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Make illuminated Christmas decorations for the garden yourself: 2 DIY ideas for glowing baubles!

When it comes to Christmas decorations for the garden, the bigger and more effective the better. Fortunately, today you can find great ideas for XXL Christmas decorations online, which can be made from simple and inexpensive materials such as inflatable beach and gym balls , metal mixing bowls and even tomato barn towers. But any object appears even more magical and beautiful when it is illuminated. That’s why today we’re going to show you some cool ideas on how to make illuminated outdoor Christmas decorations yourself. With this, you will immediately put neighbors and passers-by in the Christmas mood!

Illuminated Christmas decoration 2021: Make balls from wire mesh yourself

illuminated christmas decoration outdoor do it yourself

You can add an artistic touch to the Christmas lights in your front yard with lighted balls made from chicken wire. They are actually quite easy to make, with just a few materials.

make your own lighted ball for the garden from fairy lights and chicken wire

For each bauble you will need:

  • Chicken wire (hexagonal mesh).
  • Wire cutters
  • Cable ties
  • Measuring tape
  • string of lights with bulbs (in the desired color)
  • Extension cord for outside

Step 1: Cut the chicken wire to size

cutting chicken wire for christmas decoration

Roll out the chicken wire on a flat surface to the desired height, using the measuring tape as a guide. Then cut the chicken wire to the desired length using wire cutters.

Step 2: Shape chicken wire into a cylinder

chicken wire folding into a cylinder

To form the chicken wire into balls, you must first shape it into a cylinder. This will give it a round shape later. Then cut off the excess with wire cutters. Once the excess is cut off, the cylinder will look more angular.

Step 3: Close the openings

close each end of the cylindrical chicken wire with cable ties

To close the openings at both ends of the cylinder, use cable ties. Simply pull the cable tie tight through the meshes.

Step 4: Shape the sphere

form ball from wire mesh

After the cable ties are secured, adjust the bent chicken wire until the ball is perfectly round.

Step 5: Attach string of lights

wrap fairy lights around chicken wire

Thread light bulbs through the openings in the chicken wire until the entire sphere is covered.

Step 6: Attach extension cord

attach extension cord for outdoor christmas decoration

Once all the balls are covered with lights, place them appropriately in the garden and connect them to the extension cords.

Present lighted balls in groups in the front yard

illuminated christmas decoration for the garden

For a more modern look, you can group the baubles in an odd number around the front yard.

make your own illuminated christmas decoration xxl

If you like it colorful, feel free to play with different colors. Strings of lights in red, green and blue also look fantastic. When stringing them, make sure the bulbs are evenly distributed around the ball.

make your own lighted christmas decoration for the garden

Decorate trees in the garden for Christmas

lighted christmas ball to hang on a tree

Do you have trees in the garden? Then you can also decorate them for Christmas and create a beautiful atmosphere! In this case, you can shape the baubles a little smaller, so that they look like classic Christmas tree decorations. Of course, it depends on how big your tree is.

lighted balls hanging from a tree

There are, of course, many other ways to set the scene for the glowing baubles. Hanging on a garden pole with hoes, you will beautify flower beds, paths and tubs and become a real eye-catcher. These lighted Christmas decorations can also bring the magic of Christmas to hallways and entryways.

lighted christmas decoration indoor and outdoor

Illuminated Christmas decoration from glass balls

illuminated christmas balls indoor

White lampshades made of glass are also wonderful for making illuminated Christmas decorations for the garden! These are not as large and eye-catching as the XXL mesh balls, but look very effective as a group. You can find cheap ball lights on Ebay, by the way. The diameters vary between 20 and 30 cm.

make lighted christmas ball from glass ball yourself

You will need:

  • Ball lamps in different sizes
  • Plastic or tuna cans
  • Eyebolts (20 or 40 cm) *Adjust the size to the container you choose.
  • spray paint in gold
  • white adhesive tape
  • gravel
  • battery-powered string of lights

spray plastic container with spray paint

Step 1: First, wash the globe lights with a solution of water and vinegar. Also, remove any sticky label residue from your cans before proceeding. Here’s a little tip you may or may not already know: the best remedy to remove stubborn adhesive residue is to use WD-40 . Just spray on the penetrating oil and scrub it off with a paper towel.

Step 2: After cleaning the cans, drill a hole in the center of each can and screw in an eye hook. Then spray the whole thing with gold spray paint and let them dry.

make lighted christmas decorations

Step 3: To make the lamp balls stand upright in a stable way, place them on a wreath. However, you can also fill them with gravel for even more stability. When you’re done, stick the battery-operated string of lights inside and tape the plastic box over the opening.

Decorated stair treads create a homey atmosphere

illuminated christmas balls for outside homemade

By the way, you can also let your creativity run wild and decorate the ball lights with stencils and paint or Christmas stickers. Through the soft light, these come wonderfully to the fore.

Combine the baubles with candle lanterns and fir greenery.

christmas decoration lighted balls homemade

You can also use transparent lampshades made of textured glass for this DIY project. Just keep in mind that you will still be able to see the wires from the fairy lights. However, this is not so bad if you just look at the illuminated Christmas decoration from a distance.

christmas decoration balls lighted inside

lighted christmas decoration outside