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Make gift tags for Christmas: 20 beautiful DIY ideas and free templates

At Christmas, young and old alike look forward to beautifully wrapped presents. With self-made gift tags they are particularly well received and give twice as much pleasure. And best of all: The tags remain a nice memory even after the Christmas season and can be used as Christmas decorations next year. We show you 20 ideas how to craft gift tags for Christmas. Made of clay, clay cardboard or leather, decorated with pompoms, buttons and glitter spray, in modern or vintage style: in today’s article you will find a wide range of designs as well as several free templates. Let yourself be inspired!

Craft gift tags for Christmas: Rudolf the reindeer

Gift tag Rudolf the reindeer tinker instruction

Below we will show you how to make colorful and beautiful gift tags and Christmas cards yourself from various materials. For this purpose, you can use clay cardboard, modeling clay, wood and even leather. For the first idea you will need the following materials:

  • Pompoms in red and yellow
  • Packing cardboard
  • Crayon, black
  • Glitter painting color in gold
  • Wiggle eyes, self-adhesive
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • String or decorative ribbon of your choice

To make a Rudolph the Reindeer gift tag, first make a template. Then cut it out and cut several gift tags from brown clay cardstock. On the back of each tag, write congratulations, a loving message, or simply the recipient’s name. Then punch a hole with the hole punch. Glue on a pom pom for the nose and wiggle eyes and paint the antlers.

Make scrapbook gift tags yourself

Paper gift tags for Christmas

Scrapbook gift tags are enjoying a surge in popularity. The next craft tutorial is most quickly done with a die-cutting machine, but you can also use pinking shears. You will also need the following materials and supplies:

  • Punching and embossing machine
  • Circle motif as a template
  • Clay cardboard in white
  • Motif paper
  • Glitter
  • Stickers (penguins, snowman, Santa Claus etc.)

Make your own gift tags from clay cardboard for Christmas tutorial

Place a circle template and the white clay cardstock between the plates of the die cutting machine and crank it through the machine to make a circle. Label the label on the back. Then punch out smaller circles from colored wrapping paper or clay cardstock. Glue the small ones to the large circles and then the tags. If you wish, you can sprinkle glitter on the gift tags. Punch a hole at the top for the twine. If desired, you can also attach cypress branches, rose hips or other natural materials of your choice.

Make your own Christmas gift tags: String of lights from clay cardboard

Cut out gift tags from clay cardboard fairy lights

The next craft idea combines gift wrap and gift tag in one. You will need clay cardboard (pink, yellow and blue), string, glue and a black marker. First make a template for the light bulbs, then cut them out and glue them to the twine. Wrap the finished “string of lights” around the gift and tie the ends together.

Make gift tags from washi tape

Christmas gift tags cut out Christmas baubles

From washi tape you can make cheerful wrapping and gift tags for Christmas. We will show you how to make Christmas balls from washi tape. In principle, you can also cut out other shapes, such as stars, fir trees and so on. This craft tutorial is perfect for families with young children and is a great idea for a leisure activity on cold winter days. For this purpose you will need the following materials and supplies:

  • white paper
  • Washi tape in green (matte and with glitter)
  • washi tape in red (matte and with glitter)
  • a circle cutter
  • a fineliner
  • a hole punch

Christmas gift tags craft from Washi Tape

On a sheet of paper, glue alternating strips of matte green and glittery green Washi Tape. Use the circle cutter to set the desired circle radius and cut out the circles. Alternatively, use a compass to draw the circles and then cut them out with scissors. Then label the gift tag.

DIY gift tags from modeling clay

Clay gift tag making instructions and ideas

By the way, you can also make gift tags from modeling clay. You can find air-drying modeling clay in stores, which is perfect for the next craft tutorial. Another option is to dry or bake the pendants in the oven. Below we will explain how to do that. You will need the following materials and craft supplies:

  • Modeling clay in white, soft
  • square cookie cutter (you can also use other shapes or cookie cutters of your choice)
  • round cookie cutter
  • Letters with holding rail
  • If desired: brush, glitter or other color
  • decorative ribbons for hanging
  • Rolling pin

Make gift tags from clay instruction

Buy a soft air-drying modeling clay and roll it out thinly with a rolling pin. Then cut out several gift tags, punch holes for hanging and emboss them with the letters. If desired, you can then decorate them with glitter spray or paint them with an accent color. When the tags are finished, let them dry overnight in a warm place.

Painting Watercolor Gift Tags

Gift tags for gifts at Christmas paint Watercolor painting technique

The English term “watercolor” has successfully become synonymous with watercolor painting. However, there is a difference between the two terms, although the painting technique is basically the same. Watercolor painting is used to paint entire pictures, while Watercoloring is used to paint letters, fonts or individual motifs. Semi-transparent paints are diluted with water, applied to the paper with a flat or round brush and smudged with a special brush. The background, i.e. the white paper, shimmers through.

