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Painting Christmas pictures: Conjure up simple and beautiful Christmas motifs for cards with children

You want to paint creative and beautiful Christmas pictures with the kids? We have some super simple ideas on how you can make beautiful Christmas motifs yourself using sand, fingerprints or handprints and household items such as a fork or kitchen sponge.

Painting Christmas pictures: Handprints

Christmas pictures painting hand prints

Painting with handprints is fun for young and old. You just need to apply paint on the hand or fingers, press hard on the paper and then paint the details. A tip: draw the face first and then stamp the colors with your hand. Let them dry and paint the small details. You can use cotton swabs or again fingers to paint nose, red Christmas balls and so on.

Painting with fingers: beautiful and funny Christmas motifs

Christmas pictures with elves paint instruction and ideas

Children of kindergarten age love to paint with their fingers. The next Christmas motifs give them this opportunity. However, for the final result to look good, good planning is necessary. It is best to draw the motif in advance so that the child can get an accurate idea of how it will look.

christmas pictures painting with kids light chain

Children up to three years old can paint a string of lights or angels, while elementary school-aged children can paint intricate designs like snowmen or elves.

The best part about this idea is that it is perfect for families with multiple children. You can either prepare a picture for each child or the kids can get together and paint a picture together.

Painting with fingers snowman as Christmas picture with child

Of course, if you paint with your hands or fingers, then you will have to deal with more cleaning. A child’s apron can protect their clothes. But it’s also worth their while to line the area under the work surface with packing wrap or newspaper. Also consider how to protect the chairs. Most finger paints are water-based and can be washed out. However, chairs, carpets, etc. will dry out slowly.

Which colors are suitable?

Angel from fingerprints make instruction

But which colors are actually suitable for finger painting? You can find special finger painting colors in craft stores. They are suitable for children who have already given up the mouth-trying reflex. That is, about two and a half years old. High-quality paints have a Din Geprüft mark and also contain bitumen. They can be quickly and easily removed from clothing and skin with soap or detergent and water.

Stamp Christmas motifs like fir tree with kitchen sponge

Christmas tree stamping tutorial with sponge

Stamping Christmas motifs is also a lot of fun for children and increases their anticipation of Christmas. When doing this, parents should first make the stamps. Take cookie cutters with Christmas motifs such as fir tree or stars. Place them on a new kitchen sponge and draw the motifs on the sponge.  Then cut out the motifs with a cutter knife.

Christmas tree stamping instructions for beautiful card with Christmas motifs

Take a paintbrush and apply plenty of paint to the stamps. You can mix colors as you like. Then let the child stamp the paper.

By the way, you can also use other materials and household things for stamping. However, the advantage of the kitchen sponge is that it is durable and can be washed easily. You can also cut out other motifs and continue to use them for stamping after Christmas.

Paint Christmas pictures: Conjure up a fir tree with a fork

Christmas tree with fork paint stamp instruction

Another super simple and effective idea is to paint with a fork. You can have different painting projects and try different Christmas motifs. However, fir branches look the best. Therefore, you can paint a fir tree or maybe a wreath made of fir branches.Use different shades of green to give the painting more depth. Then let the colors dry and put some paint on cotton swabs. Then use it to stamp Christmas tree balls in different colors on the paper.

How to paint beautiful Christmas pictures with sand

Christmas pictures with salt paint with children instruction

You want to paint beautiful Christmas pictures and show off the final result? Then you should choose a picture with sand. The principle is very simple. You first draw Christmas motifs on a sheet of paper. Then you apply universal glue only on the lines. Before the glue can dry out, the children shake colored sand onto the sheet of paper. Some of it will stick to the paper.

You can do this in different ways: You can paint Christmas balls or fill them with color. You can also draw only the outer lines first and then fill the inside with a different color. The possibilities are simply endless. And the best – the pictures succeed even complete beginners.

Create beautiful Christmas pictures with the kids. Paint with your fingers, stamp Christmas motifs with kitchen sponges or experiment with colored sand. Then you can hang the pictures at home or send them to the grandparents as a greeting card.