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Large Christmas baubles for the garden make yourself: so brilliantly cheap this decoration!

One of the easiest ways to make a statement with your Christmas decor this year is to think big. Once December arrives, it’s time to showcase the most beautiful homemade wreaths, fairy lights and festive garlands. It’s part of what makes Christmas so fun. Plus, it’s a great way to express your own style. But when you start planning your Christmas decorations, don’t forget about your front yard and patio (especially if space is not an issue for you). Today we reveal how you can make large Christmas baubles for the garden by yourself.

DIY large Christmas baubles for the front garden

When it comes to Christmas decorations, in our opinion, there is no such thing as “less is more”. And that’s exactly why these large outdoor Christmas baubles first caught our eye. First of all, they’re huge – like giant versions of the handmade ornaments you use to decorate your Christmas tree. They certainly make a statement that is oversized and in some cases, downright over-the-top. What’s more, eye-catching, oversized outdoor ornaments simply bring a cheerfulness that the usual outdoor Christmas decorations can’t match.

Make your own large Christmas balls for the garden

big red christmas balls for the garden

XXL Christmas balls are super easy to make from beach or gym balls. These come in diameters from 30 to 100 cm, so you can vary the sizes. Best of all, they only cost a few euros and look amazing!

Here’s what you’ll need for crafting:

  • Inflatable beach ball with a diameter of about 100 cm.
  • Spray paint for plastic in red and silver
  • Stamp with a matching motif
  • Acrylic paint in white
  • Stenciling brush, round
  • Stenciling brush, flat, 2.5 cm
  • Plastic pot
  • cordless drill with 4 mm drill attachment
  • Metal wire with 3 mm thickness
  • Pliers
  • Silicone glue
  • Clear lacquer in spray can

1. cover the whole ball with spray paint in any color. When doing this, use special paint for plastic so you are sure it will last. Red Christmas balls are best visible from a distance, but you can of course use another color like gold, green or dark blue. Let the paint dry for 3-4 hours.

DIY big christmas balls from inflatable float balls

2. now you can decorate the ball with stamps. To do this, use a round stenciling brush to thinly apply white acrylic paint to the stamp and press it onto the ball. The stamped pattern does not have to be perfect, because you will not look at the Christmas ball up close.

3. to separate the patterns and make them stand out better, also paint lines vertically around the ball. So that they are regularly spaced, you can follow the lines that are already on the beach ball.

hangers for big christmas balls do it yourself

4.Now you need to craft the hanger for your big Christmas ball. For this, you can use a flower pot or any other lightweight plastic container. Spray the pot with spray paint in silver or gold and let it dry well.

5. After the drying time, drill holes through both sides of the flower pot. Feed one end of wire through each hole and bend them over with pliers. This will hold the wire handle in place and prevent it from falling out.

huge christmas balls to hang up do it yourself

6.To attach the flower pot to the ball, use clear silicone glue and let it dry overnight is best. At the end, spray the finished Christmas ball with clear varnish to protect the color from weather conditions such as snow and rain.

extra large christmas balls for outside do it yourself

Large golden Christmas baubles to hang on the terrace.

big gold christmas baubles inflatable do it yourself

And here’s another variation on how you can decorate the inflatable ball for Christmas! For this tutorial, a slightly smaller, 30 cm gym ball was used. And instead of using stamps, it was decorated with snowflake stickers and rhinestones.

make your own giant christmas balls for the garden

It’s important to use E600 glue or silicone glue to attach plastic decorations to the ball so they don’t crack or break in cold weather. Another cool idea would be to use the hook from a wire coat hanger to hang the ball. Just cut it with wire cutters.

big christmas balls for outside decoration

Hang the finished Christmas balls with fishing line or other weatherproof string

big DIY christmas balls to hang on the terrace

Large Christmas balls with Santa belt

big christmas balls for outdoor do it yourself

The gym balls are also wonderful to create with paint and tape. To represent Santa’s belt buckle, all you need is tape, black acrylic paint and a square of gold painted wooden spatulas.

giant christmas balls from floating balls

Place the exercise ball on a surface that will stabilize and elevate it. If you place the ball on a plastic bucket, an empty coffee cup, or a roll of tape, it won’t roll away and will be easier to paint.

To make the black stripe, apply the tape around the entire circumference of the ball. Use a stenciling brush to apply the paint and let it dry briefly. Remove the tape before the paint is completely dry. Once dry, you can attach the belt buckle made from wooden spatulas.

Craft the hanging again from wire and a plastic cup

big christmas balls craft - instruction

XXL Christmas ball for the front garden

xxl christmas balls for outside do it yourself

XXl Christmas ornaments go wonderfully with any type of Christmas decoration. If you do not want to hang the Christmas balls, but arrange them on the ground, you should fill them with sand so that they stand stably and are not blown away by the wind.

make giant christmas balls outdoor yourself

The holidays are a great time to craft, spend time with friends and family, and make memories. However, if you don’t want to craft the Christmas balls every year, you can deflate them and store them folded. In this case, however, you should only embellish the balls with stickers and ribbons and not paint them with spray paint. Otherwise, cracks may appear in the dried paint.

And here’s another suggestion for Christmas decorations outside: DIY illuminated Christmas balls.