Gift tags for Christmas paint yourself fir tree step by step drawing with Watercolor technique

Both experienced amateur painters and complete beginners can easily master the next DIY tutorial. First, dilute green and yellow paints. Then draw the contours of a fir tree with a pencil. Using a flat brush, apply the light green paint first and then the dark green paint. Smudge the contours with a smudge brush. Let the fir tree dry and then paint several Christmas tree balls and a poinsettia. Let the colors dry again and draw a garland with a fineliner. Your Watercolor gift tag is finished!

Vintage Christmas gift tags (templates)

Vintage style gift tag making with printable templates

The next gift tags give a vintage touch to the present. They can be glued or hung and can then also serve as garland or Christmas tree tags. A great reminder of the beautiful gift and the perfect surprise for grandparents. In the article you will find several templates in different sizes that you can print and cut out.

Vintage Christmas gift tag making instructions

To make the tags look really vintage, you can brush them with water. A touch of glamour is brought by golden glitter, with which you can paint them. Popular vintage motifs are small children, Santa Clause, various animals (reindeer, bunnies) and of course angels. You can, of course, create a vintage gift tag as a photo collage yourself. In this case, you can also attach music paper next to the picture or write a cute greeting with a beautiful font. Candles, numbers and mistletoe also go well with the theme.

You can also let the gift tags age. Place them on a baking sheet and let them dry at 80 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes. Never leave the paper in the oven without supervision while doing this! Then, so that the gift tags keep their shape, you can glue them on white clay cardboard.

Vintage style gift tag making with Mod Podge

If you wish, you can embellish the tags with natural materials. Rose hips, small cones and tree leaves are perfect for this. To make the gift tags look like a vintage greeting card, you can also stick stamps on them. If they are rectangular, then you can also use them as bookmarks after Christmas. A nice gift for the grandparents!

Vintage Gift Tags Free Printable Template

Another idea is to stamp the vintage tags. Craft stores offer numerous stamp sets with various congratulations or Advent calendar numbers. A “For You” seal stamp is also guaranteed to look good. The stamps are a perfect solution in case you need to label a lot of presents.

Make your own gift tags from tree wood slice

Wooden and blackboard paint gift tags for Christmas

If you want to let your creativity run wild, then the next craft idea is just for you.  The gift tag is made of wood and is a stylish decoration for the winter season. You will need the following materials:

  • tree slices with a diameter of 5 cm
  • black blackboard paint
  • snowflake stamp
  • white stamping ink
  • natural materials for decoration
  • string for hanging
  • brush

Paint the tree slice with blackboard paint and let it dry. Then stamp a snowflake on it with white paint and decorate the wooden disc with natural materials, decorative ribbons and so on. Glue the string to the back. You can write on the tag with chalk, or just leave it blank as a decoration.

Scrabble – Make gift tags

Christmas gift tags made with wood and Scrabble letters

Thread wooden Scrabble letters N-O-E-L onto a string and glue a plaid bow to it. You’re done with a quick, rustic gift tag. Feel free to experiment with other words to your heart’s content: HOHO! Joy! Christmas! To … and write the name of the recipient.

Make gift tags with buttons

Make gift tags with buttons and decorative ribbon and felt

From clay cardboard, red buttons and felt you can make an imaginative gift tag for Christmas. This craft idea is great for children of elementary school age. This way you can practice cutting them out in a playful way. You will need the following materials:

  • Clay cardboard or wrapping paper in brown
  • 3 red buttons of different sizes
  • Felt fabric, green
  • Washi tape, silver
  • a pair of scissors

Gift tag making ideas with felt and buttons

Cut out the tags from cardstock. Glue a piece of silver washi tape on top and arrange the three red buttons. Cut two leaves from the green felt and glue them over the buttons. Finished is the Christmas gift tag, which you can also craft with the kids.

Sewing gift tags from leather

Sewing leather gift tags for Christmas tutorial

Gift tags can be made not only from cardboard or paper. Faux leather is also quite suitable for this purpose. First, make a template of Christmas tree ornament and transfer it to the leather. Cut out several gift tags and glue them with rhinestones.

Cut out gift tags

Make and cut out gift tags

Finally, we offer you a very stylish idea for gift tags to cut out. Of course, you can cut out the snowflake motifs with a cutter knife, but beginners can also use motif punches. With them you can embellish not only Christmas gift tags, but also stationery, Christmas cards and other paper decorations.

Gift tag making templates to print and cut out