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Craft decorations in January and create a cozy start to the new year for the whole family!

What could be better than some cute winter decorations for a cozy home this season? Warm up the cold winter days with these simple ideas that you make yourself. This way, you can craft decorations in January that will delight the whole family and impress your visitors, too!

Make cute sweater vases

Most sweaters have a narrow sleeve, so they'll fit most vases

First, take your old sweater. Put the vase you want to use through the sleeve so the top of the vase meets the top of the sleeve, then mark where the vase ends on the sleeve. Remove the vase and cut the sleeve at the mark.

Most sweaters have a narrow sleeve so they will fit most vases . If this is not the case for you, you can simply use your sewing machine to bring the sleeve to a suitable width.

To attach the sweater to the vase (if necessary, but most vases don’t require this), you can use hot glue or double-sided tape. Apply the double-sided tape to the bottle and the top of the vase and press the sweater onto it. Super easy and simple! And it adds the perfect amount of warmth to a room, even without using a lot of paint

Let It Snow Woodland Sign.

Crafting decorations in January - This sign is super simple and we show you how to do it.

This sign is super easy and we’ll show you how to make it yourself! First of all, here’s what you’ll need:

1 piece of ordinary wood, cut into 3 pieces, each 45 cm long.
2 pieces of wood for the back supports
hammer and nails or nail gun
sandpaper or sander
dark walnut stain
white acrylic craft paint
2 meters of jute

Crafting Instructions:

  • The first thing you need to do is create your board. You can simply use a solid piece of wood with a width of 75 cm and a length of 45 cm. To assemble, take a common board and cut it into 3 lengths of 45 cm. You also want to have 2 pieces as a base.
  • Stain the wood for the DIY woodland sign: after the stain has cured, you can paint the wood. You can use a cutter and adhesive vinyl to create a (messy) stencil.
  • Stenciling the text for the woodland sign: once you have placed your stencil, you can start painting. To prevent paint from running, it’s helpful to use a paint brush and dab with a minimum amount of paint. You can layer the paint if you need it to be more opaque.
  • When the paint is dry, you can remove the stencil and seal your board. Now tie on some jute for a fun, rustic touch. And just like that, you have a beautiful, rustic woodland winter sign.

Reuse Christmas wreaths for centerpieces.

You can craft in January decoration for the coffee table, mantel and buffet

You can craft January decorations for the coffee table, mantel, and buffet by reusing your Christmas wreaths. You can also use this table decoration on any round or square dining table.


  • Start with a nice foundation by using a pretty round tray. A tray will give your centerpiece a great foundation. However, you can also skip this step and place your decoration directly on the table.
  • The next step is to add your favorite Christmas wreath. It can be simple or ornate, lighted or flocked, real or fake. We like to use a wreath that is already decorated with a few ornaments and pinecones, but any wreath will do!
  • Just like decorating a Christmas centerpiece or a Christmas mantel, adding picks is the perfect way to add interest and texture to your wreath. To keep the decoration simple, just add glittery ball wands.
  • Next, add some pretty candlesticks using the rule of three – tall, medium and short.
  • Finally, every room needs a touch of whimsy in home decor. You’ll definitely love adding a touch of whimsy to your decor in January. Add little figurines that just make you smile.

Craft candles wrapped in bay leaves as January decorations.

These homemade candles are perfect for a festive table setting

These homemade candles are perfect for a festive table, above the mantel, or in the fireplace in place of a fire, and are made in a snap.

Here’s how to make them: wrap a pillar candle with twine. Tuck fresh bay leaves, thyme or rosemary under the twine.

Decorate vases wrapped with twine

In January craft decorations and create a cozy start to the new year for the whole family

Wrap plain glass vases with strands of yarn and thread them with wooden knitting needles. For more textured strands, braid pieces of yarn and tie them around the vases . Add ranunculus, baby’s breath, snowberries and twigs.

January Craft Deco: Citrus Garland

Give your staircase a winter touch with garlands of dried citrus and greenery

Add a cute, wintry touch to your beautiful staircase with garlands of dried citrus and greenery. And festive velvet ribbons wrapped around paintings and silhouettes make them look like gifts.

Enjoy snowflake chandeliers in winter

In January Deko basteln - Give the chandelier a new face with snowflake ornaments

Give a chandelier a quick makeover by decorating it. To do this, use cute snowflake ornaments that match the rest of your decor. Keep it simple with wood ornaments that are aging, or go for glittery versions.

Pot decoration for the hallway

A bundle of birch logs, berries and Christmas tree trimmings looks perfect in the hallway

A bundle of birch logs, berries and Christmas tree trimmings looks perfect in the hallway. Add a string of lights for extra sparkle.