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Ikea Christmas decoration 2022: Do not miss these novelties for a unique Christmas atmosphere!

The furniture store Ikea has really done it to us. Once again it delights us with unique collections, which makes the enchanting Christmas mood only more magical and wonderful. So if you’re still looking for one or two new decorations, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for there. We’ve picked out a few highlights from the Ikea Christmas 2022 decorations that you should definitely consider if you want to create a unique atmosphere. And you might even pick up a bargain or two during Black Friday!

Small but mighty: How even the most inconspicuous products cause a stir

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 - Magical items for living room and kitchen

Having already given you a rough insight into the latest Christmas collections of the Swedish furniture store, we would now like to draw your attention to some special details. Turn your home into a true Christmas and winter paradise with these unique products:

Ikea Christmas Decoration 2022 – Noble accent for the table or windowsill.

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 - Noble fairy lights garland with golden leaves

If you think garlands are only for hanging, you’re sorely mistaken. Because they can in a simple and at the same time breathtaking way to enhance even the simplest table and make it shine – especially if they have integrated a chain of lights. The LED version with golden leaves from the STRÅLA collection of Ikea Christmas Decoration 2022 manages to do just that. Delicate and at the same time eye-catching, classy but not too stuffy. Since the bright garland looks rather subtle, you should keep the rest of the table decoration less imposing, so that its effect is not lost.

Table decorate with discreet fairy lights with golden stars or leaves in white

But the golden leaves variant is not the only one. It is also available with stars and white. And the string of lights looks simply wonderful not only draped on the table. You can also illuminate the window with it.

Ikea Christmas Decoration 2022 - Natural garland with lights made of artificial fir greenery or eucalyptus

Speaking of garland: if you prefer naturalness, you can also choose the fir garland from the STRÅLA collection. In the artificial fir greenery is integrated a discreet LED light chain, which can decorate any areas in the house: the door frame, the banister, the tabletop or a column, for example. Or how about the modern version with artificial eucalyptus?

Artificial Christmas tree or not after all?

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 - Artificial Christmas tree Vinterfint

Part of the Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 are also Christmas trees, which are confusingly similar to real ones. So if you’ve been torn about whether you should really switch from the real thing to the artificial one, the furniture store might make that decision easier. Sustainable and completely without the falling needles at the end of the season and the big question of where to put the dried tree – these are the advantages of buying a Christmas tree from the VINTERFINT collection. And here the manufacturer has something for every price range.

And you can find matching Christmas tree decorations from the same collection right away!

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 – The Schwippbogen times differently

Arm chandelier as an alternative to the swing arch in light wood

For many, the Schwippbogen simply belongs to the Advent season. In the Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 you will find an interesting alternative, which is somehow such a bow, but somehow not. And in addition, the decoration is imposing and simple at the same time – typically Scandinavian! Meant is the LED chandelier from the STRÅLA collection, which makes itself wonderful in any area of the room, but of course looks particularly chic in front of a window.

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 - STRÅLA chandelier for the window in black

Here you have the choice between a model in a light wood look and a more modern variant in white or black with a touch of industrial flair, in which the arms of the chandelier are offset from each other.

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 - Traditional swing arch in Scandinavian design

Those who value the traditional, of course, can also find the right thing. Ikea offers the Schwippbogen namely also in its classic variant, only just with the trendy colors from this year’s collections.

Make your pastries last longer in a stylish way

Kitchen or dining table Christmas decoration with cookie jars for the cookies

Now you’ve baked so many delicious cookies, but where to put them? Have a browse in the Ikea Christmas Decoration 2022, because there you can find some pretty metal cookie jars, which are not only perfect for storing the cookies to extend their shelf life. They are also so nice to look at with their Christmas colors and nostalgic motifs that they promptly turn into a useful Christmas decoration for the kitchen or the dining table in the Christmas living room. Two birds with one stone, then!

“Welcome” in a modern Scandinavian style.

Christmas wreath with Christmas tree balls for the wall or front door

You want to welcome all your guests with a beautiful door decoration and also get into the Christmas mood yourself as soon as you enter the entrance area? The good old door wreath is of course ideally suited for this. How good that also here is a great selection of Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 to find. Whether in the traditional color combination of red and green or more modern in blue nuances, on the door or a bare wall – the radiant Christmas wreaths, equipped with Christmas tree balls, attract all eyes.

Ikea Christmas decoration 2022 – Romantic Christmas mood with candles.

Fragrant candles in tins as Christmas decoration for the whole house

Something else that must not be missing in any perfectly decorated home at Christmas time are the candles . And anyone who has ever been in the furniture store, also knows that there is just teeming with Kezen. But we would like to pay special attention to the fragrant models in tins from the VINTERFINT collection. They are a real eye-catcher not only when lit (not to mention the breathtaking aroma). Even during the day, when no flame is burning, they have the best decorative character with their interesting shapes (look, for example, at the apple shape with baked apple-cinnamon scent).

You still do not have enough? Then just browse the online store for a variety of other Christmas decorations.