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Scandinavian decoration for Christmas: The most beautiful ideas for a minimalist Christmas decoration for an atmospheric celebration!

Aromatic cookies baking, Advent wreath tying and magical decorations around the house – Christmas is just around the corner and we can hardly wait to celebrate the most beautiful holiday of the year with our loved ones. Lanterns, candles, garlands, etc. – a cozy winter decoration is simply part of the Christmas season and immediately puts us in a festive mood. But sometimes, when lots of glitter and lush decorations decorate the whole city, we would rather have it a little more simple and quiet in our own four walls. Don’t feel like kitsch this year either? How about forgoing traditional Christmas decorations for a change and opting for Scandinavian decorations for Christmas instead? Create a cozy and cozy atmosphere and get inspired by our ideas for a purist and minimalist Christmas decoration!

What makes the Scandinavian decoration at Christmas?

Scandinavian decorations Christmas Christmas table decorations minimalist

Warm, cozy and timeless – this is the easiest way to describe a Scandinavian decoration at Christmas. In Scandinavia, for Yule (that’s how Christmas is called there), coziness is paramount and, logically, this includes the appropriate decoration. If you’re familiar with the latest home decorating trends, then you’ve definitely heard of the hygge lifestyle, which is typical of Nordic serenity. The living style is mainly about feeling happy and comfortable in your own four walls.

Christmas tree alternatives Scandinavian decoration Christmas

When it snows outside, our homes should be the coziest place to relax and warm up. Cozy blankets, candles, fairy lights and fluffy pillows should not be missing from the Scandinavian decoration for Christmas. In addition, naturalness is very important for the Scandinavians and if this is also the case with you, then you would be in the best place with a Christmas decoration made of natural materials.

To decorate Scandinavian for Christmas, stick to neutral colors and tones, such as white, beige, black and gray. Opt for minimalist, geometric decorations. Lighter wood, such as birch, also exudes a coziness and creates a cozy ambiance. True to the motto “less is more”, you should keep it simple and not overdo anything when it comes to Scandinavian decorations for Christmas.

Scandinavian decorate for Christmas with candles

Scandinavian decorating for Christmas Advent wreath alternatives

What makes the dull and cold winter months more contemplative and cozy than candles? Especially when it gets dark earlier outside, various sources of light create a relaxing atmosphere and immediately put us in a Christmas mood. Especially long stick candles or candles in a jar are typical for Scandinavian decoration at Christmas and look perfect everywhere in the apartment. Whether for the cozy corner by the window, as a fireplace replacement or as a simple table decoration – candlelight gives the room visual warmth and coziness.

Staircase decorating for Christmas Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas

And since it can sometimes be dangerous to have constantly burning candles in the house, you can also create this atmospheric atmosphere with artificial light. Perfect for this purpose are both large lanterns and practical LED candles, and the pretty decorations are ideal for decorating the outdoor area for Christmas and banish the darkness.

Paper stars for minimalist Christmas decoration

Paper star Christmas decoration do it yourself Scandinavian decoration Christmas

A Scandinavian decoration for Christmas without paper stars? We can not imagine! The beautiful stars hang in almost all living rooms in Norway and play a very important role in the Christmas decoration. But we are not surprised – even a few poinsettias on the window make the apartment look much more festive. Whether white, beige, gold or even bright – by now they are available in a wide variety of designs. It will be even more interesting if you use decorative stars in different sizes and colors for it. And the best part? If you have two left hands like us, or just time to tinker is scarce, you get the paper stars as decorations ready to hang.

Scandinavian decoration for Christmas with cozy home textiles.

Scandinavian decoration Christmas minimalist Christmas tree decoration ideas

Imagine the following scenario – it’s snowing outside, you’re drinking tea and watching Netflix under the cozy blanket. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? A Scandinavian decoration for Christmas is a great way to make our homes even cozier than usual. Statement pillows and cozy blankets in soft colors add a cozy ambiance to the room and can also easily transition into the new year after you remove all other Christmas decorations.

Minimalist Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations do it yourself Scandinavian decorate for Christmas

And what is the centerpiece of any Christmas decoration? The Christmas tree, of course! At the same time, this does not always have to be glamorous and lavishly decorated, quite the opposite. If you want to decorate for Christmas Scandinavian, it should also keep it simple and natural with the Christmas tree decorations. Ornaments made of wood or fresh greenery are ideal to bring nature into the house and look really gorgeous. In addition, the Christmas tree with the Scandinavians should not be perfect at all. To make it look even more natural, they prefer the tree to look like it was cut in their own backyard.

Christmas tree Scandinavian decorating minimalist Christmas decorations

And if your apartment is small, then you can opt for a small Christmas tree that fits perfectly on side tables or dressers. A tiny string of lights is gorgeous yet subtle enough to decorate Scandinavian for Christmas and make the little tree glow.

Great ideas for Scandinavian decorations for Christmas

minimalist christmas wreath ideas scandinavian decoration christmas

Christmas tree alternatives for a purist and simple Christmas decoration.

scandinavian decorate at christmas christmas tree alternative small apartment

Fine fairy lights create a cozy and inviting atmosphere

Table decoration Christmas from natural materials Scandinavian decorating for Christmas

Christmas decoration with natural materials is always a good idea

Christmas decoration from natural materials Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Scandinavian decorate for Christmas and bring nature into the house

Christmas decoration from natural materials Scandinavian Christmas decoration pictures

Minimalist Christmas decoration has a soothing and relaxing effect

minimalist table decoration christmas scandinavian christmas decoration ideas