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Wooden box decoration for Christmas: With these ideas you can decorate any area of the apartment for Christmas

Who would have thought that you can create something so beautiful from ordinary wooden boxes. In this article we have prepared for you some inspiration for decorations that will delight you in the winter months and Christmas. This indoor and outdoor accessory will attract the attention of every visitor. So, let’s take a look at the numerous ideas for a wooden box decoration for Christmas, from which you can get inspired.

Make your own Christmas tree from wooden boxes

Christmas tree make yourself for the room corner from wooden boxes

We’re going to start big. Namely, with the most important decoration at Christmas – the Christmas tree. If you don’t want to decorate a classic Christmas tree this year, then you can choose a fancy alternative to it. So how about a Christmas tree made of wooden boxes? This DIY project is perfect for the weekend and can give your home an extra festive atmosphere.

DIY Christmas tree from wooden boxes

All you need are several similar wooden boxes, which you assemble into a pyramid to get the shape of the Christmas tree. If you have children or pets, we recommend that you screw the wooden boxes together to prevent them from falling down. This way, the alternative Christmas tree will be stable and you can enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

Alternative to Christmas tree made of wooden boxes

Now comes the fun part – decorating the “Christmas tree”. For example, you can use canning jars with tea lights, scented candles, Christmas tree garlands, various animal figures and pine cones. Fairy lights are also ideal to bring in a little more light. Or you can fill the wooden boxes with various Christmas figurines and stuffed animals. Also, a great idea would be to have Christmas balls hanging inside the boxes to make the construction even more like a true Christmas tree.

Build Christmas village from wooden boxes

Christmas village DIY with wooden boxes

Crates are very popular right now, and for good reason. They are an attractive and usually a much cheaper storage solution than baskets. You have to love them for their rustic look, but they also offer endless possibilities! For a beautiful Christmas village, you can buy small and large boxes from home improvement stores or online and arrange them in an open cabinet or niche. Then fill them with small houses, manikins, Christmas trees and, of course, artificial snow to create a beautiful, decorative Christmas village.

Apply a wooden box as a Christmas tree stand.

Use wooden box as a Christmas tree stand for rustic Christmas decoration

If you are decorating a real or artificial Christmas tree at home, you can also use an old wooden crate to cover up the unsightly tree stand. Thus, the whole Christmas decoration becomes more beautiful and gets a touch of rustic charm.

Christmas tree stand with a wooden box vestecken for a beautiful Christmas decoration

If the Christmas tree is small, then you can fill the wooden box with other decorative elements, so that the pot or the stand remains completely invisible. For example, use a fir garland, pine cones, boxes wrapped as gifts, Christmas books, etc.

Wooden Christmas box decoration for the living room

Coffee table Christmas decoration with decorated wooden box and glass bell

The living room is without a doubt the most decorated room at Christmas. Both Christmas tree and other decorations find their place exactly in this living room. If you are just looking for Christmas decoration ideas for the living room, wooden boxes are a really great option for Christmas decorations that are quick and easy to make.

Coffee table ideas

Beautiful Christmas decoration for coffee table with green branches cones and wooden fir trees

The coffee table is often neglected when decorating, but a matching ornament can affect the whole atmosphere of the room. Arrange some greenery, some pine cones and artificial berry branches among wooden fir trees in a wooden box and you will immediately feel the magic of Christmas in your living space.

Arrange wooden box decoration in front of the fireplace

Living room decoration for Christmas with wooden crate do it yourself

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you should by no means leave it bare for Christmas. In addition to the mantel, you can also beautify the area in front of the fireplace by filling a wooden box with jute, birch logs, fir greenery, red berries and a beautiful string of lights for more Christmas flair.

Make your own table decorations in a wooden box

Table decoration for Christmas in a wooden box arrange with tea lights

Do you have a not so deep wooden box, then you can use it to create a rustic table decoration for Christmas. How to do it. Fill the crate with decorations of your choice, such as moss, glass lanterns, mini fir trees and woodland animal figurines, and you have the perfect decorative piece for the festive table.

Wooden crate decoration for outside

Wooden crate Christmas paint and decorate for the entrance of the house

However, with wooden boxes you can decorate not only inside, but also outside. The boxes are perfect for making great gifts out of them for decorating the entrance to your home. To do this, use paint to give the wooden boxes a Christmas design and bows of any fabric to finish the gifts. Place the wooden crate decorations by the front door to get your guests in the festive spirit as they enter!

Simple Christmas decoration for the house entrance in a wooden box

If you only have one wooden crate, you can stand it upright with the open side facing the front and decorate it like a Christmas window display. Arrange different Christmas characters inside, hang some pendants and you’re done!

Decorating a wooden box for Christmas: 3 ideas to try out

Looking for more ideas for decorating with wooden boxes? Then you can also get inspired by the following three ideas. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, so you can decorate different areas of your home.

DIY wooden crate decoration for Christmas with natural material and lights

  • Christmas wooden box on wheels: Use a stencil to paint the wooden crate with a Christmas theme. Add wheels to turn the crate into a wagon. Fill the inside with natural materials, a candle, wooden figurines and lights to finish the decoration.

Decorate small wooden box for Christmas

  • Rustic Christmas Vignette: Add a small fir tree with minimalist decorations to a wooden box and arrange a Santa figurine next to it. Place the wooden box decoration in a wall niche for a Christmas atmosphere.

Wooden box Christmas decorate with glowing tree and Christmas balls

  • Christmas wooden box with hanging baubles: It’s really easy to hang some baubles in the wooden box. All you need is some thin string or thread, which you tie to the slats of the box. For a nice effect, we recommend that you hang the balls at different heights.