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With a wooden Advent wreath celebrate the Advent season 2021: Here are the most beautiful ideas to copy!

This Sunday is the first Advent! The countdown to Christmas begins and the excitement increases with each passing day. But what is Advent without a beautiful Advent wreath? It’s not too late to get the Advent candles and make a pretty arrangement yourself. Whether classic or more modern and fancy , you have many options to choose from. In this article we have collected the most beautiful ideas for an Advent wreath made of wood. Let yourself be inspired – there is something for every style and taste.

Advent wreath made of wood for a Christmas decoration with a natural touch

Wooden advent wreath ideas pillar candles on wooden tray

Wood is one of the most popular natural materials ever and with its special look it always brings a piece of nature into the house. The possibilities for a natural-looking Advent wreath made of wood are virtually endless. You can collect the materials directly during a walk in the forest or buy them pre-treated. Each idea has its own charm and the most difficult task is to choose just one.

DIY Advent wreath in tree bark

DIY Advent wreath from wood tree bark original idea to copy

You found a pretty piece of tree bark on the ground during a trip in the forest or in the park? Then you already have the ideal base for a natural Advent wreath made of wood. For example, you can put four pillar candles on it and spread moss all around. You can leave the Advent wreath natural or use other decorations such as berries, acorns, walnuts or miniature decorative mushrooms to decorate it further. There are no limits to your imagination.

Tip: If you find the tree bark in nature and do not buy it ready, check it for pests before you prepare the Advent wreath.

Make your own wooden Advent wreath with tree trunks

Tealights Advent candles in tree trunks on serving tray

Another great idea to use wood for Advent decorations are these beautiful tea light holders made from tree trunks. An Advent wreath with tea lights is a possible alternative to the classic Advent arrangement, but for this idea you can also use other candles.

Advent wreath from tree slices make yourself with tea lights

To make this beautiful wooden Advent wreath yourself, you need four tree trunks of similar diameter (tip: so that the tea light holders are as identical as possible, cut all four from the same branch) and a drill bit with which you drill the holes for the tea lights. So the drill bit must match the diameter of the candles. The holes must be deep enough so that the tea light ends up level with the tree trunk. If necessary, treat the tree trunks against insects, for example, with an insect spray.

Arrange the finished tea light holders on a matching tray and lay out real or artificial fir and berry branches all around to finish the Advent wreath.

Make a rustic Advent wreath from a wooden trunk

Nature Advent wreath from wood with stick candles tinker

Do you want to make the Christmas decorations sustainable this year? Then you are well advised to use natural materials. You can provide a thick branch or even better – a halved tree trunk with suitable holes and use it as an elongated candle holder.

Decorate tree trunk advent wreath with natural materials

If you make the Advent wreath yourself, you can let off steam creatively. So how about decorating the wooden trunk Advent wreath with dried fruits and other natural materials? Some red berries in combination with dried orange slices provide colorful accents and thus make the Advent decoration even more eye-catching.

Make your own Advent candle holder from driftwood

DIY Advent wreath from driftwood decorate with pine cones

Driftwood in itself has a very appealing look and also offers itself as a beautiful variant for your wooden Advent wreath. Such a Christmas arrangement with candles also does not need much additional decoration. A few pine cones between the candles and some fir branches at both ends are quite enough.

Use a thick tree trunk as a base for the Advent wreath.

Tree slice Advent wreath do it yourself with stick candles

However, you can also make a round Advent wreath yourself from a log. For this you need a whole thick tree trunk, which you saw at any height and put on the table with the cut surface. Then drill four holes for the selected candles, which you then insert into the holes. Stick candles work best for this idea. You can further decorate the wooden trunk as desired or just leave it as is.

You can also arrange a natural Advent arrangement with pillar candles on a log

Advent wreath on wooden tree trunk in nature look

Simple but beautiful: the Advent wreath made of tree slices

Advent wreath on tree slice design with pillar candles

For a rustic Advent decoration 2021, you can also use wooden slices. They are ideal as a base for beautiful Advent arrangements and can be found quite cheaply. On them you can prepare the Advent candles as desired and decorate as you like. Because a self-arranged Advent wreath makes twice the joy.

