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The most beautiful Christmas decorations with branches and twigs for the perfect Christmas mood!

Making Advent calendars, baking delicious cookies and tying Advent wreaths – Christmas is just around the corner! To beautify the cold season and celebrate the most beautiful holiday of the year, we decorate our homes every year again. Whether purist Christmas decoration, elegant, modern or rustic – in the Christmas season we can really let off steam creatively. It does not always have to be the purchased and overpriced decoration from the store. A homemade Christmas decoration with branches and twigs is not only cheap, but always has something so special and charming that money simply can not buy. Do you want to make your home really cozy this year and turn your rooms into a fairytale wonderland? Then be sure to read on and get inspired by our super simple and beautiful decorating ideas.

Christmas decoration with branches and twigs: Christmas tree tinker yourself

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is simply part of Christmas. But what if you do not have enough space at home or just want to save some money? Well, then this Christmas decoration with branches and twigs would be just right for you. Making an alternative Christmas tree yourself is actually much easier than you think. Decorated with a few Christmas baubles and displayed on the wall, this Christmas tree made of pine branches is a real eye-catcher!

Materials needed:

  • 7 fir branches
  • 13 removable cord organizer clips
  • Christmas decorations of your choice

DIY Christmas tree from branches:

  • After gathering your fir branches, cut them into different lengths to create an offset triangle in the shape of a Christmas tree.
  • Next, attach two of the removable organizer clips to each end of the longest branch.
  • Remove the protective tape and press it to the bottom of the wall.
  • Repeat the above step with the remaining branches.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree as desired and your beautiful Christmas decorations with branches and twigs are ready!

Make minimalist Christmas tree decorations from twigs

Christmas tree decoration from wood tinker Christmas decoration with branches ideas Christmas decoration with branches and twigs do it yourself Christmas tree ornament made of wood instructions

During the Christmas season we tend to spend a lot of money. But we often forget that nature provides us with the most beautiful accessories. We all know the classic Christmas tree decorations from the store. But this year we get a piece of nature in our four walls and will make our Christmas decorations with branches and twigs themselves! For example, how about some minimalist stars, snowflakes or Christmas trees, which always fit well on the Christmas tree and cost nothing at all?


  • 1 bunch of dry twigs
  • Garden shears
  • Yarn scraps in any color
  • Floral wire
  • Thin string for hanging
  • Depending on your wishes, other decorative elements such as beads, buttons, etc.

Christmas tree decoration from wood tinker Christmas decoration with branches ideas

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments from twigs:

  • For the poinsettia, take two twigs and overlap them in an inverted V shape. If necessary, shorten the branches slightly with scissors.
  • Attach the branches with floral wire or alternatively with a hot glue gun.
  • Next, place two more branches diagonally on top, creating a star.
  • To make the basic structure stable, wrap the joints tightly with floral wire.
  • To give the Christmas tree ornament a cheerful touch, wrap some yarn of any color around the figure. Glue on other decorative items as desired and your sustainable Christmas decoration with branches is ready.
  • To make the snowflake ornament, start with 1 long branch and 6 shorter branches of equal length. Arrange the smaller pieces around the longer one to create a snowflake. Attach with hot glue or wire, jazz up and use to decorate your Christmas tree.

Christmas decoration with branches and twigs for the table

Whether as Christmas tree decorations, table or door decorations – a natural Christmas decoration with branches and twigs decorates the whole house and always creates a cozy atmosphere. The most beautiful thing is that you can use for it everything you discover during a long walk through the park. An incredibly simple and quick idea that looks really nice – arrange branches in a glass vase and jazz them up with any ornaments. The arrangement already makes quite a statement and is best suited for setting small Christmas accents.

A branch above the table also creates a festive mood and brings a piece of nature into the house. Especially if there are small Christmas balls hanging from it, it creates a great Christmas decoration with branches and twigs.

Table decoration with branches and twigs ideas Christmas decoration from natural materials make yourself

Christmas is a feast for the palate and we love to gather around the set table with our loved ones. A pretty and minimalistic cutlery decoration is probably the easiest way to spice up the Christmas table. And here’s a quick yet great idea that will really impress your guests. Just place a small branch on the napkins, tie it with twine and you’re ready to enjoy Christmas!

Christmas decoration with branches and twigs for a rustic flair

Christmas table decoration from natural materials Christmas decoration with branches and twigs do it yourself

A Christmas decoration with branches and twigs is ideal to avoid all the department store stress and use the pre-Christmas period to get together. Thanks to their decorative leaves and red berries, the branches of holly look incredibly decorative and look perfect anywhere in the home. Simply wrap a few branches around a small wooden decorative board, place candlesticks on top and your beautiful, cozy Christmas decor is ready.

Christmas wall decorations made of branches

When it comes to Christmas decorations, the walls are often neglected. Yet an elegant and minimalist decoration can often add a lot to the Christmas spirit. Instead of putting the presents under the Christmas tree, you could hide them in cozy stockings and attach them to a branch for a change. A branch, yarn and socks – that’s pretty much all you need for this Christmas decoration with branches and twigs. Just tie the socks together with yarn and attach the branch to the wall – it’s that quick!

Make candle holders from twigs yourself

Whether for cozy corners, as table decorations or small accents in the living room – candles immerse the room in warm light and provide a cozy and cozy atmosphere. One of the biggest advantages of Christmas decoration with branches and twigs is that you don’t need a lot of crafting utensils for it, and you may already have most of it at home or in the garden. Below, we’ll explain how you can add a little spice to classic candle holders in no time at all.

Materials needed:

  • Small twigs in different lengths
  • Empty candle jars
  • Jute string
  • Garden shears
  • Hot glue gun
  • Depending on your preference, other decorative items such as snowflakes, snow spray, etc.

Make your own candle holders from twigs:

  • Cut the twigs into pieces with garden shears and use the candle jar as a measure for this. It looks even more interesting if these protrude a little over the edge and are of different lengths.
  • Apply some hot glue lengthwise to the twigs. It is important that this does not run down the sides when you press the twigs to the jar.
  • Glue the branches to the glass and fix them briefly.
  • Repeat the process until the glass is completely covered.
  • Let dry briefly and decorate as desired.
  • Place a scented candle in the jar, light it and your twig candle holder is ready!

Christmas lanterns for outdoor use

Whether large, small, individually or in groups – lanterns in the Christmas decoration are real eye-catchers and immediately put us in a festive mood. Lanterns made of wood look wonderfully rustic and inviting and come especially in the garden or in front of the house entrance wonderfully to advantage. Natural materials such as twigs and branches emphasize the cozy charm of Christmas and conjure up a cozy and atmospheric atmosphere in no time.

The Advent calendar with a difference

Who is not happy about an Advent calendar filled with small surprises? All the greater will be the joy when we can display it as a great Christmas decoration. An Advent calendar on a branch is an incredibly practical and simple idea and fun alternative to the classic version from the store. A branch, 24 small packages, wire and hot glue gun – that’s all you need for it! Simply fill the packages with the gifts and tie them to the branch. Decorate as desired with Christmas ornaments or other decorative elements, hang and you have the perfect Christmas decoration with branches and twigs!

Christmas decoration with branches and twigs: The most beautiful ideas for a cheerful ambience

Whether on the dining table, in the living room or bedroom – these Christmas trees made of branches come out perfectly everywhere

The classic Christmas tree is not your thing? Then you could decorate a branch with Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations with branches and twigs give living rooms a rustic and inviting atmosphere

Small but nice: Christmas table decorations from nature

Christmas trees made of branches will transform your home into a real winter wonderland

Purist Christmas decoration with branches looks absolutely charming