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Craft card for the beginning of school and send congratulations on starting school

Soon school will be starting again. For first graders in particular, this is an important time in their lives. It’s no wonder that they are particularly looking forward to the start of school. But also children who have finished elementary school and who are now facing a change of school to the Realschule or Gymnasium are eagerly awaiting the new school year. Wish them with a lovingly crafted card for the start of school much success and fun in school. We have put together several ideas.

Back to school card: making a pencil out of cardboard for the first day of school

First day of school card in pencil shape craft ideas

A colorful pencil-shaped greeting card is guaranteed to go over well with first graders. The quickest way is to draw a template freehand, cut it out of white construction paper and then lovingly paint it. Finally, label the card with the child’s name. You can write a loving message on the back of the greeting card.

Card for the beginning of school craft ideas for children in elementary school

Alternatively, you can make a greeting card from white clay cardboard and popsicle sticks. First, make a template for the pen and cut it out. Then glue four popsicle sticks to it and paint them. Turn the pen over and glue a rectangle of white paper to the back. Fold it in half. On the back of the card, you can create a questionnaire for the child or simply write heartfelt congratulations. You can also color the back any way you like or create a photo collage.

Back to school card making ideas and tutorial

Older children will be happy to receive a special business card. You can ask the child to paste their photo on the back and write their name. Further, the child can add the name of his teacher. You can also ask other questions such as favorite color, dream job and wishes for the future.

first day of school card with congratulations

If you also have children at home, then you can ask them to help you. Together you can write a nice message to the first grader with self-adhesive letters. Let your creativity run wild and decorate the pen with washi tape.

Craft backpack greeting card for the start of school

First day of school backpack card crafting from clay cardboard

The next card can be crafted from clay paper. First, fold an envelope out of pink paper. For the backpack pockets, glue two orange rectangles on the front, for the closures you need two details from green clay paper and for the handle one detail from brown clay cardboard. Attach the details and draw the seams with black marker.

Card to the beginning of school tinker instruction for backpack

In the backpack you can fill pencils, children’s drawings and even small sweets. The kids are guaranteed to love it and hang the backpack in their nursery. It is a nice reminder of the first day of school.

Craft 3D card for the beginning of school

Card in apple shape for first day of school crafting with children

For children who can already read well, you can also make a 3D apple. Simply draw a template freehand and transfer several times on colored clay paper. Then cut out three apple motifs and fold each in half. Then glue the motifs together in the middle (where the fold is). Now you can write loving messages like “Believe in yourself”, “Have a great first day of school” and “Good luck” on each sheet.

Design a creative back-to-school card

Crafting card for the first day of school ideas and instructions

If you want it to go quickly, then creativity is the main thing. Here, various crafting utensils such as cookie cutters, softy stickers and letter stickers come to the rescue. They can be used to cut out various motifs and attach them easily, making crafting a breeze.

Make your own invitation cards for the first day of school

Greeting cards for first day of school different variants

Soon the time will come: the school year begins. The start of this exciting stage of life must be properly celebrated with family and friends. Of course, the parents and the child may share their joy for the first day of school. Beautifully designed invitation cards awaken the child’s anticipation for the celebration and are a nice occasion to talk about the school year and answer questions about school.

Greeting card for the first day of school from felt with the children tinker

Crafting greeting cards also provides an opportunity to practice again the safe use of glue and the cutter knife or scissors. Parents and children should divide the tasks, because then the crafting fun is guaranteed for young and old.

For example, parents can make templates and then ask the children to cut them out and transfer them to clay paper. The card is then carefully assembled.

first day of school card making ideas for school enrollment

Depending on the desire and mood, you can craft both very simple and complicated greeting cards. If you want to make an invitation card for a family celebration in a close circle together with the child, then you can simply fold a sheet of craft cardboard in half, glue a page from a notebook on it and then glue on various beautiful motifs. Use a cookie cutter to cut out two pink circles and draw a smiling face. From clay cardboard you can also make a pencil and glue it on the card. Make the theme clear right away “Invitation to Ema’s first grade school party”, “Our first grader Ema invites grandma and grandpa to a first grade school party”.

First day of school greeting card craft for child

The invitation card should then state the date, time and place. If the child wants to invite his friends and their families, then you should also ask for feedback.