DIY Advent wreath from wooden slices and natural materials

With several small branch slices, you can also make an original wooden Advent wreath yourself. For example, make it into a round frame by first making two rings out of cardboard. One of the rings must be slightly smaller than the other, so that it fits in its center. The area between the two rings is filled with natural material and on it you stick the candles. Use the wooden discs to stick on the cardboard rings – the big one from the outside and the small one from the inside. If you wish, you can paint the wooden discs with Christmas motifs first.

Make natural Advent wreath from branches yourself

Recycled Advent wreath decorate with branches

If you want a wooden Advent wreath with a natural look, then take a look at this idea as well. With branches and twigs you can make a beautiful base for the Advent wreath itself. Whether elongated or round, you can create different shapes with the branches.

Advent wreath from branches longish tinker

DIY Advent wreath from branches and twigs

If the branches are not flexible, make them into a bundle by tying the ends and the middle with some string or wire. Stick Advent wreath pins on it and add the candles. Some red berry twigs between the branches look very decorative and add a nice touch of color to the wooden Advent wreath.

Round Advent wreath from branches

Tie wood advent wreath with branches

From bendable branches you can also tie an Advent wreath in a classic round shape. To do this, bend the branches into a circle and tie them with craft wire. Then insert a total of four candle holders for pillar candles between the branches and place the candles on top.

Advent wreath made of wood: prepare beautiful arrangements in wooden box

Arrange wooden elongated advent wreath in wooden box

Classic Advent wreaths made of real fir branches do not last very long. Even if you use some tricks to make them stay fresh longer , they have to be disposed of after Advent. The Advent wreath made of wood offers itself as a great alternative, because it is reusable. However, for this, the wood must be treated. Elongated wooden boxes, for example, are perfect for DIY beautiful Advent arrangements and can be reused on the table every year.

Wooden box Advent wreath with succulents and thistles

To make an Advent arrangement in wooden box yourself, you can bring to bear many different materials. And the best part is that you can redesign the arrangement every year. Instead of the classic arrangements of green branches and cones, this year you can opt for a fancy Advent wreath. Embellishing the Advent wreath with succulents and thistles is very trendy right now and brings some variety to the classic Christmas decoration.

Arrange Advent wreath elongated in a wooden box with moss and small cones.

How to make Advent wreath from wood elongated yourself

Use wooden boards as a basis for beautiful Advent wreaths

Advent wreath modern on wooden board with paper bags

So, for a beautiful Advent wreath made of wood, you do not necessarily have to look for tree trunks or branches. Even some wooden boards are perfect for this purpose. With a wooden board as a base, you can make the Advent wreath modern without sacrificing the natural look of wood.

Do you want to make the Advent wreath a little fancier this year ? We think this idea with lanterns made of glass, packed in white paper bags and arranged on an elongated wooden board is really cool. It is essential to make sure that the tea lights do not come into contact with the paper.

Advent wreath in wood elongated do it yourself with pointed candles

It would be even easier if you arrange some pillar candles on a wooden board and embellish the area between them with decorations of your choice. However, if you find the tapered candles more beautiful than pillar candles, just look for suitable candle holders that they can stick on the wooden board or put in pre-drilled holes so that they stand stably.

Advent wreath Nordic made of wood – minimalist and beautiful.

How to make Advent wreath modern from wood yourself

In a modern furnished apartment, Scandinavian simplicity is very high. The Nordic style is just more popular than ever and the Christmas decoration makes no exception. Natural materials and especially light wood play the main role. A Scandinavian Advent wreath, however, you do not necessarily have to buy ready-made. Here we show you two great ideas that you can also make yourself.

DIY Advent wreath made of wooden balls

Advent wreath on wood Scandinavian do it yourself with wooden balls

You can make a beautiful Advent candle holder from some wooden balls in different sizes. These need to have a hole drilled in them so you can thread them onto a string. You will need four large wooden ball candle holders and another 15-20 balls to make a kind of chain. Simply thread the balls onto a leather string and either tie them into a circle or make them elongated.

Advent wreath Scandinavian make yourself with wooden ring

Advent wreath nordic do it yourself from wood ring

For a Nordic Advent wreath, you can also use a wide ring made of plywood. The thickness of the material should be about 10 mm. So with a hole drill, make four holes for the stick candles at equal distances from each other. You can make the area between the candles any way you like, though this idea looks really cool with large numbers for each Advent. If you want to add a green accent, just wrap some green branches around the candles and the wooden Advent candle holder will instantly look more natural.