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Santa Claus craft: Kids will love these easy DIY ideas for a cute Santa!

Christmas is almost around the corner and Santa Claus knocks then again to give us gifts. We can hardly wait until the time finally comes and decorate the whole house with cheerful Christmas decorations! Especially for children, the pre-Christmas season is something special – because they can actively participate in crafting. In today’s post, we’ve put together several ideas for a cute Santa that the whole family will love. Read on to learn how to craft a Santa Claus.

Santa Claus craft: Simple idea with toilet paper roll

Santa Claus from toilet paper roll craft tutorial

Do you have children of kindergarten or elementary school age and are looking for a simple and creative craft idea? Then you can choose to make a Santa Claus out of toilet paper rolls. You will need white, black and yellow felt fabric, red and white pom poms, red acrylic paint, red clay cardboard and wiggle eyes. Then as accessories you will need a flat paintbrush, scissors and super glue.

Santa Claus from toilet paper roll craft tutorial

First draw the beard on the white felt fabric and then cut it out. Meanwhile, have the kids paint about two-thirds of the toilet paper roll red. Then cut out the details for the belt from the black and yellow felt fabric and put them together. Cut a triangle out of the red clay cardstock. Next, assemble Santa Claus by gluing each detail to the toilet paper roll. Finished is the cute Santa Claus made from toilet roll.

Make Santa Claus out of wine corks

Santa Claus from wine corks craft with children pendant

The next craft idea also shortens the long wait for Christmas. Because the next tutorial for cute Santa Claus in small format will succeed even the most inexperienced craft enthusiasts. These cute Santas are also a great decoration for the children’s room. You can also hide them in the Advent calendar. For this craft idea you will need: wine corks, pink, black and white craft paint, red felt fabric, absorbent cotton, satin ribbon (if you want to use the Santas as Christmas tree decorations), flat brush, hot glue and scissors.

Santa Claus from wine corks tinker and paint

Instructions: first cut the red felt fabric and then shape a small cone for the Santa hat. Form a small ball out of the absorbent cotton and glue it to the top of the cone. Then spread some hot glue on the felt at the bottom of the hat and apply more absorbent cotton around the cork. Then paint Santa’s eyes and pink cheeks. Under the face now comes the beard made of absorbent cotton. If you wish, you can add a piece of red ribbon and use Santa as a gift tag.

Santa Claus from popsicle sticks

Santa Claus from popsicle sticks instruction

After just under two weeks, it’s Santa Claus Day. Fittingly, we offer you a quick craft idea that kids will simply love. You can then use the cute Santas as decorations for the table or simply give them as gifts. They can also be used as gift tags.

Santa Claus make from popsicle sticks with the kids

You will need the following materials: large wooden popsicle sticks (about 15 cm long), red acrylic paint, black paint, a small red pompom, a small circle of white clay cardboard for Santa hat, absorbent cotton and satin ribbon. Then you will need accessories: glue and scissors. First paint 2/3 of the popsicle stick red. Then paint the top of the popsicle stick red too (for the hat). Then paint two more white stripes – the first you need for the Santa hat, the second – for the beard. For the first time, let the painted popsicle sticks dry well. Then use cotton swabs to paint the black belt and eyes. After that, glue the red pom-pom. Now all that’s left is to take a piece of absorbent cotton and glue Santa’s beard on. Then cut a piece of satin ribbon and glue the two ends to the back of the popsicle stick.

Make Santa Claus out of pine cones

simple ideas for Santa Claus craft instructions

This next idea is super simple and great for even daycare-aged kids. You don’t need a lot of materials for it either. Organize an outing with the kids and collect cones in the forest or nearby park. Then let the cones dry overnight at room temperature first. Then the next day you can start crafting. You will still need the following materials for this purpose: small white pom-poms for the Santa hat, red felt fabric, a small wooden ball for the nose. Then you will need sponge stamps and white acrylic paint. In addition to this, you will also need universal glue or hot glue and scissors.

Santa Claus craft from pine cones instruction

Proceed as follows: First, make a Santa hat by cutting the red felt fabric to size and forming a cone. Glue the ends of the cone together. Then attach the small white pom-pom. Paint the edges of the pine cone with the white acrylic paint and let dry. Then attach the hat and glue the small wooden ball in the center front. Finished is the cute Santa Claus. If you want, you can make several such Santas and embellish them with Santa hats in different colors.

If you want to make a cute Santa Claus together with the children, then you should divide the tasks. The children can paint, cut and glue. It is important that you first practice together the proper use of scissors and hot glue and that you never leave the children without supervision while crafting.