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Succulents Advent wreath in bowl make yourself – So beautiful is the Advent wreath trend 2021!

Are you lacking inspiration for this year’s Advent wreath? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today we show you a new Advent wreath idea: a sustainable arrangement with succulents, moss and four candles, which may remain quietly after the Christmas season. An Advent wreath in a bowl is very trendy in 2021 and is a modern alternative to classic wreaths. We tell you how to make and design a succulent Advent wreath yourself, which is more beautiful and individual than store-bought Advent decorations!

Advent wreath with succulents and hyacinths

Advent wreath in copper bowl with moss and succulents

Here is a really pretty and even quite simple DIY Advent wreath. By using candles of different colors and heights, you can create dimensions and play with the composition of the shades. Even more interesting is how this Advent wreath in shell changes over time as the hyacinths sprout and the candles burn. Do you like the idea of a living and changing decoration? Then you should definitely make this succulent Advent wreath yourself!

succulents advent wreath with moss do it yourself

What you need: A bowl, small succulents, moss and hyacinths, pillar candles in different colors and heights. Possibly plastic wrap, cut to protect the bowl. You can let your imagination run wild with decorations – snowberries, dried seed pods and other natural materials are ideal. Just use whatever you have in the garden and think is suitable.

advent arrangement with succulents and hyacinths

Place the candles on the bowl. Then take the plants out of the pots and arrange them between the candles. Then cover the rest with moss and add the selected decorations. Done!

Succulent Advent wreath as a small forest landscape.

Advent wreath in wooden bowl as forest landscape

If you want to make an Advent wreath yourself that is natural, simple and super cozy, you can make it as a small forest landscape.

Buy a pretty little mini Christmas tree, some succulents, cut foam and moss at the flower store. To give the Advent wreath a natural look, use a large wooden bowl (for example, with a diameter of about 55 cm). To protect the wood, line the bowl with a plastic bag. Some cute deer figurines and mini cones will perfectly complete the theme.

succulents advent wreath self make with deer figures

First, put the largest things on the tray to get an idea of how many candles and decorations will fit. Cut the plug foam into small pieces and place them in water for half an hour. Spread the fully soaked plug foam between the candles, succulents and the small Christmas tree (without plastic pots). Now place the moss on the free areas between the candles and plants, making sure that they are well covered so that no plastic or the like is visible. Finally, add the decorations. By the way, you can also put fresh flowers of your choice in the damp plug-in foam.

For a winter look, you can decorate the succulents with white glitter

Advent wreath in bowl with moss, cones and succulents

Instead of pillar candles, use tealight holders in the Advent wreath.

simple advent wreath with tea lights

Tealight holders are a durable and affordable alternative to large pillar candles. These are also very easy to personalize with numeral stickers or markers. In this example, you can see how great this Advent decoration looks in a large bowl with candle holders, green moss and various succulents. A string of lights makes the decoration shine beautifully on days when the Advent candles are not lit.

modern advent wreath with tealight holders succulents and moss

Modern Advent wreath made of concrete

Concrete advent wreath ring decorate with succulents moss and cones

A concrete Advent wreath looks very simple, but also modern. For example, this Advent candle holder is called “The Ring” and can be easily found online. It can be perfectly combined with natural materials. Its natural green wonderfully softens the bulky concrete.

Scandinavian Advent wreath with succulents

modern advent wreath with succulents and gnomes

Scandinavian gnomes have been an integral part of Christmas decorations for several years now. These cute characters can also find a place in your succulent Advent wreath! Coordinate the colors of their caps with the selected candles and decorations.

Advent wreath arrangement in bowl with gnomes

Nostalgic Advent decorations

Advent wreath in bowl with succulents and white stick candles

If you get nostalgic at Christmas time and remember your childhood, you can also include small vintage-style figurines in your Advent wreath.

Extravagant composition in black

advent wreath with houseleek and black candles

Houseleeks (Sempervivum) are often popular because of their pretty leaf rosettes. But they also impress with their variety of colors. For example, these houseleeks with black leaves were combined with black candles and create an unusual accent in the Advent wreath.

Artificial succulents can look like the real thing these days

Advent wreath in bowl with artificial succulents and golden balls

You don’t want to use live plants in your Advent wreath? No problem! Artificial succulents are a great alternative and look like the real thing!

Alternative Advent wreath with thin candles

simple advent wreath with gravel and succulents

We light four candles on the four Sundays of Advent. You can still keep the tradition of four candles, but interpret their shape in a modern way. Here’s a great idea with four very thin, white candles tucked into a bowl of gravel and soil for stability. Just make sure that thin candles burn down much faster. So you should light them only for a short time in the evening.

Stick candles you can also put in a deeper bowl

advent arrangement with succulents