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Harry Potter Christmas tree: great DIY ideas for themed Christmas tree decorations that you can easily implement

For whatever reason, most people associate Harry Potter with Christmas. Do you feel the same way? Maybe because many of the movies came out during the holidays? Maybe because magical things remind us of the magic of Christmas? Or because of all the beautiful Christmas scenes in the movies? Whatever the reason, we thought it would be nice to decorate a Harry Potter Christmas tree and look for different types of themed Christmas tree decorations for it. This article is for all Potterheads who are planning a magical Harry Potter Christmas.

Harry Potter Christmas decorations for a magical celebration

Magical Christmas with Harry Potter Christmas decorations

Christmas is every Potterhead’s favorite time of year. Why? Because the magical world of Harry Potter is especially beautiful and fabulous at Christmas. The Great Hall with its twelve big Christmas trees decorated with real live fairies, the non-melting icicles on the marble stair railings, the singing suits of armor and the enchanted snow falling from the ceiling in the Great Hall – all this makes and dream of a magical Christmas in Hogwarts Castle. For a magical Christmas, you can consider some ideas from Hogwarts Christmas decorations.

Decorate a Harry Potter Christmas tree

Harry Potter Christmas tree decorated

If you have decided to decorate your tree on the theme of the “Magical World of Harry Potter” this year, then you have several options to choose from. You can either decorate the whole Christmas tree thematically or opt for just a few ornaments. Online you will surely find Christmas tree ornaments for any element from the series to decorate the perfect Harry Potter Christmas tree. However, it would be even more fun if you make the ornaments yourself. Below are a few ideas that you can easily implement.

DIY ideas for Christmas tree ornaments

White Christmas tree decorate Harry Potter theme

If you want to dedicate a few hours on the weekend to a creative pursuit, you can DIY the tree ornaments for the Harry Potter Christmas tree. We have collected a few simple, yet beautiful ideas that will bring the magic into your home.

Harry Potter pendant from wooden disc tinker

The boy who survived painting ornament for Christmas tree

Of course, we start our collection with the boy who survived. The variations for a DIY Harry Potter pendant are many, but the easiest way to do it is with a wooden disc, brushes and paints. With just a few brush strokes, you can paint the small piece of wood with black disheveled hair, round glasses, a Gryffindor scarf in red and gold and, of course, a lightning scar.

Harry Potter Christmas tree ornament craft on small wooden discs

You can paint the wooden discs with the features of each character or choose different elements from the magical world. Let your imagination run wild!

Make your own Hogwarts houses Christmas balls

Harry Potter Christmas balls for the Christmas tree houses

If you are not so good at painting, then you can make the Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments from empty Christmas balls. The ideas are numerous here as well.

For example, you can fill the baubles with paper strips in the colors of the different Hogwarts houses and print out the crest on paper and stick it to them (templates for printing can be found at the end of the article).

Christmas ball Hedwig the snowy owl Christmas tree ornaments tinker simply

For this cute Hedwig Christmas bauble, fill the bauble with white feathers, draw the face and claws, and glue two feathers to the outside.

The golden snitch – simple idea for DIY Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments.

Christmas tree ornaments do it yourself golender Schnatz

It could not be simpler. Surely all of us have some golden Christmas balls. From them you can make the golden snitch without much effort and decorate the Harry Potter Christmas tree with it. All you need to do is to make a pair of wings from material of your choice and glue them on both sides of the ball. The smaller the golden balls, the better.

Patroni Christmas tree ornament craft from felt.

Harry Potter Christmas tree decoration tinker Patronus itself

The patronus is a protective creature used mainly against dementors. If you would also like to protect your home from the evil beings during the Christmas season, then you can make these simple patroni from white felt and hang them on the Christmas tree. For this you will need only the appropriate templates, which you will need to cut out the animals. The most famous patroni are:

  • Stag from Harry and James Potter
  • hind from Lily Potter and Severus Snape
  • Otter from Hermione Granger
  • Jack-Russell terrier from Ron Weasley
  • Horse from Ginny Weasley
  • Rabbit from Luna Lovegood
  • Phoenix from Albus Dumbledore
  • Cat from Minerva McGonagall

Make your own chocolate frog pendant

Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments make your own chocolate frog

On Harry’s first trip to Hogwarts, he discovers a whole new world of magic, friends, and sweets! Among the most interesting of these are the chocolate frogs that still make an appearance in the first movie. You can recreate these super easily by painting some plastic frogs brown and adding little eyeballs.

Please note that these are ornaments that are not intended for human consumption. Be sure to make that clear to children to be on the safe side.

More craft ideas for the Harry Potter Christmas tree.

Harry Potter broom Christmas tree decoration tinkering itself

The variations for a themed Christmas tree from the magical world of J.K. Rowling are pretty much endless! Check out the list below for a few more DIY ideas you can consider.

  • Chocolate frog cards: look online for templates and print them out with a color printer.
  • Flying keys: buy some vintage keys (preferably plastic because they’re lighter) and make wings to go with them, then glue them on.
  • Luna Lovegood’s glasses: You can also craft Luna’s pink glasses yourself with a matching template.
  • Deathly Hallows symbol: You can paint the familiar symbol with the triangle, circle and dash on a Christmas bauble or wooden disc.
  • Harry’s wand: With a twig or a pencil, hot glue and paint, the wand can be quickly and easily recreated .
  • Racing brooms: You can make small racing brooms for the Christmas tree yourself from thick and thin twigs and rubber bands.
  • Hogwarts letter: You can fold the envelope from yellow paper and add the red wax seal.

Templates for the Hogwarts houses can be found here .