’t get any easier than this! If your hydrangeas are already well dried, you don’t even need water to recreate this beautiful decorating idea. All you actually need is one or more pretty vases that will show off the dried flowers well.

Tie a hydrangea wreath

Tie hydrangea wreath from self-dried flowers

Dried hydrangeas are wonderful for making beautiful wreaths yourself. For example, you can tie a wreath using only flowers, or create a more interesting design using burlap or other fabrics. Check out our ideas and instructions for a DIY hydrangea wreath, and try tying one yourself! This will make a beautiful door decoration that can warmly greet your guests at the entrance in autumn.

Add beautiful accents to a finished door wreath

Autumn wreath made of burlap fabric dried roses and hydrangeas

Even if you are not crafty, you can make a beautiful wreath for the door from your dried hydrangeas. All you need to do is buy a (nearly) ready-made wreath and jazz it up with the colorful, paper flowers. Here, some floral wire will serve you well.

Dried hydrangea table decoration make yourself.

Table decoration with dried flowers make yourself in a basket

The possibilities for a table decoration with hydrangeas are simply endless. You can not only incorporate the flowers into wreaths, but also craft entire arrangements from them. In combination with other natural materials, the dried hydrangea flowers look very noble and elegant. For a simple autumnal arrangement, place the blossoms in a pretty bowl or plate and add some white decorative pumpkins. Candles are another great addition and will make the arrangement glow.

Craft fall decorations to hang

Dried hydrangea flowers to tie a wreath

Both wreaths and garlands are perfect as decorations to hang. Whether on the wall or on the mantel, the delicate flowers always please the eye. You can also make a simple mobile out of them and brighten up the bare wall in the dining room.

Hydrangea petals pressed dried up decoration for hanging

The individual petals of hydrangeas also look beautiful. You can press them into a picture frame and make an addition to your photo wall yourself. The slow-drying blooms create a beautiful play of color and are sure to be unique.

Embellish garlands with dried hydrangeas

Dried hydrangea flowers on the mantelpiece

Dried hydrangeas are a beautiful and durable addition to garlands. To add the pretty flowers to a garland, first cut the stems to a length of about six inches. Then thread the stems through the garland, leaving a bit at each end. Once you’ve added all the flowers, carefully loosen them up so they look full and natural. Finally, secure the stems with wire or floral tape. With a little care, your dried hydrangea garland will stay beautiful for many years.

Dried hydrangeas make gorgeous decorations for your fall wedding

Autumn wedding decoration with dried hydrangeas

If you’re planning a fall wedding, dried flowers are the perfect choice for boho-style decor. Dried hydrangeas are just one of the many options for beautiful arrangements that you can keep after the big day and use as decor for your home or as a gift for a loved one.