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Quick advent wreath 2021: ideas with jars, bottles and upcycling materials

November 28, 2021 is the first Sunday of Advent. That means you have only two days left to make an Advent wreath quickly. What could be better than lighting the first Advent candle, especially if it’s a homemade version of the Advent wreath? Here we have compiled some of the most beautiful ideas for last minute Advent wreaths 2021, which you can conjure up in a few minutes. For this you will need simple things that you already have at home or can find in the park.

Advent wreath quick and simple with jars

advent wreath with glasses and nuts

Empty canning jars are wonderful for a variety of upcycling projects. From them are usually made lanterns, vases, snow globes and even makeup brush holders. To make a last-minute Advent wreath, fill the jars with hazelnuts and walnuts and stick a stick candle in the center of each. Add a nice ribbon around the neck of the jar to make the decoration look complete. By the way, you can easily paint on the numbers from 1 to 4 with a chalk marker .

make your own advent wreath with glasses and filling material

For a uniform look, it’s best to use glasses of the same size. However, there is nothing wrong if you combine glasses of different sizes. Just go for an element that visually ties them together, such as the same candles, bows or filler.

Advent wreath with tea lights make yourself.

advent wreath with glasses

Instead of the usual stick and pillar candles, you can also use simple tea lights for your last-minute Advent wreath. To make the tea lights stand a little taller and thus easier to light, fill each jar halfway with white decorative sand or artificial snow.

Decorate each glass candle holder differently.

advent wreath from glasses and natural materials

Do you have four totally different glass jars? No problem. You just need to choose a specific style for the decoration and go for similar materials. For example, to create a rustic look, jute, nuts, dried orange slices, wood slices, moss and cinnamon sticks are ideal.

Advent wreath for outside

advent wreath with glasses as lanterns for outside

Do you want to take your Advent wreath outside to the balcony or terrace? Then it’s best to use taller screw-top jars. This reduces the risk of fire and protects the candle flame from the wind. Don’t forget that the candle needs oxygen to burn. So you need to either unscrew the lid beforehand or make a few holes in it.

Upcycling idea with empty baby jars

advent wreath ideas with baby glasses

Baby jars take up little space and look totally cute! They can be filled quickly and are therefore also perfect for making Advent calendars . To keep the candles straight, use some greenery branches and stick them close together all around the jar.

Glass bottles as candle holders for stick candles

four glass bottles and stick candles for a quick advent wreath

Just like jars, bottles are very versatile. Did you know that glass bottles can easily be used as candle holders? Wash them well and remove the label. You can leave the bottles empty or fill them with winter finds, like anise stars, pine branches or red berries.

Water creates beautiful visual effects

advent wreath quick and easy to make with glass bottles

If you fill the bottles with water, the decorations inside will look even more effective. Make sure you have the candles well placed in the neck of the bottle so that they can’t fall when burning.

The candles should be firmly stuck in the neck of the bottle

simple advent wreath from four glass bottles

If the neck of the bottle is too big for your candles, use some moss as filler. Optionally, you can stamp labels with numbers and tie them around the neck of the bottle with jute twine.

Black, red and white are a particularly classy combination

modern advent wreath with black painted bottles and stick candles

If you have different bottles, such as whiskey, liquor and wine bottles, you can use color to create a visual connection. Paint all the bottles with black paint and let them dry. It’s best to apply a second coat so that the bottles are truly opaque. Once the black paint has dried, decorate the necks of the bottles with red wool thread and a green branch.

Advent wreath quick craft with tin cans

quick advent wreath with tin cans candles and moss make yourself

Canned food cans can also be reused in a variety of ways. The shiny surface of the metal reflects the light from the candles, creating sparkling effects. As an accent, you can attach a red satin ribbon and other small decorations.

alternative advent wreath quick craft with tin cans

Advent wreath with upside down wine glasses.

advent wreath with wine glasses and tealights in purple

Such an Advent wreath is super quick to make and also super cheap. You probably already have everything you need at home: wine glasses, tea lights and small Christmas tree balls. To fill the glasses, anise, angel hair and small pine cones are also suitable. The best part is that there are numerous design options – both in terms of color and arranging the glasses.

Tea and coffee cups as candle holders

advent wreath with vintage cups

A cup advent wreath can be whipped up in a flash by yourself! You can either raid your kitchen cupboard or pick out some new, pretty coffee cups. If you choose colorful patterned cups, it’s best to use white candles. And vice versa: colored candles will look better with white cups.

simple advent wreath with candle sticks

If you want to use fresh branches for your Advent wreath, you can keep them fresh longer with plug-in foam. Carve the foam with a knife to the desired size and fill the cups with it so that it is firmly stuck in them. Fill a bowl with water and let the foam soak itself up and sink into the container. Use a knife to cut a hole in the plug-in foam and then insert the candle.

If your cups are lower, you can also try the following idea.

advent wreath ideas with upside down coffee cups

Quick advent wreath in a muffin tin

advent wreath arrange in muffin tin

Last but not least comes an unusual idea: candles and treasures of nature arranged in a muffin tin as an Advent wreath. To make the metal baking pan look more Christmassy, paint it with gold paint and embellish it with a string of beads.