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Purist Christmas decoration: These ideas are guaranteed to create a cheerful mood!

Christmas is just around the corner! To really get into the Christmas spirit, we decorate our homes every year again. Beautiful Christmas wreaths, lanterns, candles and homemade Advent calendars – a cozy winter decoration is simply part of the cold season. But sometimes, when the whole city and the stores are adorned with an overdose of glitter and lush decorations, we prefer to keep it simple and minimalist at home. True to the motto “less is more”, a purist Christmas decoration is a great option to escape the hustle and bustle of the season and make us feel more calm and serene. Soft colors, natural materials and subtle accents – this year we’re making ourselves really cozy in our own four walls! Already tired of kitschy decorative items and would rather keep things simple for a change? Then put yourself in a cheerful mood and get inspired by our minimalist decorating ideas!

Purist Christmas decoration: What belongs to it?

modern Christmas decoration in white Christmas tree minimalist decorate

Minimalism as a style of living is in recent years as never before. The abundant life has led many of us back to the original. A purist Christmas decoration is above all one thing: simple and restrained. Subtle colors, clean lines and small details always ensure an effective elegance. Above all, emphasis is placed on first-class quality. So kitschy plastic stuff from the 1-euro store has lost nothing in the purist decoration.

small Christmas trees as table decoration purist Christmas decoration ideas 2021

When outside the snow trickles and it is getting colder, our home should be the coziest place to relax and warm up. Fluffy pillows, cozy blankets and soft candlelight create a cozy atmosphere. For example, fairy lights look beautiful not only on the Christmas tree. They also come into their own wonderfully as indirect lighting and small accents on the windowsill or as table decorations.

Natural aesthetics

table decoration christmas minimalistic puristic christmas decoration ideas 2021

Purist Christmas decor is all about minimalist colors and natural materials. And if there is one trend that must not be missing this year at Christmas, then it is guaranteed sustainability. Natural materials are used most of all. Think wood, jute, grasses or cork. So for a purist Christmas decoration, you can use everything you discover during a walk through the park. Cones, fruits, nuts, branches and leaves are best suited for an inexpensive Christmas decoration and give the rooms an elegant flair. The simplicity and clarity that result help us focus solely on the holidays and our loved ones.

Elegant Christmas wreath for the perfect purist Christmas decoration.

Christmas wreath ideas 2021 purist Christmas decoration pictures

Beautiful and festively decorated Christmas wreaths are an absolute staple for a purist Christmas decoration. We all know the classic version of four candles and green fir branches. But this year, the Christmas wreath is allowed to appear a little different and more elegant. Advent wreaths made of eucalyptus , flowers or grasses look just as beautiful and can also be super easy and quick to make yourself. Rather do without glitter and colorful baubles and decorate the wreath exclusively with minimalist pendants and pretty greenery of your choice. A very great advantage of eucalyptus is that it stays fresh longer and looks pretty classy even when dried. At the same time, you can really let off steam not only when it comes to decorating the Advent wreath. You are also flexible as far as the placement is concerned. Whether on the wall, above the dining table or centered on the coffee table in the living room – such a purist Christmas decoration comes out perfectly everywhere.

Decorate the Christmas tree minimalist

puristic christmas decoration ideas christmas tree minimalistic decorate

Decorating the Christmas tree heralds the coming family holiday. A pretty Christmas tree always creates the ultimate Christmas mood and is the main piece of any decoration. However, this does not have to be really lush and glamorous. Pendants made of feathers, metal or paper look super classy and fit harmoniously into the modern living image.

minimalist christmas tree pictures purist christmas decoration pictures

For a cozy, purist decoration, keep it rather simple with natural elements, which are then loaded with even more fresh greenery. Take a walk in the woods and collect laurel and mistletoe branches, pine cones and moss. Craft a pretty garland from them and wrap it around the Christmas tree. If you wish, you can also hang seasonal flowers like poinsettia, dried apples or nuts on the tree for little accents. Or how about just grabbing some glass ornaments at the store and filling them with small fir branches? Simple and incredibly stylish! Of course, you could also skip any kind of decorations and put the Christmas tree in a pretty basket.

Purist table decorations for Christmas

scandinavian table decoration christmas puristic christmas decoration 2021 pictures

Christmas is a feast for the palate! We can hardly wait to gather with our loved ones around the set dining table. And what can not be missing? A suitable table decoration, of course! For a successful purist Christmas decoration, you should first think about a color concept and stick to it. For example, you could use the tableware as a guide or pick up the colors from other decorative elements in the room. Natural, simple and still super chic: Add a few draped fir branches to the decorative bowls for more dynamism and a beautiful wintry flair. Vase arrangements and flower arrangements can be set off perfectly with red berries, different cones or fruit branches.

table decoration christmas minimalistic puristic christmas decoration ideas

To create a handsome purist Christmas decoration for the dining table, you don’t need to be good at crafting, nor do you need a lot of materials. It only depends on the arrangement of the individual elements. Subtle natural tones such as white and beige form a harmonious symbiosis and can be perfectly complemented with classic Christmas colors such as green, gold or red, as desired. Even bare branches simply placed on the table provide a cool contrast and a cozy atmosphere.

puristic christmas decoration for the table minimalistic table decoration pictures

Christmas baubles belong only on the fir tree? But we see it differently! These pretty accessories actually look great anywhere in the home and are perfect for subtle, purist Christmas decor. Fill a plain tray with a few Christmas baubles and small fairy lights and you’ve conjured up an unobtrusive and very classy decoration.

Minimalist Christmas decoration with candles

puristic christmas decoration ideas table decoration christmas pictures

Purist Christmas decoration without candles? Hardly imaginable! Whether as a fireplace replacement or placed on the dining table: Nothing gives the room more comfort and coziness than candlelight. Especially long stick candles in simple candlesticks or candles in a glass are ideal to put us in a festive mood and create a cheerful atmosphere.

Puristic Christmas decoration: The most beautiful ideas at a glance

Christmas tree decorations do it yourself purist Christmas decoration ideas

Discreet and very noble: natural elements for a cheap and stylish Christmas decoration.

puristic christmas decoration for the outdoor area cheap christmas decoration do it yourself

A pretty Christmas wreath simply belongs in the cold season

puristic christmas decoration ideas 2021 minimalistic christmas wreath do it yourself

Pine cones, twigs and all the treasures of nature are ideal for a purist Christmas decorations suitable

Scandinavian Christmas decoration 2021 apartment purist decorate Christmas

For a cozy Christmas decoration it does not always have to be the oversized Christmas tree that reaches to the ceiling

scandinavian living style decoration ideas christmas puristic christmas decoration 2021

Arrange a few Christmas balls on a tray and already the living room looks more festive

table decoration with christmas balls puristic christmas decoration pictures

Minimalist wall decoration made of fir branches is a real eye-catcher

cheap christmas decoration ideas puristic decoration christmas

There are absolutely no limits to your creativity when designing your Advent wreath

Advent wreath ideas 2021 purist Christmas decoration make yourself

The purist Christmas decoration is based on the motto “less is more”.

elegant table decoration Christmas puristic Christmas decoration 2021

With candles as table decoration you simply can not go wrong

cheap christmas decoration do it yourself table decoration christmas 2021

Natural elements as Christmas decorations provide a cozy atmosphere

minimalist wall decor christmas purist christmas decoration ideas 2021