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Painting Christmas baubles: 3 tutorials for crafting with the kids

Christmas balls painting Christmas tree decorations make yourself

Whether Christmas ornaments or gift tags: these colorful Christmas baubles create a cheerful mood and bring a smile to the whole family’s face. We show you three foolproof instructions with alcohol Ink. The waterproof alcohol-based ink can be easily applied to glass. It dries quickly and does not change color. In this way, you are sure that the lovingly crafted decorations for the Christmas tree will not fade for at least several years. Be inspired by our ideas and give a fresh touch to Christmas decorations. Learn how to paint Christmas balls the fastest and cleanest way!

Paint Christmas balls: Craft cheerful Christmas decorations

Christmas balls paint transparent ideas children

Add splashes of color to the Christmas tree – These colorful Christmas balls add a modern touch to the Christmas tree. They are therefore best suited for minimalist or eclectic interiors, where the traditional color scheme of red and green will simply look too boring. We will show you how to craft the semi-transparent baubles in solid color.

Christmas balls painting watercolor dissolve materials overview

The necessary materials at a glance:

Transparent glass Christmas baubles

Alcohol Ink – waterproof alcohol-based ink, various colors.

Cleaning spirit or rubbing alcohol

Spray bottle

Rubber gloves

Baking paper or packaging foil to protect the work surface from stains

Christmas balls painting instructions alkochol spray ideas

Step 1: Fill the spray bottle with the cleaning gasoline/cleaning alcohol. The substance is contained in almost every cleaning water and has excellent grease-dissolving properties. Among other things, this successfully removes various grease stains from wooden floors, sweat stains from clothes and wax from parquet, cleans brushes and jewelry, and even washes leather shoes. So you can also use the detergent in the household. Our tip: When buying, get detailed advice on storage, properties and proper use. Take into account all safety measures (if specified by the manufacturer). You can buy cleaning alcohol from a pharmacy. It is referred to as isopropanol. You will also need to get advice on this. It is best to explain what you need it for at the very beginning.

Step 2: Remove the metal hangers and spray the Christmas balls with the cleaning benzine. Carefully rub the benzine on the surface. Ventilate the room well.

Christmas balls painting paint dissolve glass

Step 3: Apply paint to the Christmas balls. Be careful not to leave any blank spots. Cover the surface completely.

christmas balls painting uni color christmas decoration with children

Step 4: Drain the Christmas balls onto the baking paper or plastic wrap and let dry. Preferably, let the Christmas tree decorations dry for at least one night.

Christmas balls painting uni color watercolor alkochol technique kindergarten

Step 5: Once the Christmas balls are completely dry, attach the tags again.

Christmas balls painting ideas different colors

You can, of course, pour the paint into the balls, in any case, the final result will look rather matte and not slightly shimmery. By the way, you can not wash the Christmas balls.

Christmas balls painting ideas different colors instruction

Painting Christmas balls: Achieve watercolor effect

Christmas balls paint watercolor technique distribute brush

If you have already mastered the design in plain color, then you can also try the next craft idea. We will show you how to craft Christmas balls in two or more colors.

Christmas balls painting watercolor mixing ideas

You will need the following materials:

Transparent glass Christmas balls

Alcohol Ink – Waterproof alcohol-based ink, various colors.

Cleaning spirit or rubbing alcohol

Spray bottle

Rubber gloves

Baking paper or packaging foil to protect the work surface from stains

Brush or stamp

Christmas balls painting bottle spraying watercolor apply

Follow the steps from 1 to three at the beginning. Spray the Christmas balls with rubbing alcohol, rub it on the surface. Then first apply a base color, and then add several drops of a contrasting color. If necessary, use the brush to lightly smear the color. Optionally, you can apply the contrast color to stamps to create beautiful designs. Drop several drops of different colors onto a piece of felt, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and stamp the Christmas tree balls with it. Let the kids help with the painting. In any case, do not forget that the paint dries very quickly and, accordingly, you need to quickly smear the second color.

Painting Christmas balls: Apply paint inside and outside

Christmas balls painting watercolor apply ideas

When you paint your Christmas balls, you can apply the paint inside or outside. But you can also combine the two painting techniques. Then the creative designs shown above will result. First, this involves painting the Christmas tree baubles inside in solid color, and then brushing them outside with contrasting color. We will show you how to do it.

Christmas balls painting instructions first step outside watercolor apply

You will need the same materials as in the other tutorials above:

Transparent Glass Christmas Balls

Alcohol Ink – Waterproof alcohol based ink, various colors.

Cleaning naphtha or rubbing alcohol

Spray bottle

Rubber gloves

Baking paper or packaging foil to protect the work surface from stains

Brush or stamp

In addition, you will need wooden shish kebab skewers

Christmas balls painting drip application ideas

And this is how to paint the balls: First pair drops on the outer side drops, then put the balls on the shish kebabs and let them dry. You can, similar to the previous instructions paint the balls with brushes or use stamps with different patterns. It is best to use felt cloth or make-up sponges for the stamp. Let your creativity run wild and try out different variations. Let the kids join in and, of course, decide the designs. You can then give the Christmas balls to the grandparents or decorate the Christmas gifts with them .

Christmas balls painting outside paint brush watercolor alkochol

You need to let the Christmas balls dry for at least one night. Only then you can proceed with painting. Do not forget to air the room in the morning. By the way, you must not wash these baubles, because the colors will smear or be completely washed off.

Christmas balls painting ideas three stages watercolor outside indoors

The next day, color the completely dry Christmas balls inside. Simply pour several drops of paint and gently shake the Christmas ball. Let dry and attach the pendant made of metal.

By the way, you can paint not only Christmas balls.  Other Christmas decorations can also be decorated using the Watercolor technique. In any case, if the shape is about more complicated, it has corners and edges (such as the Christmas star) you can stamp the glass surface or paint with a brush. For even more WOW effect, apply a layer of glitter on it. Let your imagination run wild – you can even label the Christmas baubles with the Alcohol Ink. We wish the whole family a lot of fun while crafting!

Christmas balls paint watercolor apply ideas