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Grinch Christmas tree: with these ideas you will experience the holidays with an extra dose of wit and originality

Classic Christmas decorations, like elegant Christmas trees with traditional ornaments and wreaths decorated with candles, are nice. But it’s also nice to add a dose of whimsy and wit to the holidays with a Grinch Christmas tree. These original ideas for mini Christmas trees will make you smile and bring back childhood memories from Dr. Seuss’ book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus, they will make you think of something important – what Christmas really means.

Who is the Grinch and what is his message?

Who is the Grinch and what is his message

According to the classic book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas “the Grinch is an evil, mean and vengeful man who wants to destroy the happiness of the people in Who-ville. That’s why at Christmas he steals everything that symbolizes the holiday – the presents, the food, the stockings. However, it turns out that the people of Coyville have Christmas in their hearts and celebrate it as if they had never thought of presents. At that moment, the Grinch has a moment of revelation, expressed in the following words, “Maybe, he thought, Christmas doesn’t come from the store.”

These original ideas for mini Christmas trees will bring back childhood memories

Focus on the joy – that’s the message the Grinch Christmas Tree wants to remind you of. If you want to prevent the holidays from becoming a highly commercialized, marketing-driven season, focus on bringing joy, love and humor to your loved ones. Bring back the old Christmas spirit, where carols and merriment warm the heart and make you happy.

Would you like to make a Grinch Christmas tree – Here is the tutorial!

Grinch Christmas tree - with these ideas you will experience the holidays with an extra dose of originality

You can use any type of mini evergreen tree for this project. They are easy to find around the holidays, smell wonderful, and are a bright yellow-green color. However, most of them need a lot of moisture. So if you choose a mini tree, be sure to water it frequently (about twice a week) and spray it with water regularly.

What you need for a Grinch Christmas tree:

  • Potting soil
  • Flower pot in a light color
  • Small evergreen tree
  • Moss
  • Straight decorative pins (optional)
  • Small pom poms (optional)
  • A medium to large colorful ornament for the top
  • Ribbons, battery operated fairy lights, floral wire, and anything else you think would make a beautiful garland

Follow these steps

Do you want to make a Grinch Christmas tree - Here is the tutorial

  1. Take your evergreen tree out of the pot and plant it in the colorful pot with good potting soil. Place the tree in the pot so that it is closer to one side and sticking out at an angle.
  2. Add some decorative moss to the soil.
  3. If you want to add fairy lights, do that next. Start at the bottom and wrap the string of lights around the tree from the bottom up. When the string of lights is long enough, wrap the string of lights back down when you reach the top of the tree.
  4. Add the ribbon and/or floral wire for a garland. Wrap the garland around the tree the same way you did the fairy lights, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Pin the loose ends in place so they don’t slip.
  5. Next, you will need some ornaments. There are many ways to decorate this little tree, but I left it plain except for my wire garland and a large topper ornament.
  6. If you want to decorate your tree even more, try adding glittery mini pom-poms. To turn them into ornaments, thread individual pom-poms onto straight decorative pins, then bend the pins into a hook shape and hang them all over the tree.
  7. For the top, take your large ornament and attach it to the top of the tree so that the tree leans toward the center of the pot.
  8. Add a festive bow around the pot and you’re done!

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DIY Mini Grinch Christmas Tree using materials you already have.

The classic Christmas tree is nice, but an unusual one can be even better

This mini Grinch tree is adorable and easy to make with materials you probably already have on hand. The Grinch Christmas Tree is sure to be a coveted decor piece for the upcoming holidays!

Materials needed:

  • The top of an old Christmas tree
  • An old pot
  • Styrofoam
  • Ribbon
  • LED lights
  • A Christmas ornament

This mini Christmas tree is adorable and made with materials you already have on hand


  1. Place your tree in the pot so you can get a feel for how it will look. Cut pieces of Styrofoam to hold it in place. Make sure the tree stands on its own.
  2. Loosen up your tree a bit by spreading out the branches. Find the front of your tree.
  3. Bend the top branch slightly. Then carefully bend all the branches upward, starting at the bottom.
  4. If you want to bend your tree more, remove it from the pot and bend it downward with pliers.
  5. Wrap a ribbon around your tree and start at the bottom with a knot. Add another ribbon as desired.
  6. Place your tree back in the pot, rearrange the Styrofoam and weight it down as needed.
  7. Cut a small piece of thin Styrofoam to put inside the pot to hide the inside. This will give the impression of snow.
  8. Wrap your LED lights around the tree.
  9. Hang your ornament from the top and add more ornaments to the pot as desired.
  10. Display your Grinch Christmas tree as part of your decorations.

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