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Make your own Christmas tree from succulents: This is the modern alternative to the mini Christmas tree!

You think the Min Christmas trees are cute, but you are looking for a modern alternative? Then you can choose a Christmas tree made of succulents. These super cute miniature Christmas trees will increase your anticipation for the upcoming holiday and are the perfect decoration for the pre-Christmas season.

Make your own Christmas tree from succulents: Instructions

Alternative to the Christmas tree from succulents trend

The classic Christmas tree is too boring for you? We think so too and are currently looking for alternatives in small format. Because this year there is no suitable place in our office where we can put up a big tree.

That’s why we decided on a mini Christmas tree. It should look modern, so that it fits harmoniously into the furnishings and the rest of the decoration and preferably not bring any additional dirt (last year the fir lost a lot of needles). A Christmas tree made of succulents, on the other hand, is a purist alternative that lasts a long time and at the same time remains compact. Perfect for those who have little available space.

The modern alternative to the Christmas tree with plug-in foam tinkering.

Christmas tree craft from succulents modern decoration make yourself

Nowadays, succulents can be found in almost every home. They are very easy to care for, compact and can cope for long periods without water.

For the first project you will need 2 cones of green plug-in foam, about 40 cm high. You will then need about 50 succulents of various sizes, a green bowl or plate as a trivet, 1 shish kebab skewer and a pack of toothpicks.

Christmas tree from succulents do it yourself tutorial

Follow these steps: First, poke holes in the cut foam with the shish kebab skewer and then insert the succulents into the holes. First cover the cutting foam with small succulents and then fill in the gaps with large succulents, dried flowers or fresh flowers. You can use toothpicks to further secure large succulents. Wrap long branches of a climbing plant around the succulent tree as a garland.

Christmas tree made of succulents: The right care

Christmas tree DIY ideas from succulents instructions and ideas

Now you should think about where to put the succulent tree. The plants, which are known for their excellent water-retaining properties, can easily thrive heat and direct sunlight. However, since it gets cold in the evenings in their native countries and temperatures can drop sharply at night, they thrive easily even at 5 degrees Celsius. Even more so – they actually need this cold to feel comfortable.

There are also hardy species that you should use if you want to put the Christmas tree outside. Such are, for example, the houseleek, the stonecrop and the wall pepper.

Succulents can handle little water. Place the arrangement in a sunny spot indoors (on a windowsill, for example) and water them occasionally. It’s better to water sparingly, because succulents become waterlogged and can rot if overwatered.

Planting the mini Christmas tree

Instead of fir tree use succulents as Christmas decoration on table

The first craft instruction was for cut flowers and the succulents were attached with plug-in foam. Another option is to plant the succulents. For this purpose, you will need a cone shape made of wire, a bag made of fleece and a mix of different succulents. You will also need accessories: a bucket, a bowl, substrate for succulent, scissors, possibly Christmas tree decorations such as stars, garlands, Christmas balls and so on.

Christmas tree from succulents as an alternative to the classic Christmas tree

Instructions: First, put the spaghnum moss in the bucket. Pour enough water into the container to just cover the moss. Allow it to swell in the water. Cut the fleece to size and line the inside of the cone with it. Fill the moss into the cone, first lightly squeezing the natural material with your hands. Then you can place the cone upright in the center of the bowl and fill in the gaps with a mixture of moss and substrate for succulents. Plant several large succulents.

modern alternative to the mini fir tree

Now you need to cut small holes in the fleece with scissors or a cutter knife and put the roots of the succulents in the holes. Work from the bottom up and place the large plants first. Only then can you arrange the small plants. You can fill in the gaps with moss. After that, it only remains to decorate the Christmas tree of succulents as you like.

It is best to use other decorations made of natural materials. Dried flowers, wooden stars, garlands made of fabric add the finishing touch to the design. However, you can also do without additional decorations and simply display the mini Christmas tree in a natural look.

Mini Christmas trees are perfect for gift giving. They are compact, undemanding and cut a fine figure in any interior. In particular, the variant with the plug-in foam is easy to transport. In our office, colleagues have chosen the variant for planting. We would like to try planting the succulents soon. Then it means watering the plants from time to time and putting them in a sunny place. Since we don’t run the heater overnight, it gets cold after the end of the work day and the temperature drops to 8 degrees Celsius. So the succulents should be comfortable.