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Which fir tree does not needle and how to prevent needles? – Tips for choosing Christmas trees

For some families with children or pets, it is important that their real Christmas tree does not needle and lasts longer. There are usually many conifers to choose from, and it can often be difficult to decide which Christmas tree is right for you. So, if you want to learn more about the specific characteristics of each type, here is some information to help you choose the most appropriate variety for your home.

Choosing Christmas decorations and know which fir tree does not needle

decorate with christmas decorations an outdoor terrace with fireplace and create cozy atmosphere

Christmas only comes once a year, and picking out the perfect tree to brighten up the living room is a family ritual full of fun and promise. But with all the different types of trees and alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree, it’s hard to know which one is right for your Christmas decorations. While you’re at it, you may also need to make sure it lasts until December 25 or perhaps into the New Year and doesn’t lose all of its needle.

decorate trees in the patio area with fairy lights for christmas and make the patio cozy for autumn and winter

You may be a big fan of the Douglas fir or be attracted to the silvery needles of the blue spruce. For the freshest and healthiest Christmas tree, you may want to visit an established tree farm or property that brings in trees from local farms. Those that sell these types of fir trees grow them in a way that allows them to retain their needles longer. Here are some important factors to recognize a good real fir that you should consider when making your selection:

recognize the freshness of a fir tree by its scent and make the right choice when buying before christmas

  • Test the branches: Grasp any branch on the tree between your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch it and pull it toward you. If you end up with a handful of needles, the tree is past its prime.
  • Crush the needles in your hand and then check the scent. If the fir tree doesn’t smell enough, don’t buy it.
  • Make the fir tree bounce by holding it a few inches off the ground and dropping it. If the outer needles fall off, it’s a sure sign of a rotten tree. However, it is normal for needles to fall from the inside of the tree.
  • Be sure to match the trunk of the tree to your stand. Trimming the diameter of the tree by cutting off the bark will strip the tree of its cambium layer, which absorbs water. When this happens, the fir will rot faster.

when touching with fingers feel which fir tree does not needles

So, choosing a perfect Christmas tree is not only about its appearance: Its fragrance, the strength of its branches, as well as the needles, also play a crucial role. Learn below which fir tree does not needles or lasts longer to make the right choice.

Choose Fraser fir as a less prickly tree species.

fraser fir with rounded needles suitable as christmas tree for decorating without prickles

Fraser fir, which is quite common in the market, is characterized by soft needles with dark green color on top and silvery-green sheen on the bottom. In addition, the space between the branches makes this variety easier to decorate than some other fir trees. Fraser firs are also quite popular for their fragrant scent and large needle.

small branches of needle tree called fraser fir as suitable variety for christmas tree for any home

Choosing the perfect Fraser fir is easy, as this variety tends to grow in near-perfect triangles and is stunning from any angle. With daily watering, Fraser firs retain their fragrance and needles throughout the vacation season.

Which fir tree does not needle – silver fir or blue spruce?

animal-friendly needles of silver fir are suitable heavy ornaments of christmas decoration

The so-called gray fir or silver fir has bluish needles similar to those of blue spruce, but in contrast, relatively softer and blunt at the end, so less prickly. When crushed, they have a lemony fragrance, some of them resembling the scent of grapefruit. Accordingly, this conifer has a pleasant natural shape and good needle for decorating. However, it is also known to occasionally cause allergic reactions, which is not the case compared to the blue spruce as a coniferous tree.

silver colored needles of blue spruce are sharp and prick when decorating with christmas decorations

Blue spruce is characterized by its pyramid shape and strong branches, which allow it to support heavy ornaments. The blue spruce is also known for its characteristic blue foliage, which also appears silvery in certain lighting conditions. However, its needles are thin and pointed. So be warned, what fir tree does not needle. If you have the appropriate plans to decorate such a Christmas tree, you’d better wear gloves with it.

Balsam fir as a popular choice for Christmas

choose balsam fir as christmas tree before christmas and which fir tree does not needles

Balsam fir is another top choice if you are wondering which fir tree does not needle. In fact, this variety is characterized by its soft, dark green needles and is available for sale during the Christmas season. In addition, balsam fir bears flat needles and branches, which makes it a frequent inclusion in wreaths and holiday garlands. However, be sure to keep such tree species away from warm radiators in your home or other heating sources, as this can cause their branches to dry out prematurely.

real christmas tree balsam fir alive as a possible variant for decorating or felling

The balsam fir otherwise has a beautiful, dark green color. The needles, positioned along the branches in flat formation, shine in good lighting conditions, while the branches are flexible and therefore may not hold heavy decorations. These trees are narrower than average evergreens and have a good fit for tighter spaces. They also give off a pleasant balsam wood scent.

Choose evergreen cypress with soft needles.

cypress with soft needles and juniper berries as a suitable choice for minimalist decorated christmas tree

Known for its deep, bluish-green color and pleasant fragrance, cypress can be another rather unconventional choice of conifer for Christmas. The branches of the fir tree resemble dense succulents for a charming, festive look. Less is more when decorating this tree. Use large bulbs and dried ornaments for a vintage feel for Christmas. In addition, cypress is a popular Christmas tree that has gray-green, soft needles and does not produce pollen. These characteristics make it a good choice for allergy sufferers. It also sheds few needles until long after the vacation season.

What is Douglas fir and what fir tree does not needle from the variety?

douglas fir or douglas fir as popular choice because of soft needles and robustness due to longevity

Douglas fir is another typical Christmas tree with soft, glossy green needles. However, it is also one of the densest of this group, so be careful in your selection as some are too crowded to decorate properly. Still, Douglas fir is a popular variety, especially because of its widespread availability and reasonable price.

rustic living room with wood stove and discreetly decorated christmas tree

Douglas firs typically don’t last as long as other types of Christmas trees, so choose a fresh-cut specimen and plan to display it for only two weeks. In addition, Douglas fir has a fresh winter scent that many people love. Accordingly, the full, bushy and showy fir tree is well suited for those who expect more minimalist Christmas decorations that its fluffy branches would not hold heavy ornaments.

Pine plants such as giant fir as a classic choice for Christmas.

giant fir or what kind of fir tree does not needles as better choice for christmas among children and pets

This member of the fir family is characterized by two-tone needles, deep green on top and striped white on the underside. Such varieties still have the traditional texture, but offer that little extra in their hue. The needles are softer, not as prickly as most Christmas tree varieties, making them a favorite among Christmas fir trees. In addition, the giant fir is more decorative on its own than when draped with heavy ornaments.

little girl choosing which christmas tree does not needles by hugging determine

Such magnificent firs are also known for their delicious fragrance. This is a combination of the traditional “Christmas tree” scent and that of a citrus fruit. You can use the branches as air fresheners during the Christmas season. So let your family members or guests enjoy the scent in their home for even more Christmas spirit.